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Unnie's WWU: KDramas of 2012

It feels great to be back to work AddiKts.  It helps that I LOVE my job!  It is a sweet gig, don't you think?  I have 2 you know?  Mom & International Bloggess.  {{giggle}}  I love each equally for different reasons.  It was a long holiday season for this mama so she (yes 3rd person) is very glad the holidays are over & she can get back to her 2nd job more fully.  (Back to 1st person now) How happy am I?  Doing a little happy dance with a little of this & a little of that thrown in from my fav KPop MVs.  Oh yeah I'm such a hipster.  {{Psst...not really.}}

So many times before the end of the year came I so badly wanted to get on here & do one of those best & worst of 2012 for K Dramas, I just did not have the time.  And the few times I had the time, I was sleeping, sleeping makes blogging a little more difficult. Did you know that there were almost a 100 K Dramas that aired in 2012?   Now not all of them started in 2012, some started in 2011.  But still that is a lot of dramas.  I did not watch them all.  Duh, I have 4 kids & a husband.  And though it may not seem like it, I try to have a life outside my laptop/iPad/home sometimes too.

But this year I did manage to watch twenty of those nearly 100.  Some were good & some were bad & some were just so so, imho.  Were you wondering which dramas I liked the most & which ones I just could not stand?  Probably not.  But guess what I'm going to tell you anyway.  Its 1/2 my blog so I can do what I want.  Yuh-huh!!  I can so!  Watch me!

So I started the year off with Wild Romance & then went on to King 2 Hearts & Rooftop Prince.  In fact, the latter 2 were the first dramas for which we did DFRs.  An idea that at times has been painful to continue doing as they really do take the most work & time. But you guys seem to like reading what we have to say about them...still not sure why. LOL

BEST of MY 2012 KDrama List:
#8 Bridal Mask
#7 The King 2 Hearts DFR
#6 Nice Guy
#5 Queen In Hyeon's Man
#4 Faith DFR
#3 King of Dramas
#2 Arang & the Magistrate DFR


#1 A Gentleman's Dignity -DFR - Sassy, fast paced, well written, well acted, sexy, irreverent, seriously good chemistry & some intensely sexy scenes you want to watch again & again.  My favorite is when she hid in the bathroom with a shirt open Do Jin & he leaned right into her & steamed up my computer screen.  OMO OMO OMO OMO & so many other scenes I loved too.  I had a total blast watching these incredibly funny, sweet, men.  Watching them go from middle aged boys to men was my favorite way to spend my weekends!  Seriously my favorite of the year.  Maybe it's time for a re-watch?  ^.^

The next set is for the fluffy shows that had some great stuff but were missing that one thing to make them spectacular...  (Meaning they had plot holes or bad kissing scenes)

My Best Fluff List for 2012:
#5 Love Rain DFR - great kisses & story line but dragged on too long.

#4 To the Beautiful You - great comedy & sweetness but bad kiss scenes & the Suli got on my nerves w/
                                        how clueless she was throughout the entire drama.

#3 Full House 2 DFR - great chemistry/ romance!  And I loved all the characters.  Even evil was awesome!  But
                            the kisses sucked.  Especially the end kiss.  Seriously, No Min Woo proposes & that's
                            your kiss for him!?!?!

#4 Answer Me 1997 - great chemistry & romance.  Even a couple of great kisses, towards the end.  And
                                   SIG was delicious.  But there was too much yelling & the main female lead annoyed
                                   me a lot.


#1 Rooftop Prince DFR - So much romance & pretty.  Lots of great comedy thank you Power Rangers.  Kisses were decent but the plot holes.  Holy heck the plot holes so big you could drive a truck                                through them.  Oh My.  But Yoochun was so amazing, not his fault the script was not up to par.  I totally fell for Yi Gak!!

And then the ones that I suffered through; wondering if I should duck & cover behind one of my cute monstrosities, before someone throws something heavy &/or sharp at me, for this last list?!?!

My Worst KDrama List 2012:
#5 Wild Romance - ALTHOUGH I LOVED Dong Ah & Manager Kim.  They rocked that whole show!
#4 BIG - It had such amazing potential but I was just left completely shocked at how crappy it turned out.
#3 Panda & Hedgehog - Only redeeming quality, besides Lee Donghae, was the awesome Bromance.
#3 Haeundae Lovers - It started so cute & farcical but uh it just dragged & dragged, boring & predictable.
#2 I Need Romance 2012 - I already talked about this one in another WWU.  I know most everyone loved
                                            it, I hated it.


