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Flower Boy Next Door ep 15: Dramatic Friday Review

Well, dear addicKts, the time is here.  Time to bid farewell to another drama.  FBND, you sure were full of beautiful, wonderful eye candy.  You lived up to your name.  You promised us flower boys next door and you delivered flower boys next door.  Maybe next time you can deliver flower boys next door to me though.  I'd greatly appreciate that.  I mean, don't get me wrong, I like my neighbors and all, they're very nice people, but none of them even remotely resemble these lovely creatures.

Now, to give you the proper send off.  Here goes the first episode in this final week, episode 15.

1.  Frenemy, Bromance and the Love that Almost Was Confront and Bare it All

Dok Mi finally stands up to Do Hwi.  She tells her to back off from Jin Rak.  At the end of 14 we were led to believe that this was all part of some plot to get Enrique to leave.  Only, apparently we were misled.  I guess Jin Rak didn't agree to help Dok Mi after all.  No, instead he told her to stay with him.  Jin Rak, you sir are as the kids used to say, "da bomb".  Seriously dude, you are just amazing.  You definitely fall in the "Perfect 2nd Male Lead, Really Shoulda Gotten A Girl if Not THE Girl" category.  It also turns out that Enrique heard the whole conversation between JR and DM.  Enjin has another chat in the street about their shared love interest.  My take on it was that Enrique was apologizing to Jin Rak, explaining that he only sees DM and therefore couldn't keep his end of the promise to not fall in love.  Jin Rak knows he has lost and even cries a little.  Somebody run up to that poor man and lay a big, fat, sloppy kiss on him RIGHT NOW!  (Did you hear that in the webtoon boss's voice?  I sure hope so.  That's what I was going for.)

2.  Jealous Seas and Break Ups

So Jin Rak has had his heart sufficiently broken.  He's stepped aside and has even encouraged his lady love to go for the other guy.  But even after all this heroic self-sacrificing, there's still trouble in paradise.  First, there's the whole Spain issue.  Dok Mi can't go.  Enrique should go.  And at the center of it all, there's still the question of the other woman.  DM sees a text come from What'sHerFace to Enrique suggesting to him that perhaps what he feels for DM is sympathy, not love.  This starts the no confidence shame spiral that leads to a big fight and a break up.

3.  Enjin Repair

We finally learn the true significance of the mystery USB stick given to Enrique by Jin Rak.  Maybe if we could read Korean we would have already known this, but since I for one am not quite there yet, I'm only now finally putting the pieces together.  On it is proof that Jin Rak's Zombie Soccer idea that he originally tried to create a webtoon of prior to his modern-day Rapunzel Flower Boy Next Door webtoon (that isn't doing so hot) was actually something he had come up with on his own way back in high school and was not, in fact, a plagiarized Enrique thing as he was accused of.  Enrique goes in person to Webtoon Headquarters to meet with Dark Circles Boss and clear Jin Rak's name.  She's got major Star Fever when THE Enrique is in front of her, and Dong Hoon is adorably jealous. 

4.  Knocking Some Sense into These Two

Enjin has a final showdown once things are all fixed up professionally.  This time it's personal.  Jin Rak confesses that he lacks confidence because he's been rejected since a young age and doesn't know how to love.  Enrique tells him that Dok Mi wants him to leave and so he's gonna.  This, rightfully so, infuriates Jin Rak.  He gave up the fight so that these two could be happy.  He is frustrated that Enrique can't see what is really going on here.  Dok Mi freaked out and pushed Enrique away because she was hurt.  When he originally left to follow What'sHerFace to Spain, it destroyed her.  He threw her away and left.  She's running scared now.  She is jealous and hurt and running away in order to avoid getting hurt again.  Enrique, Mr Tell It Like It Is, Hold Nothing Back is frustrated and wondering why she didn't just SAY that that's how she felt and that she didn't want him to leave.  This whole thing ends with a good old fashioned punch to the face.  Oh yeah!  Jin Rak decks Enrique once and for all and then miraculously feels a whole lot better.  *giggle*  "I think this is what I wanted to do all along.  Maybe I just wanted to beat the crap out of him".  Oh Jin Rak, I just adore you!  Men are awesome, really they are.  Guy stole your secret 3 year crush out from under you?  Punch him in the face for being an idiot and move on.  Gotta love it!   

