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Dramatic Friday Review: Gentleman's Dignity ep 16

Oh AddiKts even the flashback on this one was so sad.  I have been putting off the review of this episode all day long.  I even filled in for Dongsaeng by covering this week's episodes of Dr Jin & if I do say so myself I did a fantastic job getting to the "REAL" heart of Dr Jin.  So good in fact; you don't even have to be a regular watcher of the show to be able to follow my review.  Chincha I am that good!!  Sorry just had to "toot my horn" momentarily.

This episode's flashback gave us an insight as to just how devastating it is to lose one's spouse.  For the first time we get a real glimpse into what Yoon has suffered.  And we get to see just how much these guys truly love each other.  Never a good sign when you start your drama sobbing, is it?

Each guy is off doing his thing, Do Jin is at the airport when "the call" comes in, & he leaves his bag w/ the ticket agent & runs off.  Tae San is with clients, drinking, singing, & schmoozing, when he gets "the call" & he immediately ditches them.  Jeong Rok was in the middle of a fight with Park Min Sook when he gets "the call".  And even though she is right there & has no clue what is going on her leaves her to join his friends.  And then we get to see how dire this really is...  {{from here on in the pictures tell the story guys.}}

They never do specifically say what was the cause of her death. But is that something you really need to know in order to feel his pain or their loyalty & dedication to this man?  Yeah I don't think so either.  Watching the raw pain, the shock, the grief that Yoon & well, all the men, go through in this flashback was painful for me to watch. I almost felt guilty peeking into something so painful & personal.  I was glad when the flashback ended & they restarted the story but the sadness doesn't end there.

If you remember from my previous review when the show ended Yi Soo & Do Jin were sitting at a table where she was eating, & making him sit with her while she did, when her phone rang. It was her mother.  the mother she hasn't seen nor heard from in 20 years.  The one that left & raised another husband's 2 sons & who is now battling those sons for their share of their rich father's inheritance.  It seems Yi Soo's step father is about to die & the men, his sons, want their money.  They absolutely do not want their step mother to get the money, that much IS clear.  But I'm getting ahead of myself, aren't I?  When Do Jin sees the phone call has her upset, he asks who was on the phone.  It's at this point Yi Soo tells him about her mother.  To hurt him w/ the abandonment issues he is dealing with, thanks to Collin & Eun Hui's recent & sudden arrival into all their lives.

She invites him, rather coldly to come with her to meet her mother, maybe she can give him hints on how to raise someone else's child.   He stands up in front of her & says, "All right.  Let's go together. Instead of wondering if you're crying alone, and whether you got home safely, on my own, I'd prefer the former."  But she shakes him off & goes alone anyway.  Of course, it's Do Jin & Yi Soo is never really without him, is she?

During her meeting with her mother we discover that her mother & step brothers are battling for the money.  And Do Jin gets to hear Yi Soo's back story.

Poor Yi Soo she just can't catch a break can she?

Later that same day, Do Jin arrives at Jeong Rok's cafe to find his friends once again trying anything they can think of, even the ridiculous, to try & cheer him up & make him smile.

Who can resist these big clowns?

They mean well, bless their sweet goofy hearts.  They definitely mean well.  I just don't think they thought this through all the way.

He leaves & we see he's still thinking of Yi Soo.  And she is thinking of him.  Just as he is calling her, we see that he sees her standing ahead of him, just looking at him.  She tells him she made it home alright & that she didn't cry.  Of course we know that she did & we know that he knows that she cried too.  But she doesn't know he knows.  Because she didn't know he was there.  {{That wasn't confusing at all was it???}]

He asks her if she's been there long? No.  Does she want to go eat? No.  Does she want to go see a movie? No.  Does she want to walk for a bit? No. Finally he asks her if he should just continue standing there or go inside?  She responds with How should I know?  Do you want to go inside?  Do you want to stand here?  Do you want to see me or not?  Do you want to hold me or not?  He starts to reiterate that an Ethics teacher dating a man with a child will get her talked about by everyone.  They'll ask is she crazy?  Why would a normal woman date a man with a kid? "I didn't love Seo Yi Soo to turn her into a woman with a flaw".  And while he in the middle of talking to her logically she just turns & walks away from him.  She doesn't like the answer he gives so she just turns & walks away.

