Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Unnie's WWU: Unnie Speaks!!

Since this is a Wednesday Write Up, not a review, I can talk about anything I want to.  First up, I apologize for not keeping up w/ my WWUs for the last couple of weeks.  After my trip to So Cal I went through a little post trip depression.  I missed my friends & the excitement & I just wanted to go back for more Big Bang.  Like a magic spell or hypnotism.  I LOVE my family but for the first time, in a REALLY long time, I did something just for me & as a result, I had a hard time accepting that my vacation was over.  A little post vacation blues if you will.  I decided that it was time for me to "reboot" myself.  I took a little break from all things K related to help me get past the blues.  Not completely cutting myself off.  After all I still had Full House 2 to watch.  I am so addiKted to that lovely piece of not serious fluff.  It has been the perfectly ordered medicine for my blues.  Minus the long weekend wait for the next episode.  That I don't like.  But the flip side of that is that I actually do, to a certain degree, look forward to Monday mornings.

So many wonderful things have been happening in the world of all things K.  Music videos, scandals, law suits ended, concerts, new shows, musical award show wins, MTV European Awards, & the world Star Craft competition.  So many things to talk about.  I don't even know where to begin.  Too many topics for my poor ahjumma brain.  So instead of talking about one thing I have decided to talk about all sorts of things that I've noticed but haven't really commented on just recently.  

*rubbing hands together* where to start? where to start???  

How about with this week's release of Lee Seung Gi's (aka Dimple)  latest Mini Album, "Forest".  It is a beautiful album.  And the first, hopefully not the last, song off the album to be get it's own MV & honestly the MV is really lovely.  That is the actual adjective I used when the video came to an end.  "Lovely" How often do I use that word?  Almost never.   And Lee Seung Gi's voice is amazing.  I loved the MV & the song.  But don't let me be the only one enjoying it.  See for yourself.  

Official Lee Seung Gi MV for Return (Looking Back):

See?  Lovely.  Perfectly lovely MV.  

Next up to talk about...(these btw are in no particular order)

Did I ever mention the fact that I am a PC gaming widow?  Yes, yes I am.  My husband loves online video games.  His current poison is DiabloIII.  He & our 14 yr old monstrosity play against each other a lot.  It would be more but I have strict usage rules for the kids.  Anyway a couple of weeks ago CA came to me excitedly to report on something K related to me.  The huge Star Craft World Competition.  On Nov 17th & 18th Professional Star Craft players around the globe competed against one another in this global competition.  it took place in Shanghai this year.  it also included World of Warcraft players as well...

From the actual Webpage:

"The field has now been narrowed to the 32 best StarCraft II players and 10 best World of Warcraft Arena teams—each of whom will face off for more than $500,000* in prizes and the title of world champion."

Now granted I didn't tune in, neither did CA.  But he was giddy that he could tell me about something that had to do with my AddiKtion.  Usually it's the other way around.  Although he hardly ever gets excited when I try & tell him about this or that.  His typical reaction is to just nod his head benignly, smile & say, "Oh that's nice."   Still I loved his participation.  What a sweetie for trying to keep clued into the K world.  

Let's see what's next?  Ahhh yes, there was the HUGE scandal that wasn't really a scandal at all when IU accidentally Tweeted a pic of her & Eunhyuk's (of Super Junior fame) picture was released of her in her jammies.  And everybody either cheered them on or freaked out that they were "possibly" in bed together.  is it because they're Naughty Naughty?  Nah. According to IU's peeps it was taken on a day when IU was really sick & Eunhyuk came to visit her & try to make her feel better.  What is the real story?!?!  Oh the heck cares?!?  Really.  If they are dating, good for them!  If they are just friends, good for them!  What happens to them in their personal life, should stay their personal life.  IMHO I hope they find happiness, whether it's together or not I don't care.  There was also the cry of they did it on purpose as a publicity stunt.  People get better lives.  Step away from the magic box & stop jumping to conclusions & "judgments"   Whether it was legit or a set up who cares.  Not me.  It was a cute picture of them both.  And anytime Eunhyuk wants to come & take a pic with me, I'll be happy to participate. my jammies or out of them.   >:)

And how stinking cute is GD's dad when he brags about what a good son GD is & how proud he is of him?!?!  Omo!!  Omo!!  So cute!  What a sweet dad.  Just the idea of getting a weekend stay at their new vacation house sounds wonderful.  I love that his mom decorated a room just for GD & that his dad was very specific in that the "Ji Yong Crayon" room would not be rented out, ever.  Fine by me, as long as GD is staying there the same weekend I am.  Let's just keep that info from CA when I ask him if I can go by myself for vacation to Seoul.  I have no intention of telling him I plan to stalk oppas in person.  

