Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Happy White Day from TCA

Woot Woot!!!

It's Officially White Day in South Korea {& other Asian countries as well}.  So to all our friends in Asia that celebrate this day we just want to say....  

The day when the men of Asia give back to their women.

On Valentine's Day in the US, I can only talk about the US because that is where I live but I understand that there are other countries celebrate it like we do, men & women give each other gifts to celebrate their relationship.  Now I have to give my own disclaimer here....

I am not a fan of Valentine's Day.  I know I know, you're all, "Gasp! Unnie!!  Say it isn't so!"  But I prefer it when the man in my life treats me to something special on a regular day, out of the blue, not just because the rest of the country tells him he has to, in order to be considered romantic.  Romance, REAL romance, is not something you schedule, it just is; besides to me it means more when it's his own idea.  We call them, "Just Because Days" in our house.  I love a random day when he comes home & brings me flowers, jewelry, chocolate, a movie &/or some music.  When he takes me out to dinner just the heck of it.  It's more romantic, to me, that he thought it up all on his own, without the world reminding him of what day it is.  Although this year he surprised me w flowers, candy AND balloons on V Day.  The stink.  {^_~}

Okay back to the difference between V Day & White Day, in South Korea.  Valentine's Day is the day when the females all give gifts of chocolate, treats etc to the man they like, admire or are actively dating.  Typically it's a homemade box of chocolates, simply because it means more that they took the time to actually make the candies for their guys.

White Day on the other hand, is not celebrated in the US at all, that I know.  It is the day that the men give back to the women.  Usually a White gift. White chocolate, white flowers, I've heard marshmallows are a good gift idea too. I think that's actually quite cute.  Now were I to live in South Korea, again I am not sure I would be a fan of the man in my life gifting me something white on Mar 14th, just because the rest of the country is doing it.  My husband thinks this is very cool of me btw.  That's right, I'm a cool wife.

He also has a picture of a famous female celebrity as the background on his computer.  It was his response to my KHJ pictures & "Closet Shrine". Giggle.  He was very excited to show me, to try & get a jealous response, I think.  What was my response?  hehehehe... I told him I approved & that she is hot & he made a good choice.  Which is a true statement, she is gorgeous.  What famous female celeb did he choose?  Kaley Cuoco "Penny" of The Big Bang Theory.  Not exactly the response he was hoping for but what can I say?  I'm a cool wife. LOL

Anyway, I just wanted to take a minute & wish all of our, living in Asia female readers, (there must be at least one of you, right?), a Happy White Day.  May the man of your dreams provide you with a lovely present today & lots of romance. Hubba-Hubba, Rowr!

Now my question is this...

If you could pick one, JUST ONE, of your favorite K Idols/Biases to give you a White Day Gift, who would it be?  AND   What would he give you?

I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours.  Okay I'll tell you mine anyway.

Mine would be....

Yeah like that's a shock, right?!?!  ^.^

And he would give me a variety of White Flowers.  And a really, really, really good hug.

Okay it's your turn now....  Leave your answer in the know....down the comments section.  Or Tweet it to US / ME / Dongsaeng OR post a picture of your bias on our FB page or just tell us in the comment thread for "White Day".  See you Friday for more Dramatic Friday Reviews of I Miss You.



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