Back in her room, at home, Se Ra arrives to tell her something.  She has put the house up for sale.  She can't keep up on the bills with her career in the toilet.  Yi Soo has noticed the missing car & deduces correctly that the car is gone.  Yi Soo questions whether Se Ra, in this housing market, can even sell the house.   When SeRa informs her she marked the price very low & has already shown it ton one person.  Then Se Ra leaves to go & confront Tae San about the car, the loan, the debt etc...

She's confronting him about paying off her debt.  She thinks he's doing it so she'll come to him & be grateful.  but he's doing it because he loves her & cannot stand to see her going through this alone.  She has her pride, how can she come to him like this, now?  How can she come to him as his equal when obviously she is not his equal & everyone will know it.  She was on the verge of wavering to go back to him when all this happened but now she cannot go to him, as her pride, the only thing she has left, will not allow her to go back.  Just in the middle of all this Tae San's mom calls, from the hospital.  He rushes off to meet her.  Only to find his mom set him up...on a blind date.

Se Ra who knows nothing of the blind date, & believing that Tae Sans mom is in the hospital arrives to pay her respects or to support Tae San.  And finds him instead on a date w/ an airhead who is willing to ignore a man's age & is being an obedient daughter by getting married as her father said to, she's willing to have a baby every couple of years.  She's the hospital director's daughter btw.  She's also willing to cook twice a day, but three meals is pushing it.  She really is quite cute.   She has Se Ra & Tae San in stitches.

After she leaves Tae San tells Se Ra that she needs to play well in her tournament & place first.  Because he is sick of waiting for her.  
 She starts yelling at him & so he yells back, Do you want to die?!?!  Get in my arms!  And then holds him arms wide waiting for her to hug him.  Looks to me like they are going to give it a try....again.
 It's about time!

Time to catch up with another couple.  Jeong Rok & Park Min Sook.  

While she is out for a run he pulls up along side her on a bike & tells her to get on the back & hold on to him.  He even gives her an iPod full of music to listen to on their ride.  He tells her to hold on tight & when she doesn't listen she fakes the bike falling so she has to grab on tight around his waste & lay her head on his back.

He then, thinking she is listening to music & cannot hear him, tells her....

"Do you know.... out of all the women I've met...  you're the shortest, have the worst personality, the oldest, and the most uncute woman?  Truthfully, he continues, if you exclude the money, do you have anything?  Well, having a lot of  money's a good thing."  After a little whining about biking & her he goes on some more... "Anyway, despite all your flaws, you're really addictive.  So from now on, like now, stay stuck to my back.  Understand?"  What he was not expecting, her to hear all of that, she hears & responds with...  "Understood."  He then stops the bike in shock & asks her if she heard all that & she explains that the music never played.  She didn't know how to unpause it because it was frozen.  He asks her if she heard everything he said?  She says, "Yes.  From 'Get on' up to, 'understand?"  And all the stuff in the middle about being old & having an unpleasant personality & being too short.  He is seriously embarrassed & she tells him to sit back on the bike & keep going.  He drives off embarrassed that he got caught & she is smiling form ear to ear.

Ahhh I'm so happy they are getting along. I knew he liked her.  I just wish that all her dreams come true & that he grows up.  I want her to have a baby & for him to love the idea of being a daddy & for them to live happily ever after in love.  So I hope, fingers crossed, that is the continuing storyline from here on out for Jeong Rok & Park Min Sook.  

The next day Do Jin is at PMS' business looking for furniture for a teenage boy.  Yup Collin, is going to be moving in.  This should be interesting.  She gives him great advice about love & teacher Soo.  I really do like PMS.  {{Giggle-Never thought I'd say that sentence but you know what I mean!}}  

Collin sees his room & decides to make some changes adding a few pictures of Girl Generation as his Hope for the future.  LOL  Boys do grow up to be men after all.  And after this show we've gotten to know the male species well haven't we?  Collin then asks for an exorbitant amount of money for his allowance & Kim Do Jin does not fall for it.  So Collin tries to teach Do Jin a lesson by arranging for his apartment to go up for sale. LOL  Which only succeeds in getting his allowance reduced.  And gets him sent to school.  Arranged by Yoon of course.  Guess which school he ends up attending?  Yoon is still wearing Maehri's couple bracelet & Do Jin has seen it & figured out what it is & calls him an idiot.  To which Yoon replies, "aren't we all?"  He's not wrong, though is he?  Yoon only has one more thing to do to get Collin into a good school in the neighborhood.  

