Monday, July 9, 2012

{Monday Morning Therapy with Dongsaeng}: Adventures in Fandom

Last week my sister joked about how she had provided the material for my MMT two weeks in a row.  Or was it three weeks?  Eh, who's counting?  {she is apparently}  Well, Ms Luckypants McGee, here we go again.  This post brought to you with significant assistance from my sister, Ms LpMcG, or more accurately from her friend.  No, not the JPop star this time.  Turns out she leads quite the exciting life and has lots of interesting and cool friends.  I mean, I have lots of interesting and cool friends too, but our adventures usually revolve around playdates and parks and kid-oriented stuff.  Maybe the occasional GNO at Village Inn's Pie Night {mmm....pie...!}.  Can't really blog about that here though now can I?  But when my sister's friend, we'll call him Bob, goes to Korea for work for a couple of weeks - that?, now that I can blog about.  

That's right, "Bob" is a really cool guy.  Bob is one of my favorite people right now.  Bob brought me Big Bang.  Okay, Bob brought my son Big Bang, but you know, technicalities, whatever.

Now, I could make some crude joke here about how I have Big Bang on a hotel bed, but that would be crass and I'm a lady.  Ladies don't cackle and ladies aren't crass.

But, it is a hotel bed and it is covered in Big Bang.  
Lots and lots of Big Bang.  And it's mine...all mine!!!!  *cackle!*  *cough cough* I mean, it's LP2's...all LP2s...  :/

Yeah, fighting over a pack of posters... with my 9 year old son... in front of my family... on video... ... ... maybe not my proudest moment.  But it was a pack of Big Bang posters.  I think that that is excusable, don't you?  I can only imagine what The Husband was thinking as he watched his wife and his 9 year old son fight over posters...of a boy band...from Korea.... o_O  Good thing he loves me, huh?  And is a very patient man.  Saranghae Yebo!

Bob also brought the kids some cold hard cash.  Thousands of won!  We're rich!  Like $3 whole bucks.  Sweet!  Do you know how cool it is though to see a piece of Korea and to be able to hold it in your hand, knowing that it was just there, in Korea, being handled by Koreans?  Maybe even one of the idols we fangirl over respect the talent of?  You never know.  I could totally make some back story up about how this won came from...from...well, from someone cool and then you'd be all like "Wow!  I want some idol won too!".  But then I'd say, tough noogies because he's my sister's friend that went to Korea and came back with presents and he didn't bring anything for you.  And then you'd be sad and cry and would probably never return to our blog and then we'd be sad and cry and so I'm not going to do that.  The world is tough enough without me making everyone sad and cry.  So this isn't idol won, just plain old won, but still, straight from Korea and therefore still totally awesomeness.

Not to leave sweet LP1 out, she also had a the form of SHINee posters.  And she, unlike LP2, has the added benefit of not having to share with her mother.  Nope.  These are all hers.  Don't get me wrong, I love SHINee's music, I really do.  In fact, the ringtone on my new phone is SHINee's Hello.  It makes me smile anytime it rings.  I'm just not fangirling over SHINee.  They're a little too young for me.  I do have to draw the line somewhere after all.  ;)
This poster created quite the stir amongst my non-KPopping family.  They didn't believe us that it was a boy band.  Really?  I guess I've been immersed long enough that I can't even see how you could not see that these were boys, even with the lipsticked-looking lips and all the pink.  Lots and lots of pink.  *shrug*
Sorry for the blur.  Thankfully this one helped convince them that yes, indeed, these are boys, not girls.  Oh silly family of mine.

Here are some shots of Big Bang on my bed this morning.  I tried to get The Husband to agree to putting them up on our walls, but he wasn't too keen on that idea.  I even offered to put them up on the ceiling, you know, so as to not mess with the aesthetics of the room, but he didn't go for that one either.  Weirdo.

Ahhh...soak up the Big Bang beauty.....
Look - "Made in Korea"!  And Big Bang written in hangul!
Nice huh?  See why Bob is on my favorite people list?  Bob, you rock.  Sorry for calling you Bob by the way.  You probably hate that.  It was just the first thing that popped into my head.  I beg your forgiveness.  See, I was up until past 4am this morning working on a certain Love Rain post and so I'm a little brain dead this morning.  Next time I'll give you a much cooler moniker, I promise.

