Sunday, May 13, 2012

Watch Xiah Junsu-ssi's Tarantallegra Full Official MV

I know, I KNOW.  It's not my day. I know that tomorrow morning will be "Monday Morning Therapy" w/ our favorite Crazy Ahjumma. But I had to, really quickly, share Junsu's new MV for his first solo song, "Tarantallegra", off of his upcoming solo album.  I have been going crazy with all the teaser pics & teaser video clips. Driving Dongsaeng crazy as well, I am sure, with my enthusiasm & impatience.  

"Joesonghabnida Dongsaeng.  Jeongmal, Jeongmal, Joesong"
{rubbing hands together on knees}

{Although I have my sneaking suspicion she was just as excited as I have been.  Shhh... don't tell her my sneaking suspicion.}

I so badly want to review this Music Video!!  I think Dongsaeng does too.  Maybe we'll do something together, hmmm?  How does that sound?  Should Dongsaneg & Unnie do a joint review of Junsu's Music Video?  Oh the hilarious possibilities!!! 

Until we get the logistics of that figured out we want you to watch Junsu-ssi's new video & PLEASE tell us what you thought!!!  We want to know your opinions on the costumes, the choreography, the make up/hair, the song itself, the cast...  all of it. 

Would you like to see us do more joint posts or do you enjoy the solo posts?  Or maybe you'd like to see both?  Tell us what you want to read, hear, see from these 2 crazy ahjummas!!!  Enquiring minds want to know!  Use the comments at the bottom of this post. 

Until then...


P.S. We really want to see Martina & Simon over at Eat Your Kimchi review this in a Kpop Music Monday, as they are THE Best at Music Video Reviews... so please head over there & vote for Xiah Junsu-Tarantallegra.  Follow the link to their KPop Charts or you can go to The Crazy Ahjummas Facebook Page & follow that direct link direct to Junsu's video.  Don't forget to Like our FB page, you know, if you haven't already, while you're there.  ^.^  I wonder if JK Rowling will be impressed or flattered by the song?  {wink/wink}

Xiah Junsu???   I Heart You & this music video so much!  Hwaiting Junsu!!  Hwaiting!!

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