Friday, April 20, 2012

Dramatic Friday Review: King 2 Hearts ep 10

Donsaeng's Review:

Wow.  Now that was an episode!  A lot of things happened here.  First, Hang Ah is sent back to North Korea and Jae Ha is not too popular with his mother and even gets chewed out by her.  He finally unlocks the passcode for his brother's king diary and learns that his brother knew of Club M and feared for his life.  He meets one-on-one with everybody's favorite psychopath and they have a battle of wits. Jae Ha is not to be trifled with.  He knows he did wrong by Hang Ah and plans to catch the real perpetrator so that she can return properly.  The head secretary comes clean...mostly.  I still have high hopes for him.  I think he is doing what he feels best, allbeit misguided at times.  I love how Eun Si Kyeong stands up for the king and gives him a pep talk.  Everyone else around Jae Ha is pretty much always telling him that he can't do this job, which just confirms his deepest fears/feelings.  It was nice to see someone give him a bit of credit for the truly amazing man he is.  I am so relieved that the two of them, Si Kyeong and King Jae Ha, have joined forces to take down Club M.  And then in the last few minutes of the episode we finally get the "did they or didn't they?" question answered in the form of a miscarriage and the North verbally attacking and accusing Jae Ha of abandoning Hang Ah and his child.  So sad!

Obviously other stuff happened as well, but these were the highlights for me.  I've said it before and I'll just keep right on saying it, I love this drama!  Specifically, I love these characters!  Even the evil ones are just so fascinating and the actors do an amazing job of portraying "crazy".  Well, maybe not the white henchman of John Mayer/Bong Goo - he's kind of a tool (this drama isn't very friendly towards the foreigners - but that's a whole post in and of itself and I'm just not going to go there).  But everyone else - amazing!  I eagerly await next week's episodes as we cross over into the last half of the series.  Till then, happy viewing!

Unnie's Two Cents: 

Wow!!  Dongsaeng said it first, but I had to re-iterate.  W.O.W.!!!  Chock full of drama & suspense!

I can't really add too much to what Dongsaeng already said.  I had 3 favorite parts though. 

I LOVED how awesome Jae Ha was when he kept his cool against John Mayer & then how he turned the tables & unhinged Ahjussi Psychopath.  Granted by doing that, he really did make matters so much worse for himself & his family.  But still, I was so proud of him. 

I also LOVED when Eun Shi Kyung becomes Jae Ha's personal cheerleader.  Such a warm, fuzzy, happy in my heart, kind of feeling. 

And last but not least, I about died laughing when she told her date & her father that she was getting her period & then asked her date whether or not he knew what 'menstruation' was?  Of course, I realized once she was in the car, that it was a miscarriage, which made me sad.  And this episode, DID answer my question, whether or not something happened that 'one night'.  

Way to bring it home King 2 Hearts!  Now I am really amped to see what happens next week.  Will Jae Ha get her back?  What happens to Jae Shin, with the assassin lady behind the ambulance?  Will Eun Kyu Tae come completely clean, with Jae Ha, about his role in the former King's death?  So many questions. 


It will all have to wait until next week though.  Looking forward to a wonderful weekend with my family & hoping you are happy with yours. 

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