Monday, December 17, 2012

Happy Birthday to The Kim Brothers

It's birthday tribute time on TCA AddiKts.  We took our weekend to be with our families & say our prayers for the victims, & their families, of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, in Newtown CT.  We send our heartfelt condolences to the entire community of Newtown, CT.  But it is time... time to get back into the process of living again.   In that vein, we announce, it is time for another TCA Birthday Tribute...

준수-씨, 준호씨 - 생일축하해 
Junsu-ssi, Junho-ssi - Saengil Chukhahae
Happy Birthday Junsu & Junho
This birthday tribute is aimed at both Kim Junsu & his brother Kim Junho as I like both men, but I am a little Junsu biased, so this birthday tribute, while for both, will be more about Junsu than his brother. 
The first time I saw Junsu was when I saw JYJ for the first time, in their MV for "Get Out".  Omo!!  Such a wonderful MV, I was primarily watching for Jaejoong, as I was watching Protect the Boss at the time but discovered the other 2 very schmexy men & amazing singers in Junsu & Yoochun.  I didn't see Junsu again until I watched Scent of a Woman, where he gave a cameo performance, as himself, singing at a fan meeting.  And when Kim Sun Ah's character was the luckier than lucky winner of the private meet & greet/dinner with Junsu, he totally & completely forever won my heart, when he asked her what she liked about him?  His cute face or his cute butt?  Omo!!  My answer?  BOTH!!  (^_-)  So stinking cute!  And then he sang so beautifully into her phone for her to keep & that was it, right there!  He owned me.  Happy Sigh.  So romantic & sweet & yep he owned me.

So I looked up more about him online & watched more JYJ MVs & then when I learned about TVXQ (DBSK) I watched those MVs too.  I couldn't get enough Junsu, then I started following EYK & saw their Junsu centric posts, so daebak!  I can't think of him now without thinking of him as The Junsu (& thinking of bananas as well) giggle.  Throughout all of this I also discovered Junsu is a twin.  He has an older twin brother named Junho.

Both men are incredibly good looking & both men are incredibly talented.  It's been a joy to learn about them & watch them perform & wow us time & time again.  And I am looking forward to more, more, more of both in the future.

But this would not be a Birthday tribute without some yummy pictures of the ever so schemexy guys.

We, here at TCA, send many happy wishes for another wonderful year for both of the Kim Brothers.  We hope this finds them happy, safe, healthy & surrounded by the ones whom they love & trust the most.  And that they know how much happiness they have brought to us all with their talent, sweetness, adorable ways,  & smart personalities.

Junsu-ssi, Junho-ssi....  Aja!! Aja!!  Fighting!!
Happy Birthday !!!

The Crazy Ahjummas
(Unnie & Dongsaeng)
"Nuna" (누나) to you fellas...

None of these pictures belong to TCA... we do not mean to steal or claim they are ours.  They were found in various sources on the web..including Google Images & Pinterest.  Please do not copy & use them as your own.  Thx, TCA

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