Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Happy Birthday Gong Yoo-ssi, our favorite Coffee Prince Hottie

Wow a busy week for Birthdays right?!?! 

Never let it be said we missed an opportunity to show our love & appreciation for our favorite K Stars.  And Gong Yoo-ssi ranks up there with the best.  We first fell completely head over heels for him as we watched him struggle with his sexuality, while falling for girl, dressed as boy, Go Eun Chan (played by the lovely Yoon Eun Hye) in The 1st Shop of the Coffee Prince (or just Coffee Prince).  His character, Choi Han-gyul had no idea Go Eun Chan was actually a girl acting as a boy.  But someone in her family had to bring home the money, and it fell to her.  As he fell for her, we fell for him.

 He was so sweet & romantic & commanding in his performance in this acclaimed KDrama & his amazing abilities certainly didn't stop there.  After that he moved his talent to the movies & made an impression we all loved.  Then he broke the hearts of all of us as he entered the military for his required service. This year we saw him exit the military & immediately recapture our hearts w/ photo shoots & eventually a new drama...Big, which is currently airing & garnering many fans around the globe.  Unnie & Dongsaeng included. :) 

Gong Yoo-ssi, we are happy to celebrate your day with you & hope you are enjoying health, happiness & love in your life & success & happiness in your career.  You are very loved & appreciated. 

And now it's time for just a few of his latest photos for you AddiKts. You're welcome. ^^

SPECIAL NOTE*( As usual these pictures are NOT the property of TCA. They were found on the internet. We'd love to take actual pictures of our own, of Gong Yoo, but there are laws against that kind of crazy fangirling. And we really don't want to go to jail. Because then we'd have to explain to our children that we were arrested, while stalking a slightly younger man, in a foreign country no less, & not taking care of our families, not to mention our husbands, whom we love the most. And then there will be a big international embarrassment & we wouldn't be able to go out in public & there would be ridicule...this goes on for a while, just go look at the pictures already!!)

PR photos for his latest drama Big. 

One of his many beautiful magazine pictorials

Had to end with a little yummy Eye Candy.  It may be HIS birthday but we're celebrating by drooling over him anyway.
The appropriate amount of course. 

Saeng il Chuka Hamnida Gong Yoo-ssi! 
Chukhaeyo on your Natal Day! 


Your Crazy Ahjumma Noona'.
(Unnie & Dongsaeng)

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