As for awards? Well, Psy took home the award for Music Video of the year from the MTV Euro Awards & I say good for you Psy oppa!  You rock.  Well done.  I'm also happy to report I still hear "Gangnam Style" on the radio here pretty regularly.  yesterday I saw an article that said he was up for "Man of the Year" from Time Magazine.  I was so happy for him.  Fingers crossed he wins, he gets my vote.   Then today I saw this article from "Gawker", talking about how Bill O'Reilly recently dedicated an entire segment to Psy & the "Gangnam Style" MV, & it's popularity.  Although all O'Reilly & his idiot sidekick "Dr" Albow manage to do, is prove their stupidity, racist tendencies, & the fact that they are in fact cut off from the real world, by simply opening their mouths.  2 biggest morons on the planet IMHO right now.  But I want you guys to remember that not all conservatives are like Bill O'Reilly.  He's a special kind of stupid all on his own.  I know lots & lots of conservatives that are great, loving, compassionate, people.  Me?  I don't talk politics.  I keep all my political feelings to myself.  Trust me I am informed & have strong opinions BUT they are my business & no one else's.  To quote my daughter whom I just overheard telling off her brothers, when they started arguing, "End of discussion!" was seriously so awesome listening to her telling them off.  

And another awesome award, more than well deserved, was when my favorite JYJ man, Xiah Junsu, won at the Musical awards, for his performance in the musical "Elisabeth".  If anyone can get me a legal copy of that musical on DVD I will gladly kiss you.  Or you know, less creepy, pay you.  I actually cried when I read about his win & his wonderfully humble speech.  I was so happy for him to finally be recognized.  Way way way overdo.  Junsu Fighting!

But that is not the only good news for JYJ...

No our Mickey has also received praise for his latest K drama performance in I Miss You.  I admit freely I have not started this one yet.  I want to.  I really really want to.  But it's a melodrama & I have a hard time with those.  I really prefer comedy & rom/com over melodrama.  I get far too emotionally involved & have been known on more than one occasion to do the big ugly cry over a melodrama.  You know the cry...the one where you gasp for air you're crying so hard & you have snot running form your nose & your choking.  Your face gets all red & blotchy & you find yourself wondering for your sanity.  It's a TV show!  Why am I crying so hard over a TV show?  What is wrong with me?  I'm already not a pretty crier so I try to avoid those shows.  I hear great things about I Miss You though & am just waiting for it to either get at least 1/2 way through it's live airing before I start or I might wait till Winter break & just marathon it one day.  It would help if we got a nice big snow storm during winter break & the kids & I were stuck in the house.

And then last night I heard the most amazing news!!  Best news I've heard all year long.  A few months ago you remember I went off & did a serious post about my frustration with the treatment that our beautiful JYJ received in their home country from certain entertainment affiliates.  To date still my most read post, in a 24 hour period, on TCA.   Well last night, a friend posted the news on FB & Twitter that the JYJ/SMEnt court battle has come to a close.  That is MY Christmas Miracle, my fellow AddiKts.  Have you heard?  Allkpop released the news first here.  And I was so excited.  I had a difficult time falling asleep last night.  And it kept me going this morning as I battle a sore throat & stuffy head.  And all I could think was that now maybe we'll get to see our boys on Korean Music shows finally.  Inkigayo Mnet etc...  Maybe Jaejoong's wish to be on an episode of Running Man will come true & I was giddy!!  Until that same friend posted this article quoting the responses of the major stations in SK to the news of the dropped suits.  Which in my opinion translates into KBS is fine with having the boys on their shows.  However, MBC & SBS are too cowardly to say they'll have them on their channels because they haven't yet been given the "all clear" from SMEnt or it's allegedly corrupt President.  But I am cautiously optimistic that it will all have a happy ending for JYJ.  If anyone deserves the "Happily Ever After" ending, it's JYJ.  Don't you think?  

Now you may be asking, "Unnie do you think it was your article that blew the whole thing over & caused SMEnt to finally give our guys a break?"  Well....*blushing* you said it, not me.  {{Giggle.  Just kidding.}}  Of course I don't.  I doubt, I or my little article, had absolutely anything to do with it at all.  I'm not that naive or that vain.

Let's see I'm also watching King of Dramas, up to episode 3.  Siwon rocks the comedic timing in this one.  Way better than his performance, so far, in Oh My Lady.  So between the epic awesomeness of the hair styles in FH2 & Siwon's performance in KOD, & Dimple's new MV/album release, I am a happy happy unnie.   I'm gearing up for more holiday fun & for Winter Break & for a new year.  A new year, new dramas, new music, new music videos & more TCA blogging & reviews.  And that Addikts wraps up my WWU.  I hope you have all had a great Nov.  And I hope you have a great Dec.  I will be back next week as well.  No worries.  I'll probably disappear again as I get closer to Christmas but I will do my best to not neglect my WWU's until then.  


P.S. I apologize if this post rambles or makes no sense.  Like I said I am battling the beginning part of a cold & this post took all day to write because the computer screen made my head hurt so much.  So I had to keep stopping myself & starting again later.  Which means this post is probably disjointed & makes no sense in places.  I'm also on cold meds.  Ooo I am high as a kite.  Not really.  It's just Dayquil.  But it still gives me blank spots in my head.  Does that make any sense?  Plus I just had a lot of different topics & things I had been setting aside to talk about with all of you.  As usual I hope you got a giggle or chuckle & that my post made you smile at least a little.  Lots o' love guys!!

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