Tuesday, November 20, 2012

{"These Holiday Weeks Throw Off My Game" Therapy with Dongsaeng} Full of Thanks

Consider yourselves spared.

Spared from more lame-o excuses.

I'm not going to try and justify my once-again tardiness.

I just hope to finish it before it's Unnie's turn.  Don't want to steal her thunder.  It's been awhile since we've heard from her.  I miss her witty repartee.  Unnie, do what you need to do for your family, but know that we miss you and will welcome you back whenever you've got the time.  No pressure though.

{tick tock tick tock tick tock  *anxiously tapping pencil on the desk* tick tock tick tock tick tock...nope, no pressure whatsoever...take your time...}

So, anyway, what I wanted to talk about today didn't even happen until yesterday, so I couldn't talk about it on Monday.  Some of the very best therapy in the world became available yesterday.  Any guesses as to what my topic is today?  Something happened yesterday.  In Vegas.  Thankfully what happened there didn't all stay there.  Some of it was transmitted into the Twittersphere.  Yes, that's right, I want to talk today about Seungri of Big Bang and his new Twitter account.

Really?  Yet another Big Bang post???  I know, I know.  I wasn't planning on it, I promise.  I just can't help it.  This was too good to pass up.  So yes, that means one more week of Big Bang.  If the rest of the K world would step up their game in order to better compete for my attention, I'd totally talk about them too.  I'm not biased.  Okay, well, that's a big fat lie.  Of course I'm biased.  I heart Big Bang like a lot.  They are my favorite.  But still, I do have other interests and would totally talk about them if they came to my attention with the same pizzazz that Seungri did.

Now, a new Twitter account in and of itself is barely newsworthy.  Only for the most dedicated of fans normally.  But this one has been different.  Sure I follow GD and Taeyang like a good VIP, but you'll notice, that hasn't been mentioned here before.   Why not?  'Cuz there wasn't a really good reason to, that's why.  Just your normal, every day run-of-the-mill cyber stalking of Korean celebrities.  So what makes this one different and suddenly worthy of me sitting down to write about and share with all of you?  Well, many of you probably already know.  It hit big yesterday and has been all the talk of the newsfeeds.  See, Seungri didn't just start tweeting - he started tweeting BIG time.  And the man is hysterical.  Seriously, seriously funny.  And cute.  And adorable.  I have been in stitches reading everything that he has been flooding Twitterdom with.

This may not come as a big shock to those that follow our Crazy Ahjumma social media sources, but Twitter and I have historically not been good friends.  Will I sound really old if I admit out loud that I just don't fully get it?  There's a learning curve and I've hit a roadblock.  For whatever reason, I just am having a hard time wrapping my aging brain around this newfangled technology.  This is why you almost always are hearing from Unnie and not myself.  She's a lot better at the social media than I am.  That's no excuse, I still need to learn it, I know.  And I am, just very slowly.  I only created my very own ShannenDongsaeng twitter last week.  So the fact that I have been stalking Twitter all day yesterday and today just for Seungri's sake says a lot about what he's writing.  At least it does to me because in the past I've gone months without ever opening it.  I've definitely slacked off in my twit responsibilities.  Seungri single-handedly has brought me back though into full activity.  Hurray!  I even tweeted him today.  O.O  Shock, I know.  It was for me too.  I just couldn't help it - I was laughing too hard and just had to say something to the cutie patootie.  And then of course change my profile pic to look a little less "ahjumma"ish.  Don't want to scare the poor guy with double chins and goofy smiles.  It's still goofy, but in a more playful, aegyo way.  {psst...don't spoil my illusions of grandeur here - just let me feel like I look younger and cuter}.  {{{Hey Ri - if you're reading this because we're like BFFs now that I like tweeted you and stuff, know that I'm not really an ahjumma.  No, that's just a silly title.  It means nothing.  It's all for laughs.  Hahaha!  You can just call me Noona.  Just like Jae does and His Royal HoTTness}}}

So, what's he been writing that has me so entertained that I'm sharing all about it with you?  Well, I don't have it all memorized or anything, but I can give a little run down.  And then maybe get like all unlazy and stuff and go find some of it.  It's not just what he's writing, but the sheer amount that he's writing.  It is awesome!  This is the kind of 'fan service' I like.  He's chatting up a storm.  He started by first trying to convince everyone that it's really him (it is or else someone is an amazing hacker).  He was in Vegas.  By the way - how crazy jealous was I of my parents who drove through Vegas while Seungri was there and they had no idea just how close to amazing they were?  I guess he also interacted some with some of the fake Seungris out there.  And some of his fans and followers until supposedly Papa YG shut that action down.  He's been trying to get a response from his hyungs, GD and Taeyang.  He's been posting pictures galore.  He's been chatting back and forth with American actor, Kevin McHale of Glee as well as sending out tweets to a ton of other celebs.  It has, in a word, been entertaining.  Incredibly entertaining.  Extremely entertaining to read all that he has been putting out there.  I don't normally follow or really care too much about this sort of fan activity, but he has garnered my full attention.  I check for new tweets frequently.  And then I get giddy when I see one.  And I've been giddy a lot, thankfully.  So dear, dear Ri - keep it up, please.  I enjoy laughing and being entertained so very well.  You make me smile.  My days have been brighter.  I look forward to seeing what else you share with your fans.  Your fans who will just love you more and more.

My favorite tweet was this one.  I laughed so hard.  Poor Seungri, LOL.  If you're a VIP and somehow missed the news and want to follow him and join in on the fun with the rest of us, here he is.  Check it out if you haven't yet - I think you might also enjoy a giggle or two.

And there we are.  That's all I have for today.  A lot of talk about yesterday's news.  *shrugs*  You never know, maybe someone out there hadn't heard about it and this has totally changed their life for the better.  {Psst...remember what I said earlier about not spoiling my illusions of grandeur?  That still applies here FYI}.  As this week is Thanksgiving here in the States, it means that we will be taking a slight break while we take care of our familial obligations and recreations.  We will return just as soon as possible though (I'm still shooting for Monday since my family will be back to their normally scheduled programs by then).  I also have grand plans to finally get out the *cough cough* late review that I should have had out on Friday.  *innocently whistles and hopes no one notices that it was MIA*

Happy Thanksgiving!  Eat yummy foods, spend time with loved ones and maybe even sneak a drama or two in during all that quality bonding time you should be having (it's okay - I won't tell).  In the spirit of the season, I want to let you know that I am truly thankful to each of you.  Those that for whatever reason actually read this drivel that we pump out week after week.  I've said it before, but I'll say it again - it is a labor of love.  Love for the K world of wonders as well as love for each of you.  Cheesy?  Yup.  Sorry.  I normally get a little squeamish with the cheesy stuff, but if you can't express gratitude at Thanksgiving time, then you must be dead inside or something, right?  So please accept my cheesy wishes for you and yours during this season of thanks.  You are the driving force behind our crazy train and without you, we wouldn't still be here, so thank you ever so much you wonderful people you!

Now, go eat some turkey or something.



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