Yep you guessed it, he's checking with her to make sure it's okay if he sends Collin to her school.

Collin is surprised to find out that she is at his school & to make it even more complicated she'll be his home room teacher.

better still, is that she meets with 'all the parents' of her students prior to teaching them, so that she can get a feel for the parent & the student.

I know what kind of "feel" I'd like to get w/ this Oppa as my student's father.

Sorry that's fatigue talking AddiKts.


At this point I went to bed because it was nearly 2 am.  & decided I needed to sleep as my eyes were crossing.


Fresh start the next afternoon.

And how are Collin's "Uncles" helping the situation?  They take him to the baseball field & teach him how to "survive" school.  To make your life easy at school, it's best to be the oldest, so make sure they know you are one year older than they are.  But Tae San says, the best way to dominate is with the fist.  The "guy" with the better fist goes in with at least 50%.  So, as soon as you get to school, kick the front door open!  Then all the kids will look at you.  Then say this, Jeong Rok: "Who's the class boss?"  Collin wants to know if this really works & Yoon says, "Classic lasts forever."  Tae San continues with this lesson by telling Collin, "After this you need to dominate him."  He then signals Jeong Rok to demonstrate his point.  JR goes over to Collin, places his hand on Collin's shoulder, heavily & says, "You don't need to fight him.  How?"  Then he looks into Collin's eyes & says with a weary but firm voice, "I want to graduate quietly this time.  Please cooperate."   Then Tae San directs him on how to control his eyes.  Stare him down & that ought to do it.  But then Yoon wonders, a little too late I might add, should we really be teaching him these things?  At which point Jeong Rok points out, "Real uncles teach bad things first."  

Such great role models, right? I had to laugh at Tae San's facial expressions & how into the lesson the guys were.  Besides they're right, my uncles taught us naughty things too.  

That night Se Ra & Yi Soo are discussing the housing arrangements & where they will be going after Se Ra's house sells.  Yi Soo is looking for an officetel near the school & Yi Soo is looking for a one bedroom apartment too. But please spare her the pity, she's sick of people feeling sorry for her.  Yi Soo also tells Se Ra that Collin is her student.  When Se Ra asks her "WAE?!?"  She explains that if Collin is her student then she gets to see Do Jin.  

It's a new day at school.  A new day to......ditch class.  And the nurses office is an awesome place to do that, especially for Kim Dong Hyub & Collin.  I think these 2 could be great friends, given half the chance.  That is until Yi Soo arrives at the nurses office & yells at them both for ditching class.  LOL  Its a great excuse for Yi Soo to have another parent/teacher conference w/ Do Jin...  Which is why she doesn't mind Collin as her student after all.

During their interview, she tells Do Jin, "I've never done this before but I'll take a bribe from you."  In regards to Collin's behavior, however, it's just another way to see Do Jin.  And she tells him, "Keep your cellphone on you at all times.  I'll text you the place where I'll accept it."  As he is leaving though he overhears Yi Soo's fellow teachers talking about her.  They all know about Collin being Do Jin's son & are all happy to talk nasty about her behind her back.  Calling her "a second wife!"  Which if you remember was the reason he stopped dating her to begin with.  Then he gets her text message on where & when to meet.

 But this is not a happy kind of picnic.  Right off the bat Yi Soo goes on the bossy side.  After she hands Do Jin the chopsticks she tells him I gave you that so you could feed me, not so you could eat.  Then she says...
Then she tells him to feed her & eat too.  That she must like him very much, enough to like him even after she found out he has a son.  That she should just cut off her feelings that "tomorrow if he annoys me, I should just end it."  But every time she sees him, her knees still go weak.  And her heart sinks.  I'm dying from holding back my tears.  How can we break up when I'm like this?"  He tells her this isn't think he should be giving her advice.  She knows he loves her too, even if he won't admit it to her.

