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Unnie's Wednesday Write Up: That One Drama

So, we've talked about lots of fun things in my WWU.  We've covered How to Combat K-D Depression, a very serious subject, I know, but one that needed to be openly discussed.  Who knew how much difference a "Dimple" could really make in KDD!?!?

And of course the ever popular SWAK article.  Gotta have a few good kisses to make a KDrama stick in my memory. Sigh.  We've talked about being Oppa Krazy!!, which was my very first Ahjumma Article.  Now THAT was a good post!  Wait, I think I actually did write in that one.  Let me check......brb......Yup.  There were actual words along with the pictures of our favorite yummy Oppas.  Hmmm....don't even remember anything other than the Oppas.  BTW I had to stare at that post for a good 15 minutes before I even noticed there were actual words in it, giggle.

We've talked about how much I want to go to Korea & see all the amazing sights.  We've talked about how my new found passion for KPop has impacted my family life.  The romance of Kang Ji Hwan in Lie to Me.  Oh, Kang Ji Hwan-ssi, you rocked the romance train in LTM!!  Gamsahamnida Oppa!!

My very first KPop concert, even though it wasn't live.  And we learned why explaining my AddiKtion can be tricky for me.  I even wrote an article that somewhat explains the Kpop world.

And Aigoo!!  Who could forget those Stealing Breaths Moments our favorite KDramas have lent us?   Recently, I posted a LOT about a certain "bias" when I discussed how to properly stalk your favorite star but I also tried to teach you a few things, by including a TCA VoKab lesson along w/ my, all over the place ramblings.

So what will I talk about this week?  Well, I tried to get you guys to give me some ideas on our TCA FB page, so that you're voices could be heard too.  Never let it be said, that the ahjummas can't meet the public's needs!  But alas you guys weren't interested in giving me any ideas so...you are stuck with the topic I had in mind.  Which is, THAT ONE DRAMA!!  You know the one I'm talking about, right?

Okay, maybe I should elaborate.  Because now that I think about it, you don't really know what I'm talking about.  Just recently, in fact a lot just recently, I was talking to some friends, let's call them my "Groupies".  Hey it's my article I can call them whatever I want to!  They should have made suggestions on TCA's FB page if they didn't want to be referred to as "Groupies", just sayin'.  Anyway, I digress...recently I was speaking eavesdropping on a not so private conversation in my special group of friends on FB, {{you know who you are ladies....HOLLA!!!}}  When one of the newbies started watching Boys Over Flowers & was posting to our group regularly, with her newbie questions & exclamations re: the deliciousness that IS BOF!
Namely?!?!  These guys!  Rowr!!!

Its all about the Eye Candy, right ladies???

She's totally hooked btw.  Although, look at those faces, if she weren't hooked I'd say she was blind &/OR an idiot.  Duh!!

{{Makes my Unnie heart so happy to know I created a KDrama monster-bwahahahahahaha....}}

All my "groupies" were telling her how much they loved this show!!  And I loved this show too.  Well, okay I LOVED my BIAS in this show & all his yummdiddilyumptious friends.  Pardon me I need a moment...

Enjoy this awesome meme I found on Pinterest while I take a moment to daydream of BOF eye candy....

shhh....Unnie is meditating...
{{whispered}} I feel it necessary to point out that I am now staring at this picture &

Ohm....Ohm.... Ohm...

He just brings me to my happy place.


Okay, I'm back.   Where was I?  Oh yes, my "groupies".  Now I too loved this show.  I was on pins & needles.  Should she be with Jun Pyo or Ji Hoon?!?!  Jun PYO or Ji HOON?!?!?  JUN - FREAKING - PYO <<OR>>  JI - AMAZING - HOON!?!?!?!  OMO!!!  Somebody just put her with someone already before I lose my mind!!  BUT this show also drove me batty another way.

As much as I LOVED the premise & the idea of the show.  And as much as I absolutely worshipped the incredibly sexy eye candy. That is how much the main actress who plays, Geum Jan Di, annoyed the living daylights out of me!  I can handle that she's loud & uncouth.  Duh she's supposed to be poor.  BUT did she have to overact so much?!?!  Chincha, that first yelling scene off the school roof? Awesome.  When she kicks Jun Pyo in the face?  Classic.  When she stands up time & time again in the beginning & refuses to be controlled & made to be afraid? DAEBAK!!  But she counters all those great "in the spirit" moments with way too much screaming out at the world & fake fighting when no one is looking.  And every time she eats?!?!?  I had to literally look away from the screen!!  It was beyond disgusting!!  I get that, again, she is supposed to be poor.  She's supposed to be on the brink of starving, but chincha!!  What girl on the planet, when surrounded by Lee Min Ho, Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Bum AND Kim Joon, is going to stuff that much food in her mouth AND then proceed to chaw her food & talk at the same time, mouth gaping wide, like a cow?!?! I don't care how close to starving & maybe even death you might be, NOT a single girl would do this.

