Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Unnie's WWU: How BAD is my addiKtion?!? o.O

Last night I finished off Flower Boy Next Door.  Did any of you get to see the last ep yet?  {{Note* If NOTspoiler ahead skip the next few sentences}}  I will miss this sweet fluffy little drama.  It wasn't the best written drama.  And the chemistry (Okay the kiss left a lot to be desired) but the final kiss was much better.  It had a sweet wrap up ending full of happiness & simplicity.  Trite, predictable but sweet nonetheless.  Sigh.  Thankfully I am totally & happily in love with Incarnation of Money!  Like seriously it's going to be my favorite for this year I think!  Like AGD was for last year!  Kang Ji Hwan is just so perfect in his role as Lee Cha Don!  I only wish I had enough time to review both IMY & IoM!!  :(  I am watching so many dramas right now it's not even funny.  My obsession is as strong as ever!  And it's so awesome!  It has me wondering though...just how much is it affecting my life?  I've been thinking about it a lot actually & wondering if I am the only one out here, in this AddiKtion, that's trying to fully immerse themselves into another culture, even though they have no link or ties to that culture except through the internet?!?!  o.O

How exactly has your K obsession effected your life?  How have you incorporated it into your home?  How much time & energy do you spend watching K Dramas, MVs, Interviews, Musical montages of K Dramas or your bias all smooshed together on YouTube?  Do you still watch your regular programming on regular TV?  So you still listen to the music in your country & have favorite artists in your country?  Do you have photo books, magazine pictorials, posters of your bias in your home or on the walls in your home?  How much has your AddiKtion affected  your life?

Today I want to willingly & openly discuss what this AddiKtion has done to my life.

I will admit, until I went to Calif for my super fabu K weekend (Girls only) I had never bought a single thing online.  I had music from iTunes but I had never bought a CD or whole album that I could hold in my hand.  All the pictures I had were strictly found online & saved to my home computer (much to CAs dismay I am sure), to my laptop (much to my joy), & my iPad/iPhone.

Growing up in my father's house was not easy.  He's a good man, but an exacting one too.  Control issues like you would not believe.  I was not allowed to decorate my own room.  I did not pick out my furniture, bedding, window treatments or the colors on the wall (which was always just plain white).  I was not allowed to hang posters or anything on my walls without first getting them approved & even then he decided what hung where & everything had to be framed.  I am not kidding.  I didn't get to be my like my girlfriends & have dozens of fan mag pics covering every surface of my room.  I wasn't even allowed to waste my money on purchasing the fan mags to begin with.  And my room had to be organized & clean at all times, bed made, furniture dusted, closets & drawers ruthlessly organized.  I was given what he called "junk drawers" in my nightstands on each side of my bed for my mish-mash of various & sundries.  But even my junk drawers would be dumped on my bed, & I ordered to clean them out, if they got too cluttered or messy.  OCD to the enth power, chincha.

{{Sidebar: This is why, even though I hate that my kids rooms are a pig sty, they are their rooms & I just flat out tell them I refuse to walk into your room from here on out.  If you want to live like a pig, fine! It's your sty, just keep it in your room & keep your door shut, so I don't have to see it.  And this is also why I let my kids decorate their rooms however they want & choose everything themselves.  It's just a room & it's not MY room, kids need to express themselves & need to feel like they have a place they can be themselves.  Their room is the perfect spot.  I can always redecorate later, even if it means I have to scratch & burn the room. LOL  So if you ever come to my house, don't ask to see the kids rooms, I can't guarantee you'll come out alive! O.O}}

As a result of my not getting to be a teenage girl like my friends, I have found myself slowly reverting back to the days of my youth & the longing that comes from wanting to decorate my room/house w posters & pics of my fav actors, Kpop stars & dramas.  Of course, as I share a room w my husband, I feel it might be a bit much to ask him to have to put up with pics of Kim Hyun Joong or Big Bang on every surface.  IDK why but for some reason he wasn't the least bit interested when I asked if I could hang this pic above our bed?!?!   o.O

hehehehehe...dreamy sigh...hehehehehe...

ONLY KIDDING!!  I didn't ask if I could put this picture above our bed.  LOL

But it's not like the thought didn't cross my mind.

I just value my life too much to ask that question out loud!  {^_~}

I blame the influence of the KPop Crack store we found in the Korean Mall in Koreatown in LA.  It was the moment I walked into my new Mecca that I realized I wanted to buy ALL the Kpop stuff in the whole world.  And a monster was created.  Of course there is one problem...not enough money.  My friends who were with me, were both a help in keeping me from spending, but they were also one of the reasons I went back into the store several times to grab more.  Every time they showed me what they had, I decided I had to have one of those too!  Dongsaeng showed a lot more restraint that I did, but even she bought stuff she didn't need.  All we went in there for was to get the BB Crown Light Stick for the BB Alive concert, instead I came out nearly $150 poorer by the time I was finished.  *SMH*   Don't worry, I didn't forget the Light Stick!  As if!

We won't even mention that I went into a couple of other cute K stores & bought more stuff & the Face Shop is going to break my bank account!  It's KHJ's fault.  He calls to me to shop there because his face is plastered on every available surface & the women who work there think I am hysterically funny!!

{{I am of course but looks aren't everything you know!  Aish!}}

But my husband is such a good husband, he just smiles, shakes his head & teases me.  But he never once complained or nagged.  I managed to keep it to just music on iTunes after I got home but then another friend & I went on our own little exploration of Korea Town in Chicago (in Jan) & once again I was in the throes of MUST.  HAVE.  ALL. The. KPOP. STUFF!!!  (Yes this trip included the Face Shop as well...evil place!)