He asks her if he should just keep holding on to her because he loves her even though he's dragging her down with him?  People break up for no reason at all.  But she refuses to listen to him.  She tells him she's willing to go down THAT road.  For him.  That he just needs to stand at the end of that road.  And just as he is about to argue with her she goes in for the hug.   

 She just holds him for a minute & says, "I don't think the sound of my heart beating."  His heart beats when she holds him.  Loud & hard enough for her to be able to hear it, it just melted my heart when she said that to him.  Sigh.  I am ready for the heavy drama section to end now.  Aren't you guys?  It was so sad watching her eat after this hug & unsuccessfully hold back her tears at the same time.
 After the picnic he goes back to her house with her & she confesses she hasn't had a decent night's sleep since the break up & tells him to just stay there & pat her hair/head till she falls asleep.  Like that last time.  But as he is patting her head he sees the tears seeping from her closed eyes.

  After he leaves you'd think she'd get some peace but no, he sees the two men from before, her step brothers arrive at her house & he follows once again. 

If she doesn't sign, they threaten to go to her school, where she works.  They found her house they'll find her anywhere.  They use strong language & come on more like gangsters than they do two spoiled rich sons who are about to lose their father.

This time these 2 bullies are demanding that she sign a paper that will help them make it so her mom doesn't get any money from the passing of their father, other than the settlement they'll give her for taking care of him.  

Finally she has had it so she calls her mother, in front of the step brothers.  And tells her that she is sick of all of it & them & wants them all to just leave her out of it!

That if she was going to abandon Yi Soo for the last 20+ years she better come out with all that family's money.  And make it all worthwhile.  This, as you can imagine, does not sit well with the 2 step brothers.  Who then grab her phone from her hand & throw it.  She needs a minute, so she goes into the bathroom & has a good long cry.  I cannot blame her, it's been a craptastic kind of day for her.

When she comes out though, there is broken glass & a mess & the guys have gone from being bullies & gangsters to being polite & acting scared & then making a hasty getaway.  Which confuses the heck out of her...until the cashier at the cafe demands Yi Soo pay the bill, a whopping $2000+ bill.  For coffee?!?!  No for the damages from Yi Soo's "Oppas".  ???
 At this point the cashier, thinking Yi Soo is pretending innocence pulls out her cellphone, upon she has recorded a most interesting scene.
Yeah that would Tae San cursing his head off again & threatening bodily injury to the step brothers for harassing Yi Soo.  

 All our guys are there!!  YAY!!!  Do Jin intro's all the men to the step brothers...

DJ: We're the Oppas of Seo Yi Soo, who was sitting here.

Introducing Tae San; DJ says, "This is the Oppa who can curse better than anyone.  At which point Tae San let's loose with a litany of curses & threats that were buzzed out & ******'d out as well.  In true Tae San form this was accompanied by wild hand gestures & awesome facial expressions.

When introducing Jeong Rok; Do Jin says, "And this is the Oppa who has more money than anyone.  At which point JR says, "I'm Lee Jeong Rok, the f****** money specialist." And smiles pleasantly & very coolly.

When introducing Yoon; Do Jin says,  "And this is the Oppa who can solve anything legally.  No matter what we do."  Then Yoon sits down & pulls out his business card & calmly places it on the coffee table & says, "I'm Attorney Choi Yoon from Myeong Yul Law Firm.

Do Jin then goes on to introduce himself, best part!!!

DJ: And I... am the Oppa who loves Seo Yi Soo.  Seo Yi Soo must not have told you she had Oppas.  She must have been worried that you would get hurt."

Then Do Jin warns them not to bother Yi Soo again.  And to instead call her legal representative.  But the younger of the 2 step brothers is too stupid to realize they are outmatched.  He insults Yi Soo again & the men, all perfectly coordinated, give a good hard kick to the table & send it directly into the knees of the step brothers.  Ouch!

DJ: This is a warning.  If you come see or call out this woman again, things won't end so gentlemanly, because we can handle things in every way.  Violently, financially, legally, and personally."

