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Unnie's Wednesday Write Up: Kim Hyun Joong

I need everyone to keep it down.
I know, I KNOW.  You want
really badly to squeal & scream
with delight!  Oops forgot keeping
this on the DL, no exclamation points.

shhhhhhhh..... CA is upstairs sleeping.
{said in a whispery voice}
Which is a good thing.  As this week's
Wednesday Write Up coincides w/ ...

The Walking Sculpture's Birthday!

Okay I had to use an exclamation point there because ummm ... well it's... 


My "Hyun-y" is turning 27 years old today!!!
Right NOW, in fact.  As I am typing this it is
just after noon in Seoul!!!


{{{shhhhh....gotta keep it down Unnie}}}

Oh I just can't do it!!!  

Gotta scream it outloud!!!

Happy Birthday to our Leader!!  

{{Okay trying so hard to keep my excitement 
at a level that won't wake my house up.  
This is so NOT easy to do BTW}}

I am so excited that my humble little Wednesday Write Up is the same day as HIS birthday!!!  How freaking AWESOME is that?!?!?!?!  Right?!?!?!?!  

Okay so in case you haven't noticed or you have only just started reading TCA, which is shorthand for The Crazy Ahjummas, which is a really long title & a lot to type, but this crazy ahjumma, me, unnie, LOVES Kim Hyun Joong!!  Chincha!!! 

Nan Jeongmal Jeongmal Geuleul Sarang! Jinjjalo !! 

{the above message of love brought to you by Google Translate.  Helping crazy ahjummas speak romanized Korean (Hangul) for...oh heck a while now.}

I crushed on Kim Hyun Joong while watching Boys Before Flowers {aka Boys Over Flowers}.  He played Yoon Ji Hoo, the beautiful & shy/tortured, former president of Korea's grandson, musician, who falls for Jan Di but spends the whole show pining for her because she can't choose between him & Lee Min Ho's character.  But it was Playful Kiss {Mischievous Kiss}, where he plays Baek Seung Jo, an incredibly gorgeous - uptight, super genius, no nonsense, stick up his butt, but really deep down inside wanting to break free & have fun who falls for the cute, cheery but not so bright girl in the end - guy, that put me over the edge.  There is just something, IDK what, about him that just grabs a hold of my sanity & dismisses it completely.  o_O  There you have it.

Then I discovered he sings, oh so yummy singing voice, & I fell for his beautiful crooning voice & especially his dancing skills, when I watched the Breakdown MV from his first solo album.  {{It was SO his dancing & singing!!!  His incredible looks were superfluous!}}  Then I joined Pinterest.  Then I created a board all for him!  KHJ Gets His Own Board.  Its ALL KHJ on that Board ALL the time!      

 I just adore this guy!! And then the Kiss Kiss MV came out

And I fell even harder. A whole video about how much he loves his fans.  How can you NOT fall hard for a guy who loves his fans so much that he dedicates a whole MV & song to them.  He could have done so many things with this video.  The title alone brings up so many different, incredibly yummy ideas to my mind, {hubba, hubba, wink, wink ROWR!!} but it's all about how much he loves his fans.  He has such an incredible work ethic & such a good heart.

He left home when he was still in high school to pursue this dream of music, a dream his parents did not share.  And when he talks about his hard times & his past, he is apologetic towards his parents for being such a disrespecting son.  He's not sorry he followed his dream, but you can see  he's sorry his dream came between his parents & himself.  What an amazing person!  And yet through all the accolades he receives from his fans & the media in Korea & abroad he is this very humble, warm, funny, quirky guy!

I LOVE his sense of humor.  You may not have noticed it but I LOVE to laugh.  It was one of my husband's sexiest qualities.  His ability to make me laugh.  I think it's the most important quality to have, an excellent sense of humor.  And the ability to just be who you are & who you want to be.

One of my MOST favorite YouTube videos of him, he is performing and he is deadpan serious, as he walks onto stage w/ a balloon dog floating next to him on a ribbon.  Does his performance & then walks back over tot he dog, grabs the ribbon attached & walks back off stage slowly & straight faced.  
I love that Kim Bum is cracking up laughing & says, w/ thumbs up, 'Daebak!' as KHJ makes his way off stage. Classic!

