Thursday, July 19, 2012

Dramatic Friday Review: Dr Jin ep 15

That's right guys this week Dongsaeng is on vacay w/ her darling husband & the Little Poppers.  Yay for Dongsaeng & fam.  However, that means that I get to cover her reviews for Dr Jin.  

Sorry guys, you are stuck with me.  

So this week on Dr Jin there was a whole lot of stuff that happened.


It was a really intense episode.  

I know because I had to capture the screen shots & OMO!!!

The looks of intensity on every face is so ...intense. 

Look for yourselves....

Ooops my bad totally didn't mean to include a picture of JJ w/ anyone else in it.  Sorry guys.  
 There this is so much better....
ALL Jae ALL the time!!  That's my policy.  I think it's just good math.  

Well now how the heck did she get in this post?!?!
This post has NOTHING to do with HER!!  Duh!
 There we go, back to the ONLY reason to watch this show!!
Such dreamy & INTENSE eyes!

Oh my!  Jaejoong you bring the intensity to this show.  

Oh no!  Don't cry sweetie.  I'm right here.  

Oh Jae this Noona can make it all better.  I promise.  

 And then there was some really intense moments where Song Seung Heon had drama & he had to throw his back & sigh so that we'd know he's conflicted & troubled, after all throwing your head back, closing your eyes & sighing is the ONLY way possible to show those emotions, right?
At least he's pretty, right?  
 NOT as pretty as this guy but he'll do.  
Just um....make sure he takes his shirt off first.  Again, it's just good math.  
Oh heavens that face!
Those lips!
Big sigh.
Thank you Jae for being in this show.

Here he's saying, "Bring me to the one called "Unnie"!  Right now!
I MUST be with her!
She's the ONLY one who understands me!

Oh No!  He's crying again.
They should have brought him to me.
Why does no one listen to us?!?!  We were meant to be together!!!

Oh no!  His patience ran out because they didn't bring him to me!!

What will he do now?!?!

NO JAE!!!  Don't cover your face!!!

Oh the HUMANITY!!!!

And then the show ended.  Just like that.  I was right, right?  A seriously intense show!!  Who knew Jaejoong could bring so many emotions to the surface for me.  I feel completely wrung out.  Whew!

So I covered the important stuff right AddiKts?

There is a show called Dr Jin & it stars the amazing, handsome, shexy, HOTT, beautiful, piece of Manliness....Jaejoong. {{said dreamily}}

Stuff happens that makes him angry, intense, frustrated, intense, tired, intense & sad.  Which means I get to comfort him, so it's all good, right?  Win/win in my book.

Dongsaeng should NOT have gone on vacay right?  I know what you're could she leave him alone like that when he needed her most?  It's okay I make a WAY better comforter anyway.

{{giggling maniacally}}

Did you really think I'd seriously cover Dr Jin?!?!?  Suckahs!!!!  BAHAHAHAHAHAHA....


Okay all kidding & hot K Idols aside.  I would never dream of really covering a show that Dongsaeng reviews.  I know how much you guys love her.  I know because I love her way more than you do.  Yuh-huh!!  Do SO love her more than you do!!  She is my bestie & my little sister so I can prove I love her more than you do.  She'll be back next week & boy will she have her hands full w/ 4 eps of Dr J to cover.  Don't envy you that Dongsaeng.  

Hope you guys enjoyed my "Dramatic Friday Review of Dr Jin".  LOL

Have a wonderful week & make sure you remind Dongsaeng never to leave me alone to my own devices again.  It's not the smartest thing to do.


  1. Best Dr Jin review ever! You perfectly captured the full essence that is Jin. Thank you Unnie for covering for me! You can have this gig anytime!

    1. AW shucks Dongsaeng. Jongmal Gamsahamnida Chingu! BUT I know that you're regular readers are not happy I covered for you or even joked about it, they are arming pitchforks as I type this. Preparing to hide them in places, I don't want to know about, as they board planes headed for Wisconsin. I tried to feed them lots of pics of His Royal Gorgeousness, but I don't know how long that will hold them off. PLEASE come back soon!!!

      Saranghaeyo Chingu!!

  2. I dunno! I've never seen an episode and you got me wanting to comfort him too!

    1. Oh you have got to see him in his first drama, "Protect the Boss"!! Chincha funny!!! Plus Omo he is so good looking, like dreamy good looking!

  3. hmmmmmmmmmmm all those screen shots of Jae made me want to upgrade him to Oppa status as this is your fault.... but seriously, this is the only recap of Dr. Jin that I enjoy...ahhhh maybe because I haven't been reading anything about it...hehehe dropped that drama a long time heart can't take the brain fetus yunno... Good Job my dearest're the best!!! Jjang!!!!

    1. Thank Lyweelyn! Dongsaeng will be shocked to hear you stopped watching Dr Jin. LOL But I'm glad you enjoyed my ahem "meaty" review. LOL

    2. Dongsaeng isn't surprised if someone stops watching Dr Jin. But Lyweelyn, back off MY oppa! He's MINE! ;) I only let Unnie borrow him for this review. He has now been safely returned. Thanks Unnie for taking such good care of him in my absence. Next time you need someone to watch over your oppa when you take off for a week, you just let me know - I'm there for you. It's a tough job, but someone's got to do it.


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