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Dramatic Friday Review: King 2 Hearts ep 7

King 2 Hearts Episode 7: Dongsaeng's Review

All throughout this episode I jotted down notes and considered what clever little quips I could use in my review.  Well, crap!  That's all out the window now.  If you've seen it you understand why.  If you haven't, be forewarned, there are big spoiler alerts all over this one.

It started out so sweet.  I loved the scene where Kim Hang Ah's father is leaving to go back home and he is telling Prince Jae Ha how his daughter has never known warmth from another person and how he wants her to be protected and cared for.  He is literally down on his knees, begging for his daughter's sake.  So touching and sweet.  I melted!  Who wouldn't want their daddy in their corner like that?

I also loved the pseudo-date between Princess Jae Shin and the Royal Guard, Whatshisface, where they're sitting on the wall watching for shooting stars and after she insults him for his wish, she sings an apology.  He was already smitten, that song just sealed the deal.  They are sooo cute together and I was really hoping for some further romance between the two of them.

So, everything was going along just great.  Sure there was a little drama between Hang Ah and her future mother-in-law about some of her (Hang Ah's) "Northern" ways, but for the most part, things were looking good.

Then came the twist.

The evil twist.

The twist that frankly I saw coming from episode #1 but didn't want to believe.  I hoped against hope that I was wrong.  Even when the King and his wife passed out on the couch, I still had hope that they would be heroically and dramatically rescued.  Then...when Jae Shin jumped off the cliff?  Shock.  Numbness.  When Jae Ha receives news that the king was dead?  Tears.  Lots and lots of tears.  I'm not ashamed to admit it.  I was shaken.  Granted, in my defense, I was watching this at 1:00am so maybe I wasn't quite in full control of my emotions.  Oh, who am I kidding?  I would have bawled no matter what time of day.  It was a devastating blow.  The worst part is that I'm going to have to go back and rewatch it because the end wasn't fully subbed and I know I missed a lot of conversation between the Prince-turned-King and the old secretary/advisor guy, Eun Gu Tae.  I better start rehydrating myself now.  Sheesh.  This was only episode 7.  Of 20!  If it's this shocking and dramatic now, what do the remaining 13 episodes have to offer?  I'm getting scared.  I better add a light-hearted rom-com into the mix to combat these intense dramas I'm watching or my poor heart, it may not be able to handle the stress.  Good golly.

Well, we'll see what episode 8 has to the morning.  It's not fully subbed and it's now 2am my time anyway.  8 will just have to wait.  And give my heart and tear ducts a chance to recuperate.

*Oh, and for the record, Whatshisface is Eun Si Kyeong.  Psshh, I like totally knew that.

Okay so its 11:24 pm at night but I finally got to finish King 2 Hearts episdeo 8, just finished my review of Rooftop Prince episode 7 & now its time to give my 2 cents on this one. 

Unlike Dongsaeng I did not cry on this one. 

This may have to do with having kids interrupting me every few to tattle on each other.  or having to stop to break up arguments.  Which is unusual for my kids as they are typically really nice to each other.  I guess a whole week spent together has helped them get on each other's nerves....mine too, to be honest.  But anyway it's hard to get emotionally involved like Dongsaeng was with so many interruptions.  I am so glad I took notes. 

Although, I was REALLY shocked when Princess Jae Shin jumped form the cliff!  I thought at first she was just trying to get away, or that she knew of a ledge just below the drop that she could use to escape.  I st there for a second completely stupefied by the scene & actually played it back, to make sure I had seen it right.  But after thinking about it I agreed w/ Dongsaeng there was no way that a character as strong minded & opinionated as the princess was going to go out the way someone else wanted her to. 

I was also expecting, but hoping it wouldn't happen, that the King would die, not necessarily his wife too, but I wasn't shocked when it happened.  Although, I have to admit I almost teared up when they were talking to each other about their future & having only happines & babies in their future & as soon as they started falling asleep talking about such happy things, I KNEW it was coming, & I wanted to weep for them. 

Plus I really like this King!  Especially, as the few other dramas I have seen that have Lee Sung Min (the King) in, he's played an incredibly obnoxious (over the top)  or oily character that I couldn't stand.  In this one I got to see him as a real actor & not just a character actor & boy did I love him as the King.   So, I am really bummed to see him go this time.  The other times I wish his character had been killed off. 

All in all, this was not my favorite episode of King 2 Hearts, very little interaction between Ha Ji Won & Lee Seung Gi & I thought the Queen Mother was really mean to Kim Hang Ah.  I get she's the Queen Mother, has lots of pressure & is worried about everyone involved but I'm sorry I am of the "You catch more flies with honey, than you do with vinegar" persuasion.  Positive reinforcement & patience.  Looking forward to 8 & hoping it gets better!


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