He is charming, handsome, kind, dedicated to his fans, hard working & did I mention handsome?!?!  He is called the "Walking Scultpture" in Korea.  I have no idea if he likes this title or if it bugs him.  But I think it's an apt title.

We here at TCA have a very strict dress code for the guys we love so much.  They MUST be clothed.  THIS is NOT that kind of blog.  But a little chest exposure, we can handle that.  But another of my favorite videos is of another performance of his.  I can't post it on here because it involves, sexy dancing, water & shirt ripping off.  So ... uh....yeah.  But I can post the link to the YouTube video a fan took of his performance.  Other than the water & the shirt ripping, which are so AWESOME, the best part of the video is of the fans chanting his name.  "KIM HYUN JOONG, KIM HYUN JOONG, KIM HYUN JOONG" & then person taking the video calling out OMG!    Cracks me up so much every time I watch it.

{"Uhmm... yes I have seen it 
more than a few times.  
Why do you ask?" 
{awkwardly looking at my
 feet while blushing & giggling} }

So in honor of my ULTIMATE crush.  I wanted to take a few minutes & tell him how much I heart him.  Not JUST because he is a sexy beast. {{giggles}} But because he seems, to me at least, to be an incredibly humble, kind hearted, FUNNY, sexy Beast!  {{^-^}}

Kim Hyun Joong-ssi, I hope that if by some miracle, you ever actually see this tribute you are not offended or upset that a crazy American is posting about you.  It is meant to be a tribute to your hard work, your dedication, your heart, your talent {Your sexy Beastiness} & your dedication to your fans.  

I once imagined, "IF I ever got to meet MY crush?  What would I say to him?"  I thought this is a good question...

Honestly I think I'd be embarrassed.  I'm not THAT much older than him, no I won't say how much, because again you could do the math & I avoid that kind of math at all costs.  But I AM older.  

But then being the true smart alec, that I am, I had to come up with a funny comeback to the question.  So I thought about it & at first I thought well I could always just apologize for being old & not nearly as good looking as I would like to be.  But then I thought no, that's too boring to be used all o its own.  

So here is my imaginary conversation w/ my crush:

KHJ: Anyeongsaeyo. Bowing politely & maybe shaking my hand.

U: Anyeongsaeyo. {awkwardly holding onto his hand 
w/ a death grip that crushes his fingers because 
I don't want to let go}  Bienhae that I am old.  

KHJ: {smiling & laughing it off in his sweet humble way - as he tries to get the feeling back in his hand.}  

U: I just wanted to say thank you for your autograph.  
It meant the world to me,  I framed it & have it at 
my desk so I can see it always.  I just have one 
request...when you sign the 2nd restraining order, 
can you sign it "Saranghae Hyun Joong Oppa" & 
maybe add a few little hearts?  That one I want to 
hang in my bedroom.    Then I'll have one in my 
bedroom & one at my desk?  

End Scene

I am wishing you an incredibly happy & wonderful birthday.  I hope & pray you are surrounded by those who love you truly & that you truly love back.  I hope you know how special, talented & unique you are.  We your fans love & adore you Kim Hyun Joong-ssi!!

Now as usual I always add pictures of the incredibly hot birthday guy.  And today is no exception.  I already have quite a few saved to my computer.  But again there is a dress code.  I'm a good girl I am!  Chincha.  I go for romance over porn.  

Kim Hyun Joong Pictorial:

and one more of him greeting a very special fan:
Is this the most precious thing you have ever seen?!?!

The look on her little face is so sweet!

Bless her sweet little fangirl heart!

What a doll!!

MWA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA!!!!!!! >:}

^_^  Bienhae.... I just couldn't help myself.


Hey Don't Judge ME!!!

One final video because I could never do the song justice in Korean...

Saeng Il Chu Ka Habnida Kim Hyun Joong-ssi!!


Technically it's "Noona" to you Kim Hyun Joong-ssi.  And if you were wondering? I am aware that I am a complete nutball.  But this is TCA!!  And THIS is a safe zone for nutballs.  Just.  Like.  Me!  Yay!!!  80p


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