Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Twenty Again Episode 5 - Kmuse Gets a Case of the Awwws

I'm back and counting down my favorite Awww moments of episode 5.  Because what else are you going to say when you have a dorky hottie, romancing (but not romancing), the terminally ill woman of his dreams.

You might be wondering why my recap is so late this week.  Sadly, I was down for the count with whatever dreaded disease my kids brought back from school with them.  I hate the back to school colds/flus that occur at the beginning of the school year (I totally can hear the nod of every mom who is reading this blog.  You know what I am talking about).  So sadly, I am late.  Not only am I late, but I am still not completely recovered so this is going to be a bit of a small recap.  More just a glimpse into my favorite moments written as quickly as possible so I can go back and pass out on my couch in a drama-watching haze.

I get my first aww moment right off the bat when Hyeon Seok finagles the meeting between No Ra and her jerk of a husband.  All in the name of making No Ra's remaining days perfect.  Of course Hyeon Seok goes about it in a weird way when he announces -- "This is my girlfriend" .....lengthy pause & shocked looks..........  "I mean friend who is a girl" to Woo Cheol.  All while putting his arm around her shoulder .... in a purely platonic manner of course. 

BWAHAHAHAHA  Hyeon Seok stakes his claim right away.  Sure it isn't an official "I have loved her for twenty years and I am going to attempt a relationship" type of claim, but still.  It is more along the lines, of "you hurt my one sided crush, so I will build her up and make you regret it" kind of claim.  Which is ten times funnier. 

Hyeon Seuk builds up No Ra's role in his research as well as their deep high school friendship.  He does this all for No Ra since now she can just say that she is doing an errand for Hyeon Seok if her husband sees her on campus.  That is flipping adorable and thoughtful on our leading man's part

Awww.  Next Hyeon Seok takes No Ra out on a date work errand to the movies.  Because nothing is more platonic than going to a movie and gazing at the girl rather than the movie screen.   At least No Ra enjoys the experience since we learn that she has never really gone to movies before.  She was always too poor and then taking care of her son to experience such frivolous things.  We see a flashback where Hyeon Seok reads No Ra's bucket list from her journal.  Sure enough, movie and popcorn are high on the list.  It looks like Hyeon Seok is determined to help No Ra fulfill all her dreams before she passes away.

Awww.  One of the aspects I like the most about this drama is that it allows No Ra to grow as a person in more than just a romantic way.  Namely, she gets to interact and make friends with various kids at school.  And after the Lecher Teacher issue is resolved, it becomes a lot easier for her to do.  The two kids that stand out are Part Time Student, who gave No Ra the video to get rid of Lecher Teacher and Headphones Student who is slowly softening towards his Ahjumma partner.

First, I wish that Part Time Student was the girl hooking up with No Ra's son.  She has a lot more depth than the other girl, who while not horrible, does nothing to endear me towards her.

Aww Headphone Student finds his missing dancer.  He just wasn't expecting it to be Ahjumma.  Happily, he is a man of his word and agrees to let No Ra join the dance team.  With the amendment that age is not to be taken into account and he is the senior and she is the newbie.  SO CUTE!!!!!  

No Ra happily agrees and follows Headphone Boy (who's name is Soon Nam....might start using it) off to lunch.  I laughed the whole time seeing No Ra Sunbae the heck out of the boy.  I love their relationship.


Sadly, every episode has to have those scenes that makes one grit their teeth with angst.  Especially a drama with someone as annoying as Woo Cheol.

Through the whole episode he continued to be his jerk of a self.  Including, ordering No Ra to keep their divorce a secret from Hyeon Seok.  Also he flitted about with his bleck girlfriend being all coupley.  It's enough to make a viewer throw up a bit in their mouth (although that might have been the flu talking).

And while I laughed at Min Soo's expression when he sees his mom Sunbaeing students from her dance group, I still was twerked that he is so anti-No Ra having a life.  That brat should be thanking the stars that she was such an attentive mother.

However, I was back to doing an Aww Booyah when No Ra pretty much tells her husband and son to go stuff it.  Way to go Ahjumma.  No Ra informs Min Soo that -- “This is really important to my life. I’m sorry to you, but I don’t think I’m doing anything wrong.” When he tries to throw a tantrum about not going to school if she is there, No Ra simply informs him that she will be ignoring him from now on.  Also to go to school you whiny baby.  OK, that was my interpretation.... but still.

Woo Cheol manages to leave us on a very negative note.  Instead of saying aww, I have to say boo.  Boo on him for cheating on No Ra in the first place and boo for doing it in public where she can catch him.  While I am sad that No Ra had to see such a horrible thing, I do have to be grateful that the rose colored glasses can fall from her eyes.  It is about time that she realizes that the breakup of her marriage is because of a selfish husband and not any fatal flaw within herself.  Looking forward to next episode and watching our caterpillar ahjumma come out of her cocoon and become a beautiful and vocal butterfly ahjumma.

My Thoughts:
I have no thoughts.  My bed is calling and my brain is fried.  Bye til episode 7 (or the Yong Pal recaps which will hopefully be out before that).

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  1. really enjoy your funny chatty of this drama... which I just happened by chance but now up to dated... get well soon Amber :)

  2. Awww. Thanks. I am sure I will be up and blogging normally within the next day or so. Glad you enjoyed the post.

  3. I enjoyed reading this recap!'s like watching it again for the second time!...i am with you on the thoughts of the very skanky selfish hubby of No Ra and to Min Soo who has a detach feeling towards her!...I want the succeeding episodes to see why the son is treating her that way and it must be valid!...


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