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Monday Special: Dongsaeng's WishTrend review

Hello all my beautiful addiKts!  This is a special post in lieu of my normal Monday Morning Therapy.  How is it different?  Well, obviously, it's not Monday morning - anywhere - any more.  It's about dinner time here on Monday.  In fact, the little people in my house are starting to hunt for food, so I better not be here too long, otherwise they may start to get a little unruly and dangerous.  But I am really excited to talk about my Wish Trend story with you all, so I will throw caution to the wind and let them reheat some leftovers while we chat for a minute.  *Mom of the Year Award passes by me once again.*  {Totally worth it - like I need another thing to dust around here anyway}.

Unnie already did a great job last week telling you the story, and I don't want to replicate it all.  Suffice to say, we had a very exciting opportunity to test out some Korean beauty products from a company called  It was so fun sitting on the phone together with Unnie while we shopped and picked out some fun new products to try.  There were some obvious ones that immediately went on the list...  BB cream, "smell", and face masks.  And then we each got our own individual "special" thing.  Like Unnie and her eye cream and me and my mineral powder.  But more detail on that in a little bit.

So, my box came a week before Unnie (yay!  patience is SO not my thing! and yes, I was a bratty little sister rubbing it in her face and sending her lots of texts with pics of everything).  I wasn't home when the postman came and I just about died with excitement when I saw my little "you have a package waiting for you" slip on my door!  This was on a Saturday night.  I was so excited and impatient for Monday to come!  It was one of those crazy Mondays too where I had so much going on and early appointments, and going to the post office technically was one of those things I didn't really have time to do, but I still managed to squeeze it in.  Duh.  It was definitely a top priority that morning - appointments be darned!  So, there I was, standing in line at the post office, listening to KPop on my phone and literally dancing in place (in line at the post office) with excitement!  And when it was my turn and the postal worker slid that glorious box across the counter to me, I beamed and wiggled with giddy glee, so much so that even the jaded postal worker noticed and asked me if this was a good box.  "Oh yes it is!" I proudly exclaimed, and took my treasure under my arm and danced myself back out to my car.  Of course I whipped out the phone and started snapping pictures of it before even getting in my car.  Who cares that it was already over 100 degrees?  I had my box of goodies from Korea!  There was Korean on the box!  It had my name on it!  I felt like I had made it!  Our teeny tiny little humble blog Unnie and I put our heart and soul into had netted this very cool and unique opportunity and by golly, I planned on enjoying every second of it!
I totally saved this little green customs paper.  It's just so cool!
I felt even more special when I saw it had come to me straight from Gangnam.  I can say I have Gangnam style now.

I dashed home, tore it open and took more pictures.  This moment just had to be fully documented after all.  So many fun things!

Everything neatly packaged with care.  Great job WishTrend!  
Everything opened and on display - let the fun begin!
I had about 5 minutes to spare before my appointment that morning, and I had intentionally not put makeup on yet so that my face would be a blank canvas for my new goodies.  I started with the Skin79 sample, which, like Unnie pointed out, ended up lasting me a good 4-5 applications I think.  It would have lasted me longer except that that first time I put WAYYY too much on.  Like 3x more than I needed.
Sample of Skin79 Super Plus BB cream

Up until this point I had been using a "domestic" brand of BB cream from my local drugstore, so this was my first experience with the real stuff.  What a difference!  I instantly loved the coverage it gave.  It felt great too.  Especially once I figured out the right amount.  ;)  Thursday of that week, day 4 of wearing the BB cream, I had a friend approach me, look at me and blurt out, "You look amazing!  What have you done?"  It took me by surprise as I could see that she was honestly taken aback by the difference in my appearance.  I told her that I had dropped a few pounds (nothing really noticeable, but still...) and then it hit me.  It was the BB cream.  My face looked the healthiest it has looked in a long, long time.  Probably ever.  You see, this past year or so I have been battling really, really bad acne.  I finally got it under control by using a prescription face wash.  No, sorry, the BB cream didn't magically erase the acne in just 4 days, LOL.  It did, however, really even things out and helped take it that extra step from being acne-free to healthy looking.  Does that make sense?  I hope so.  After months of using the "domestic" BB cream, 4 days of the real thing had made a noticeable difference for me.

Once I ran out of what I lovingly call now the "orange stuff", I switched over to my full-size bottle - the acne control ENCA.
Enca Acne Control BB Cream

I have been using it ever since and love it as well.  It's a little lighter in coverage and has a grayer tinge to it than the Skin79, but still does a great job and I'm still happy with how my skin looks.  I am definitely a BBeliever now and will never ever go back to regular foundation again.  I have found my favorite beauty secret and BB and I will live happily ever after together.