And that concludes the picture portion of today's ADVENTURES in FANDOM.  I mentioned that I have a new phone with a SHINee ringtone and how amazingly cool I am now, right?  Well, the coolness doesn't stop there.  Wanna know what else I scored thanks to the most amazing online friend, Bonnie?  You ready for this?  This is pretty epic and might make some of you crazy with jealousy in its epicness, so prepare yourself.  You ready?  Sure?  Okay then....  You know Gil Ra Im's text tone from Secret Garden?  Yup.  That one.  Oh yeah, it's mine baby!  On the phone and the tablet.  Unnie and I both snagged it (again courtesy of Bonnie who totally rocks!) and have been texting each other for days now just to hear it.  "Munjawashon"!

Here's a clip I found on YouTube.  There's another similar one floating around out there, but I've chosen this one because it has the Big Bang Secret Garden parody included and that just ads to the fun and awesomeness.  Hyun Bin playing Gil Ra there anything cuter on this planet?  Maybe TOP playing Hyun Bin playing Gil Ra Im.

In addition to the fun K-fandom sounds I now get to enjoy coming from my phone, I also have ordered a Big Bang cover for it.  Once it arrives, the package will be complete.  And then I'm going to go shopping at the Asiana Market which is Korean and Unnie is going to call and text me until someone, anyone, finally hears it and gets it.  Isn't that what we addiKts all secretly want?  Someone to GET it?  Even if we're some white suburban mom - we are looking for that connection - that something that says "I am not alone".  Even if I have to sit there all day with my phone going crazy - I will not rest until someone GETS it.  Or I get hungry.  Or have to go to the bathroom.  Or my family gets impatient.  But, those things aside, I will wait for that magical moment of validation.  Maybe someone will even toss out a anyonghasaeyo my way.  Maybe I'll get to even toss my own anyonghaseyo out there.  You never know.  Could happen and could be like the crowning point of my life up til now.  Well, that and you know, other crowning points of my life like the birth of my children.  Psh.  Whatever.  ;)

Okay fellow adventurers, that concludes today's ADVENTURES in FANDOM.  Or, as I like to think of it, me talking about myself and my K-fan conquests of the weekend.  I'd love to talk about you and your K-fan conquests too.  That's what that comment section is there for.  Share with us all.  We get it, and after all, we've established that that's what we all secretly yearn for, right?  Perfect opportunity right here.  And while I'm on the subject, have you checked out our 100 Day Giveaway yet?  Better act fast - $25 hangs in the balance and the contest ends Wednesday.  Pick and choose from the list of entry options and then come back and leave us a comment.  Don't forget the comment part - it's very important - as that is where we will be choosing the winner from.  Leave a separate comment for every thing you do from that list.  You're trying to get as many (up to 6) comments there as possible.  Some of you have been playing along and doing some of the things on the list - totally awesome and thank you! - but forgetting to come back and comment.  Don't forget the comment!  Please - we want to give you every opportunity here, so don't forget to come back and tell us what you've done in order to be entered in the giveaway contest.  We promise that we won't do anything nefarious with your comments, we're just desperate to hear from you all and to know that we too are not alone, and if it takes throwing money at you to get you to do that, then by golly, we're going to throw cash at you.  Well, at least one of you.  If you want a chance to be that one lucky person, take a few moments to click and then come back and comment.  Unnie will be announcing our winner on Wednesday in her Write Up (right, Unnie?  Maybe should have covered that one before announcing it here in one of our many "business meetings").  So, get busy!  Time's a-wastin!

Hope your Mondays are all filled with joy and laughter and plenty of drama.  Until next time...


Your prescription for this Monday is SHINee's Hello since I mentioned it in the post.  Can you just imagine what a cool ringtone this would be?  I'll tell you, it's pretty awesome.  It's good for whoever is calling too because it automatically makes me smile and I'm that much happier when I answer the phone.  So thank you SHINee for your happy, smile-inducing music and the joy that it spreads.

And one more.  2ne1 released their new MV this weekend.  It's pretty amazing.  If you haven't heard it yet, check it out.


  1. Awesome post Dongsaeng & I am pea green w envy!! I want Big Bang crap & real Korean won from Korea no less!! Dangs gurl!! You gots connections!! I wants connections, too! :( Oh well I enjoy the fact that you tried to talk your Mr wonderful into hanging the posters on the ceiling. Can't imagine why he wouldn't encourage that! :)


  2. hi. im a silent reader for this blog ever since tk2h. intended to continue being silent until i read this post. was laughing from the first sentence to the last sentence. loved reading the way you fangirl over ur bias as i always thought tt fangirling belongs to youngsters. always wondered how an ahjumma will fangirl when she has a bias, and you totally showed me that age is of no importance in the world of fangirls. hope to read more of ur fangirling :D


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