Monday, September 28, 2015

3 New Posters for "Sassy Go Go" Have Kmuse Going "Meh"

I am not sure what is not working for me with these posters.  Maybe it is the color scheme?  Maybe it is the various poses that look like it is a family photo session at Walmart.  Whatever it is, I am just not sold.  It's a good thing that the teasers are so fun or I would possibly taking a pass on this teenage cheerleading drama.

The one exception is this poster showing our OTP (one true pairing) which promotes young high school love to a tee.  I personally would have a brighter color pallet, but the pose is adorable.  Sassy Go Go premiers on October 5th.  If you want to see the trailer (which was much better at snagging my attention) than click here.

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