I live in the desert, so I have really loved my mist.  It smells so pretty and light and feels amazing.  It's refreshing and the perfect facial treat for my face living in this hot, dry climate.
My "smell" - Klairs Essential Facial Mist.  And yes, I hear Daesung's voice in my head every single time I use it.  It adds to the overall experience.
{Daesung's voice as in the Secret Garden parody where Daesung plays Hyun Bin's character's mom - check out the link if you haven't seen it yet - I gave it to you up above}

I have slowly been making it through my bag of Klair's samples.  I started with an overnight serum for wrinkles.  I have to admit, I was skeptical.  But in all honesty, I noticed a difference the very first morning after using it.  I look forward to expanding my collection of wrinkle serums now that I am at that stage in life (boo).  At least products like Klair's exist to help make this transition into wrinkly ahjumma-land more palatable.
A bunch of samples of Klair's products

Okay, so those were all products that Unnie also tried and talked about, so I don't want to spend too much more time on them other than my own personal experience with them.  Instead, I'd like to focus on my "unique" product - the one that Unnie didn't get and hasn't already talked about.  I would say that my biggest skin issue (other than this awful adult acne) is dry skin.  As I mentioned, I live in a hot, dry climate and my skin just gets so dry and flaky.  So when looking for a powder, I was excited to discover the Water Drop Mineral Powder.
Water Drop Mineral Powder
This stuff is bizarrely awesome!  It really truly feels like water when you put it on, not powder at all.  I've used other mineral powders in the past and they have felt really dry and uncomfortable to wear - like you're putting dirt on your face.  But this stuff is really cool.  No, really - it literally feels cool when you put it on.  It is the weirdest sensation.  I get excited, even all these weeks later, when I put it on because it is just so fascinating and intriguing.  How do they do that?  I don't know, but I love it.  I've even tried to put it on my husband so that he can feel it (for some reason he didn't go for the idea).

Okay, now for the fun part - you get to laugh at me!  I get to do something I hate doing - share pictures of myself.  Yipes!  I've tried a couple of times to do this and I have to apologize from the get-go.  I don't have a nice camera.  I only have my phone camera, so trying to capture this was difficult and pretty darn near impossible.  And definitely not flattering.  I wish I had kept the earlier before and after shots (I deleted them just because I didn't think they really showed anything of significance).  If only you could be with me in person to see the before and afters - then you'd get it.  The camera doesn't do it justice.  But, it's all I have, so we'll just have to make the best of it, won't we?

So here we go -- this is me this morning getting ready to go out.
Before.  (So scary!  I warned you!)
I did it again - too much.  Normally I use just a little less than this.  But I was taking the kids to the zoo and wanted to make sure that I had my SPF protection and that it would show up on the camera :)
With just BB cream.  This is where I wish I had a better camera.
All ready to go!  Enca BB cream, Water Drop Mineral Powder,  a little blush, light eye shadow and mascara.  Less than 5 minutes.  Easy daytime look for a busy mom on the go.

Now, for an extra bonus.  You thought those first pictures were scary - wait til you see these!  I finally tried out my first mask this weekend.  Oh yeah.  Mask time!

Chances are, if you've seen a KDrama or two, you've seen a mask being used.  They pop up quite frequently.  Obviously I wanted to try it and see what it was all about.  So, on Saturday, after getting some stressful news about my most beloved sister-in-law's health (she's on the mend now thankfully), and knowing that I had this post coming up, I decided it was high time to break out a mask and relax a little.

Oh boy oh boy.  I get it now.

They may look silly...
...but they feel amazing!
This one was the Silky Dream Cream mask
Silky Dream Cream Mask (my other different from Unnie product)

It was silky.  And creamy.  And smelled really good.  And felt wonderful.  Remember the dry skin problem? This gave me lots and lots of creamy moisturizers to help that out.  The next morning and all the next day my skin felt nice and soft.  Still feels good two days later.  I do have to say that it did mildly irritate the skin on my neck though.  Everywhere else I put it was just fine and had no problems, but my neck can be a little extra sensitive.  I suspect it was the whitening element in it, but don't know that for sure.  Out of everything in my box though, a mild reaction on my neck to this one cream isn't too bad.  You saw that I was a red head, right?  Sensitive skin comes with the territory.  I would totally still use this product again - I'd just wipe it off my neck before bed instead of keeping it on all night.  I can't wait to try my second mask.  I'll have to tell you all about it when I do.  
My second mask that I haven't tried yet because I'm trying to savor each thing in my box.
(It's the one that Unnie used and reviewed which is why I went for the Silky Dream Cream this time around).  It's not everyday you get real for real Korean facial masks in the mail so I've been hesitant to use them, wanting to stretch it out as much as possible.  Guess I'll have to do a little shopping on WishTrend soon and stock up on these beauties, huh?  It was pretty sweet to lay in bed watching a little K-drama while wearing a facial mask - I'd definitely like to repeat that scenario often in the future.

And there we have it.  Fun beauty products straight from Korea!  If you would like to also try some authentic Korean cosmetics and skin care, give a try.  It's an easy to navigate site and they have some great stuff!  Plus the shipping was fast and like you saw, everything was nicely packaged and arrived totally safe and sound.  Good luck choosing though - it took Unnie and I forever to narrow down our choices.  :)  Thank you to Wishtrend for this fun opportunity to explore the wide, wonderful world of Korean skin/beauty products!

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