5.  Will the Real Building Owner Please Stand Up?

The mystery of the real apartment building owner is finally revealed.  Okay, so yes, not as big of a plot point as I think they intended for it to be, but I'll still include it on this list because it honestly took me by surprise.  I really thought it was the madam same as everyone else in the building, but no, it's Mr Security Guard who oh so cleverly directed the attention to her in the first place.  And well, I don't have much else to say about that.  He's the owner...surprise!  Now back to the pretty story.

6.  Investigator Geum

Jin Rak clobbering him in the face causes Enrique to ponder upon some things, namely the mystery of Dok Mi and her reasoning behind the strange things she does.  He turns investigator and shows up at her door to figure out how one would live as she does, cut off from the world.  Why does he do this?  In order to understand her better by walking for a bit in her shoes.  He takes notes on things like food storage and growing green onions and other herbs in order to minimize shopping.  He also confronts her about her real reason for dumping him.  He brings up the text she intercepted and accuses her of jealousy, to which she finally admits.  She was jealous and hurt and reminded of how he left her once before.  He handles this all just perfectly I feel I should add.  And it gets better.

7.  Taking a Stroll in Each Others' Shoes

He puts into practice what he's prepared for.  He goes into hiding himself, locking himself up in his room in order to comprehend the life that his girl has been living.  I love how he is like a caged animal though - going nuts and being all bored and Enrique-like.  To complete this already perfect picture, she also takes a walk in his shoes.  In a total role reversal, she shows up at his door, using all of his tricks and techniques to try to draw him out.  Pretending that she's sick, trying to "return" his panda hat (which is in Spain, a fact that he points out as he's mumbling to himself), and claiming that she needs a manuscript left behind in the apartment.  She finally gets him in this process.  She comes to realize how lonely and hard it is when the other person won't come out.  She has learned what a closed door feels like when it is blocking you from the one person you are desperate to see.   

8.  Mind Reading and Making Up

 She finally finds him when he goes out for work purposes.  We get some more role reversal as she reads his mind as he once read hers.  And then they make up.  Cutely of course.  They go out for snacks and drinks and the confessions start a'rollin.  She confesses to being jealous and worried that he still has What'sHerFace in his heart.  She tells him that she understands how hard it is to face a closed door.  He promises that he will no longer always be on her side.  He'll not tell her what she wants to hear and stand up for her no matter what she chooses.  He is instead going to support what is best for her, even if it means she has to do hard things and realize that her old friend isn't as evil as she wants to believe.  By running away as she has in the past, it's painted the people who have offended her in a one-dimensional way when there is more to the story.  Does that make sense?  He said it better than I could, but I think he's totally spot on.  He promises to always be there for her though and unchanging.  

9.  Dong Hoon and his Attractive Dark Circles

This scene was cute, as are all the scenes with these two.  I'm sorry, but they totally stole the show.  I love them.  And I loved this scene with the bag.  She buys for him a couple's bag as a fake birthday present.  He's still bruised from his earlier jealousies over her fawning over Enrique and is pouting about it.  Once she gets it through to him what is really going on here though, he perks right up.  And we now have an official couple.  Yay!

10.  Fan Club Feeding Frenzy

Our Enrique fan club isn't quite finished yet.  Crazy McCrazypants is desperate for Enrique to go back to Spain for this animation project.  She sees Dok Mi as the one preventing this from happening.  All of her other attempts in the past have failed, so this time she goes for a more direct attack with the help of her fellow fan club cronies.  They put things out on the internet about Dok Mi - how she's two timing Enrique with Jin Rak and even things about her high school scandal.  Word starts to spread.  Jin Rak finds out, Do Hwi finds out, and eventually Enrique who then has to go and tell Dok Mi. 

11.  Do You Trust Me?

In order to fix this little slander issue, Enrique asks Dok Mi to do something difficult and to go with him.  He asks her to trust him.  And off they go.  To confront the fan club personally.

12.  Is Leaving Really the Answer?

While defending Dok Mi to the fan club, Enrique drops a huge bomb on all of us when he states that he will return to Spain.  We end on my favorite note - the one that goes DUHN DUHN DUHN (our very last one for this drama *sad face*) - as we get the dramatic tear sliding down her face followed by the intense gaze of bomb-dropping Enrique.  Ooh!  Did you see that one coming?

And that's how we end episode 15.  What will happen next?  Will our love birds get their happily ever after?  Oh what will become of all of them?  What does the last episode hold for our flower boys and girls?  Well, silly, I'm certainly not going to spill the beans here.  You'll have to wait for that one of course.  Now, on to episode 16!


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