#1 Dr Jin DFR - Oh the humanity! The script was horrible!!  Jaejoong was the ONLY reason to watch this one.  He carried the show.  Not just by looks
either.  He even won an award for his performance.

The rest of the dramas I watched, weren't from 2012.  I watched so many this year, often several at a time.  I know, awesome right?!?!  Yes, I'm a good K drama AddiKt!!  What about you guys?  What were your favorites?  There were so many I wanted to watch but just did not have the time for.  In fact, I am still watching Nice Guy.  Totally addiKted to Song Joon Ki!!  Wow he may make it into my top guys list too.  So shmexy!

Well?  How did I do for my first WWU of 2013?  I hope the break from TCA was worth it & that I didn't disappoint you right out of the gate.  I'm needy, this is not new information.  Remember we want to hear your answers!  So either here, as a comment, or TCA FB or My Twitter.  We really & truly want to know what you guys think about this year's dramas.  Needy, remember?

My first drama review for I Miss You ep 1 will be up later today.  Then I will air another one on Friday.  I'm doing it this way so that I can get through the reviews faster since IMY is almost finished airing.  I may even up it to Sat posts too.  Depends on how busy I get.  Fingers crossed.  BUT all my IMY posts will be brief & probably devoid of a lot of screenshots.  I still have no idea when or even IF City Conquest will air, as it's said that it has been refused by all the networks...so very "King of Dramas" of them, right!?!?  Makes you wonder what's the real reason behind its delay, doesn't it?!?! o.O    I want to see My Kim Hyun Joong in a new drama!!

BTW, I went with one of my friends down to Chicago's K Town last Friday.  We hit H Mart & got some groceries, my kids HATE Kimchi as a stand alone...so I tried my hand at making Kimchi Fried Rice, with the help of another K friend, via the internet.  My 14 yr old monstrosity & I both loved it but CA & the little Monstrosities hated it. LOL  Oh well, at least I tried & this means that anytime I go out w/ my K friends, I'll get Korean food, thereby, making it a rare & loved treat, just for me.  Then we hit a couple Kpop crack stores, in fact, in our search for a really cool KPop Crack store we found a HUGE one inside Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg, IL.  What the what?!?!?!  So cool!!!

Cell phone pic sorry for lack of quality.
KPop America I adore that you are only 90 minutes from my house!!!  CA will hate it but I am so grateful!!

 AND The Face Shop.

It was so nice to see Kim Hyun Joong again.  Sigh.

And yes, we took as many covert, not really, pics of Hot Asian Men as we can.  In fact, my friend was asking some very cute guys, that worked at the H Mart, whether we could take the empty cart, as a cover for the chance to get an up close & personal secret picture.  She had remembered to turn off her iPhone's sound so there was no click sound.  However, she forgot to turn off the flash!!  ROFLMBO!!!  I about died!!  That's good stuff right there.  The guys were either oblivious or too nice to ask the ahjumma why she just took their picture.

I got quite a few new KHJ posters along the way.  Now I wasn't allowed to do the poster/fan girl thing as a teen, my dad has control issues, so I asked CA if he would be okay if I made a "KHJ Shrine" in the back of MY closet, where he doesn't have to see it, & he agreed it was okay.  SQUEEEE!!!!  I am so excited!!!  Should I post pictures of my closet in next week's WWU? Or just release them on TCA FB? I am so mature, right?   {{Giggle, not really.}

Have a great week Addikts...



  1. I agree with your number 1's! I was such a huge fan of the Japanese version of Dr. Jin and then I saw the Korean version. 0_o Never again will I expect greatness based on another version. Also I loved RTP (I've watched it twice) and A Gentleman's Dignity (Kim Soo Roo was so funny). Here's to hoping 2013 will be equally as awesome!

    1. I did not see the Japanese version but I have a couple of friends who did & they said the same thing about the K version of Dr Jin. You have great taste in dramas! ;) 2013!!

  2. I'm ridiculously jealous that you have a Kpop store in such close (laughs) proximity. I've got nothing.. except the internet. Where I do a lot of 'window' shopping... Siiigh. I bet I could be persuaded to part with more money if I could just hold some kpop themed socks in my hands first! It's just not the same online.

    1. I actually bought my first 2 pairs of K Pop socks!! I got a pair of Big Bang & a pair of DBSK 5 (the original group) socks. I LOVE them. They have kept me company while I have been fighting a nasty cold/flu bug. Sigh. And yeah until I went to an actual KPop Crack Store I never bought anything online either. It's definitely easier to spend the money when you are holding the items in your hands then in your virtual shopping cart. I feel your feels babe!


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