Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Unnie's WWU: IOM & Choco Abs

There are certain moments in every K drama I watch, where they have hooked me.  Sometimes it's right off the bat.  Other times it takes an episode or two (or five) but once it does I go crazy waiting for my next episode to air or to continue marathoning if it's already aired or I am playing catch up.  Lately, I have to admit there haven't been many that have totally & completely captured my heart.  At least not yet.  Oh I liked FBND & enjoyed it (who wouldn't enjoy all that eye candy & silliness?) but I wasn't going crazy to see the next episode to the point where I was stalking Viki or Dramafever, carefully watching to see the percentage on the subbing progress.

Level 7 started out spectacular & then all of a sudden by episode 4, I was scratching my head at the sloppy writing & uneven characters/performances.  I ADORE Joo Won & he is pretty much the only reason I am still watching that one, although the last couple of eps have gotten better, not perfect but better.  Kang Choi Hee, whom I loved in Protect the Boss went from sassy & strong to I haven't the foggiest clue.  At this time last year, I was knee deep in 2 awesome dramas... The King 2 Hearts & Rooftop Prince.  Now RTP had uneven writing as well but it had the ever delicious Yoochun & I found myself totally in love with his character & couldn't wait to see more of him, it was pure romantic fluff for me.  TK2H just rocked!  Well until the 2nd to last episode & then I wanted to fly to Seoul & bust some writers heads for doing that to the most amazing man/character ever.  I won't say what happened, just in case there is someone out there who was OFF PLANET & unable to watch that drama yet.  BTW "Off Planet" IS the ONLY ACCEPTABLE reason not to have already watched TK2H, IMHO.  

But this year's early crop of dramas just haven't been able to keep my attention.  Until a couple of weeks ago when I watched the first 4 episodes in a row of Incarnation of Money.  Starring Kang Ji Hwan (from Lie To Me & Coffee House) & Hwang Jung Eum (from Full House 2 & Can You Hear My Heart).  

I am not going to review this one as I already have a drama I am reviewing but I seriously LOVE LOVE LOVE this drama.  They are already up to episode 12, this last weekend, & I am happy to say this is only the halfway point.  24 episodes of Pure Genius!  Kang Ji Hwan is phenomenal as Lee Kang Seok/Lee Cha Don.  And I am loving the story, the characters & their development.  It has humor, not over the top, it has heart, a few sexy scenes so far between the two leads, REALLY excited to see them fall for each other, REALLY hoping since Kang Ji Hwan is the male lead that the kiss scenes will be as exciting in this one as they were in Lie To Me.  If you haven't started watching this drama AddiKts I highly recommend you give it a try.  It has a little of everything.  Melodrama (but not too much), comedy well played & timed, romance but not blind falling in love at first sight, great dialogue & really interesting multi-dimensional characters.  

My ONLY complaint is that Hwang Jung Eum's hair REALLY REALLY SINCERELY needs to be changed.  This is the 3rd K Drama I have seen her in & it's the 3rd time I have wanted to scream at her for the mushroom cap style she keeps sporting.  IDK what the heck she is thinking!  I am all for cute, sleek, sassy, chic, short hairstyles on women but this.... this... stupid.... ridiculous looking mushroom cap thing has GOT to GO!!  NOW!!!  Hwang Jung Eum sweetie, take it from an Eonnie (this Unnie to be specific) it is not flattering!  It is mousy & ridiculous & stupid.  You look like a complete dork!  Especially compared to the other actresses in the drama that have far better hairstyles!  As the Main Female Lead you should have fabulous hair & style too.  Please please PLEASE for the love of all that is holy STOP w the Mushroom Cap Hairstyle!  The style of your hair in the pic above is cute.  The mushroom thing you've been sporting lately, same one as in Can You Hear My Heart & the later eps of FH2, looks lame.  

Kang Ji Hwan, you are perfection!  You can do no wrong in my eyes.  You are rocking all the different nuances of your character perfectly.  Charismatic, Sexier than ever, Funny, Clever, & Talented.  You have got it all.  I am so excited to watch your character seek vengeance & fall in love.  Thank you for getting back to work...I know it was just for me. (^_~)   Okay, maybe not ALL for me.  *giggle*  OKAY, not for me at all.  Aish, you guys are really not letting me live in denial are ya?  

What are you guys watching?  Which dramas did you start recently & then wondered what the heck happened?  And/or which drama hooked you right off the bat that you wanted to share w us here?  

In other news.  Dramafever has been so good to me this week, w/ 2 different posts full of half dressed men.  For which I am sincerely so, fall down on my knees & worship my new deity, grateful.  Kamsahabnida Dramafever.  Jjinja Kamsahabnida!  Dramafever, 감사합니다!!  친차 감사합니다!!  

Check them out for yourself:

And they posted the categories & noms for their yearly Dramafever Drama Awards too.  Don't forget to vote for your favs.  

allKpop has also made me happy this week w their sexy choco abs post... Kamsahabnida to you too allKpop!  감사합니다!!

So much yumminess everywhere.  Happy, happy Unnie w all the yummies!!
Thanks for your support Rain. ;)
I think we should get some sort of petition started that if the guys have choco abs then they shouldn't be allowed to wear shirts at all, in good weather, in cold I agree they can cover up, I don't want sick oppas. :(   Seriously though, why work so hard on getting those delicious abs, if you aren't showing them off for all of us to swoon & squee in delight as much as possible?!?!  o.O  Whose with me?!?!  You know you want in on that petition!!  I know & you know & I know you know I know.  Confused yet?  Me too.  O.O

And thus ends another WWU.  Have a wonderful week AddiKts.   Chant with me... as we go into Wednesday....  "MORE CHOCOLATE ABS!!!!"  It'll just make you smile when "Hump Day" gets to be too long & boring...picture the good stuff.  Try not to drool though, especially at work, they tend to get suspicious of that at work.  (^_~)

Saranghabnida,  사랑합니다,


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