Saturday, April 21, 2012

Birthday wishes

Actor Lee Tae Sung, our favorite bad guy {Yong Tae Mu} from our current drama Rooftop Prince, turns 27 years old today, well technically yesterday, time difference wise.

Dongsaeng & Unnie just wanted to wish him a Happy Birthday!! 

Like we said he is currently starring as bad guy Yong Tae Mu in SBS's Rooftop Prince but we love him most for his role as Bong Joon Gu, the lovable goofy, good guy who crushes on Oh Ha Ni, in Playful Kiss

Sending you many good & Happy Birthday wishes from the U.S. & The Crazy Ahjummas, Lee Tae Sungssi! 

Lee Tae Sung



Feel free to leave your wishes, in the comments, for Lee Tae Sung Oppa to have a Happy Birthday too...

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