Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Unnie's WWU: Merry Christmas AddiKts

I told you to look for a short WWU on Wednesday.  Well, it's still Wednesday and here is my post.  Why so late?  Because I spent the entire day out, officially finishing all my Christmas shopping.  Let the dancing commence!  We are expecting a great big snow storm in this part of the world starting tonight & all through tomorrow (we'll probably only get about 3-6 inches...anybody besides me notice that they even sensationalize the weather nowadays?) maybe we'll get a White Christmas after all.  {{fingers crossed for White Christmas}}  Guess we'll see tomorrow.  So tomorrow I will be baking my ahjumma hiney off.  Yay!   So this post is coming from a very dedicated Crazy Ahjumma who, even though she is exhausted, her feet hurt, her back hurts from all the lugging, carrying, hefting, & from spending money all day long, she took the time tonight to write to you all & wish you a very Merry Christmas.  Next week we will be on official TCA vacation!  No posts from either of us.  As we will both be completely immersed in our loving families & friends.  Hopefully you will be too.

But before I officially sign off for a whole week from all things TCA related?  I want to leave you a special gift...

All our Oppas wishing you a Merry Christmas.  

Okay it isn't ALL of our favorite Oppas.  

I don't have that much time.  (^_-)

Merry Christmas From TCA

Sending all our love & Christmas Wishes for happiness, health, safety, love, & a wonderful Christmas (Holidays) for you & yours.  


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