I called my husband from KPop America, a store in the Schaumburg Mall in Illinois, & asked him if I could get a bunch of KHJ posters & make a shrine to him in the back of my closet? I even offered to buy him a bunch of GG posters to make it even!  See I'm a cool wife.  He left it up to me, which is him saying, "Of course, sweetie! I have no problems with you worshiping another man, in our bedroom closet!"  At least that's what I heard.  *whistles innocently*

And so I did.  I made a KHJ shrine in my closet, basically I covered every inch of available wall space w a KHJ poster.  My teenage son said I'm just missing candles for my worship.  kekekeke...  He's not wrong.  I also have a KHJ desk calendar on my nightstand along w photo book behind it.

I still watch 2 or 3 US TV shows, I love Bones, & The Big Bang Theory & occasionally Castle but for the most part I just watch K Dramas & K reality shows.  I love Running Man!!  I am still watching re runs of 1N2D & Strong Heart.  Love that Dimple best of all.  I still listen to US music too P!NK, 5 Finger Death Punch, Green Day, Eminem, ...  but there is FAR more KPop on my iPod than US rock.

I'm even teaching myself, with the help of the amazing people at The Talk to Me in Korean website how to read, write & speak Hangeul.  I love learning other languages.  I had so much fun learning French in school.  Of course learning alone, online, while trying to balance a family of 6 & all the responsibilities that accompany that role is not easy, so my lessons are very slow going.  I find I have to repeat the lessons regularly before I have really got everything down enough to move on.  I am loving every minute of it.

I keep all my favorite K Sites within easy reach on my link bar above.  One quick click & I can check out K news, watch K drama, look for MVs on YouTube.  If you have fav sites that you don't see in the pic let me know & I will check them out & most likely add them to my list of favs as well.

And I have a huge list of K-related YouTube Channels I subscribe to as well. Including EYK.   Cannot miss Music Monday or FAPFAP or WANKs!!!

And of course who can forget my Pinterest boards.  Ahhhh I find such joy in saving pins of all of my favorites to Pinterest.

Btw did ya notice....I have over 2000 pins of KHJ alone.  Seriously I need an intervention.  I keep thinking I need to just stop pinning him.  If for some strange reason I actually meet him I will be SO incredibly embarrassed to admit to all these pins of him!!  But then I see others pin him & that they have almost as many pins of him as I do & I think, "OH HECK NO SHE DIDN'T!" LOL  Yeah at this point it's a mix of how much I admire him & also the competitiveness of my nature.  Must have the MOST KHJ pins of all!!  O_O  Nope I'm not crazy.  Not.  At.  All.  {{Pardon me while I roll my eyes again @.@ }}  Especially since I am sure someone that's even bigger freak than I am probably has a million more than I do.  But in my head I have the most KHJ pins.  Of course in my head everything sounds better.  kekekeke...

Considering I am co-founder of a blog dedicated to all things Korean, you might say well her family & friends must not bother her about her AddiKtion too much or at all.  You'd be so wrong!  None of my friends or family reads this here blog, except those who are also AddiKted!  (which totals to about 3 ppl beside Dongsaeng)

Even though my son likes Kpop music too, has a ton of it on his iPod & even CA has a few songs himself, & even though my son likes Japanese Anime & the action K Dramas they all still tease me & try to knock my K dramas & music all the time! It's okay, it doesn't bother me.  In fact, I know that CA has at least a slight interest in all this I said he has a few KPop songs in his repertoire & last week he bought his first Korean Movie on DVD.  The Thieves.  Very good movie!  He said he saw it at Best Buy & it looked interesting.  He brought it home & said, "You're going to laugh at me."  I asked why & after he told me & I said "AWESOME!"  He then announced that as soon as the episode of the show I was marathoning was over, he was going to put in the movie so we could watch it right away.  He liked it a lot.  Enough that I got him to watch one episode of Iris 2 with me, which he didn't really care for.  He said it was "Confusing as crap!"  LOL  Of course he hadn't seen the first Iris so he was really lost.  Even after all that, he still teases me, he'll never fully admit that he kind of likes this Korean AddiKtion of mine, heaven forbid he let me think I am right about something!!

I saw a pin on Pinterest yesterday, that perfectly summed up my reaction every time one of my family (ie CA) disses my K Dramas or KPop...

So you see, I love my AddiKtion & yes it influences almost every part of my world, to some degree.  BUT I still have a sense of humor about it.  I remember that not everyone is going to love my K World, in other words not everyone can be perfect. :)

Tell us how bad is your addiKtion.  No one will judge you here.  This is a safe zone.  I am Krazy enough to admit the severity of my AddiKtion you can feel free to admit yours too.  And to help encourage you to be even more Krazy I will leave you all the latest MV from Teen Top to get you up & moving & help your Wednesday pass that much faster...

Have a great rest of the week AddiKts!!


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  1. Mine's an online addiKtion. I'm too poor for posters and physical albums XD I speak random Korean words sometimes which isn't the best thing... I love my regular programming. Don't know what I'd do without Elementary, Supernatural, How I Met Your Mother and Castle. I abhor turning on the radio because they mostly play stuff like Pitbull which makes me want to gouge out my ears with a blunt knife -__-;;

    The first time I went into a store selling k-pop merch I was so overwhelmed by how much there was. As I was deciding what I should get I looked around the shop and saw a couple of hordes of girls just blindly grabbing anything with their bias's face off the shelves like their live depended on it and it just made me physically sick. It kind of made me think "I'm not that desperate am I?" and I just walked out without getting anything (I regret it to this day).


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