Wednesday, September 16, 2015

"Cheese In The Trap" Has First Script Reading and BTS Photos of Filming.

It has felt like I have been sharing information for this drama forever (It has been around 5 months since Park Hae Jin signed onto the project) but finally we have arrived at the filming stage.

Here we get glimpses at both the script reading as well as BTS (Behind The Scenes) photos of our leads filming. While not a huge fan of the webtoon that is the dramas reference, I can appreciate how the story could actually be turned into a strong drama.  I look forward to seeing what this cast has in store for us.  "Cheese In The Trap" is set to air in December on TvN.

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  1. I am completely Nada on Korean Dramas left to watch. I love this Dramas cast and title gives the chills. Not a webtoon person. Let's see how this drama turns out. 🙆


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