Too much eye candy surrounding her, it was not at all believable!!  It was disgusting & ridiculous & made me sick to my stomach.  That's why, as much as I adored BOF, I will never be able to watch it a 2nd time all the way through.  Geum Jan Di played by Ku Hye Sung, is quite possibly the MOST annoying KDrama Heroine I ever had the misfortune to watch.  In fact, I disliked the character so much, that it has poured over into dislike of the actress as well.  Ky Hye Sung annoys me now.  I cannot watch anything she is in, which I feel really bad about.  Typically, I can separate fact & fiction really well.  I know that just because she was overacting & disgusting in one drama does not mean she is in ALL her dramas.  Indeed, it could all be the director of BOF that is at fault.  He is the one who told her to "Act" like that & he is the one who choreographed her eating scenes.  But she is the one I saw performing like that, therefore she is the one to blame.   I apologize Ku Hye Sung for not being able to separate the real you from your awful portrayal of Geum Jan Di.  I really am so sorry but I cannot watch you in anything else.  I hope you can forgive me for being so stubborn & hard hearted on this matter.

{{Yeah, because I know she is at home, reading this blog & sobbing her eyes out, that one, lone, crazy white ahjumma, in the sticks of Wisconsin, cannot stand her acting.  Yuppers.  I wield that much power, didn't know that about me, did ya?!?  Well now you do & now you know not to tick me off or gross me out w/ nasty eating habits or eating/talking w/ food in your mouth habits.}}

So what was THAT ONE DRAMA for you AddiKts?!?!  What was that one drama, that drove you crazy? Either you liked it but hated parts of it like I am w/ BOF, or you just outright hated it because of XYZ???  I want to know what is that One Drama that you will never watch again because it annoyed or disgusted you to no end?!?!  Come on, I know there has to be one.  You're so passionate about your Stealing Breath moments & your SWAK moments.  There HAS to be a drama that you cannot stand.  So go down there to that handy dandy comments section & tell me all about it.  Pull up a couch & tell Unnie, your "AddiKtion Specialist" all about it.  Let it out & I'll help you move on & find closure.  OR I'll buy a seat next to you on that plane to Seoul & we'll go have a little pow wow with the writers.  Hmmm????   I can get in the mood to force a little "Closure".

And because I really did LOVE a lot of BOF I want to share with you how I am able to still enjoy without having to suffer Jan Di moments anymore.  In my opinion the best coupling in that drama, which would be the "STP", or the second true pairing, would be between Cha Ga Eul {played by Kim So Eun} AND So Yi Jung {played by Kim Bum}.  Oh.  My.  Goodness!!  What incredibly good chemistry & she is so beautiful & lovely & ladylike.  I Adored her & him together.  So how do I still get BOF moments minus the annoying part?  I go to YouTube & I find moments or Fan Made MV of Ga Eul & Yi Jung together.

Like these ones, hmmmmmm....

Sigh.  Weren't they lovely?  There are tons more where they come from, you just have to search them out.  There are, of course, some lovely Fan Made videos of Jun Pyo & Jan Di, made lovelier by the fact that you can't hear her voice but you get to see Lee Min Ho & sometimes it includes my Bias as well.  But I'm not as big a fan of those ones.  In full disclosure I should admit, that the other reason I will probably not watch BOF again, is because of Mrs Kang, Jun Pyo's horrible mother.  She made the dragon mom from Secret Garden look like Gil Ra Im's Fairy Godmother, right? ^^   Chincha hard core Evil.  Even in the end she isn't completely reformed.  Made it hard to watch her torture Jun Pyo.  I loved him so much.

I end this week's WWU by asking you again to leave your least favorite drama in the comments and don't forget to add the reason wae.  And if you get the chance head on over to TCA's FB page & Like us.  Or to Twitter to Follow us.  Which reminds me, I made an Unnie Twitter page.  I have one follower, Drama Fever.  That made me so happy.  I heart you too Drama Fever.  You non-entity that just follows all it's followers back.  You rock for making me feel important, when I'm really not.  And BTW, dongsaeng is on Vacation this week.  Yay Dongsaeng!!  So I will be, gulp, trying to fill her awesomely funny shoes by covering Dr Jin.  I'm super nervous, she does such an amazing job reviewing Jin.  She has fans!  How awesome is that?!?!

Hellloooooo....  {{Helllooooo....}}  Anybody out there?!?!?  {{Anybody out there?!?!?}}  Nice echo, right?  It's okay as long as she doesn't mind me hanging on to her coat tails as she leads this here blog into awesome popularity with her talent.  I'll stick around & go all crazy for her just like you guys.  WE LOVE DONGSAENG!!!  She rocks socks!!!  

Dongsaeng I heart you & I hope you are having an awesome time, as I can tell you are by the pictures you keep torturing texting me with.  ;)  See you, back here in TCA blog heaven, in a few more days, sweets!  Be safe.  I know she is still out there, even though she is supposed to be on vacay, just stalking the blog & the FB page.  Can anyone spot the Dongsaeng?!?!

Until next weeks AddiKts.


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