Hence the damages that Yi Soo ends up having to pay.  Yi Soo then replays the part where Do Jin says he's the Oppa who loves Seo Yi Soo.  She runs out of the cafe but they are long gone.

Can I just say I LOVED that whole scene.  I cried, I laughed & I was truly jealous of Yi Soo's Oppas.  Do I have Oppas like that in my life?  I have 5 brothers, 4 of which are still living, & who love me very much, but they live far away & just now I miss them heartily.   I am a very lucky dongsaeng in my family to have 5 big brothers who would do anything to protect their baby sister.  I love being the baby sister.  Growing up I always felt so loved & protected & cherished.  {{Oh don't get me wrong, they tortured, picked on & mocked me as much as they protected me.  But I KNOW they loved me so much.  I come from a very demonstrative Irish family.  They'll tell you straight to your face, what you can do with yourself, when you tick them off, but if anyone else tried to pick on me, they better say their prayers & make their peace w/ the good Lord too.}}  I wish that for everyone to feel.  Now ask me if I appreciated that as a teenage girl, who was just trying to date?!?!  xD

I heart my wackadoo of a family!!

The next day is Yoon's wife's memorial day.  The men have all gathered at Yoon's mother in law's home & are paying tribute to his wife w/ the food & alcohol offering.  Mother in law is resigned to the fact that they are there but she begs them to make this the last year so her son in law can move on with his life.  And then asks, is there no one who wants him?  Which of course all the guys pause & look at Tae San.  Because we all know there is someone who wants Yoon very much.  {{No, I'm not talking about me!  Although I do.  *blush blush*}}  Meanwhile at the memorial site, Maehri brings flowers & tells Yoon's wife, Unnie, that she misses her & that she feels bad for liking Yoon. But then she breaks down in tears begging "unnie" to "please let her have him, to please make him like her back."

And then, just as she collapses in front of the memorial, the camera pans back & you can see all the guys watching solemnly as she begs for forgiveness in liking Yoon Oppa.  Yoon looks like he is pain & Tae San looks miserable too.

Later that day, Jeong Rok & Do Jin are both talking about the mess between Tae San, Yoon & Maehri.  Even though they love both the guys, they are both rooting for Yoon & Maehri to get together.  Yoon stares at his wife's memorial & Tae San is pacing his house & Do Jin goes home to find Yi Soo standing outside his apartment with a bow covered box.  She walks up to him slowly & after finding out she is waiting for him & that she waited a while she tells him...

YS: So can you stop pushing me away now?  She then opens the box & reveals a brand new pair of male dress shoes.  All shiny & pretty in the box.

 She then repeats what he did for her...She places the shoes on the ground in front of Do Jin & tells him...

"When you come to me, wear these.  On a good day, prettily."

Sigh it had such a sweet ending & we are getting to the end.  Only 4 more episodes to go.  Which means things, hopefully, will start wrapping up this upcoming weekend.  Really hoping & praying that SBS decides not to postpone the last 2 episodes till after the London Olympics but it's not like we get a say in the matter is it?

Although maybe we could get together, all of us & storm SBS in Seoul.  And then demand the last 2 episodes be played right there in the lobby of the SBS building??  There is an SBS affiliate in Los Angelos, whose in the mood for a trip to Cali?!?!  However, if we go to California, then I can't stalk my Bias like I could if we go directly to Seoul.  Although, with him filming City Conquest, I don't think he's even in Seoul.  I believe he is in Japan right now.  Sigh. I just can't win can I AddiKts?

Oh well, there are still 4 more episodes of AGD left to go.  Anybody have any ideas what's gonna happen next?  Ready for Yoon & Maehri to get together like I am?  Ready for Do Jin & Yi Soo to both be on the same page at the same time for more than an episode?  Ready for Jeong Rok & Min Sook to get pregnant?  Ready for Se Ra & Tae San to finally agree to marriage?  Sigh I am so ready for all the happy endings.  These 20 episode shows are killing me!  But at least it isn't a 22 episode show like Dr Jin has just become. Giggle.  Sorry Dongsaeng.  I just had to go there.

Have a great weekend & I will see you guys next week.


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