Saturday, April 21, 2012

follow up visit

Okay, so technically I am supposed to post during the weekend.  I jumped the gun a bit this week though because of my super awesome "J-Pop sent me a message" story (well, at least I thought it was super awesome).  So, what I thought I'd do for my weekend post is just do a follow up visit to that earlier post.  Follow?  Or a Jack Sparrow "savvy?" if you'd rather.

I just needed to say that I'm jealous of my sister.  Today I saw pictures.  Pictures of her on a road trip with Mr F and Friends.  Can you imagine?  How jealous would you be?  Unnie and I have decided that we're her anti-fans now.  Sorry Ms Luckypants McGee - it is what it is.

And no, I won't share pictures.  Trust me, they'd just bum you out too.  You know, because you weren't on a road trip with a J-Pop group either.  *sniff sniff*

Okay, enough of the sad and bitter jealousies, let's cheer ourselves up!

...with some recent Pinterest treaures...

There.  Now don't you feel better?  I know I do.  Never underestimate the power of J.


  1. LoL thanks for that... the power of Jae is a force not to be messed with ((sigh))(insert a 30 year old sceaming like a high school girl here)

  2. He is a marvelous example of perfection, is he not? *dreamy sigh* Glad I'm not the only one screaming like a high school girl any time I see the work of art that is JaeJoong! ;)


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