Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Happy Birthday Kang Ji Hwan

No I haven't forgotten about you guys.  I was just off watching Dramas & couldn't be bothered.  But I am taking a break before everybody gets home & so this week's WWU is actually going to be a tribute to one of my most favorite Korean Actors ever!  Kang Ji Hwan, who happens to be turning 36 today.  So Happy Birthday to just a most amazingly talented actor.  {{{psst...he's incredibly sexy too & he's my age, woot woot!!}}

If you read last week's WWU then you know I am currently watching his latest K Drama, as it airs, Incarnation of Money.  And LOVING every minute of it too.  But this is not my first K Drama w Kang Ji Hwan.  I first saw him in Coffee House.  A really cute drama.  Not my favorite but only because honestly I didn't care for the women in that one.  KJH was awesome.  And seriously dude rocks in glasses.  Dreamy, I tell you absolutely dreamy.  Next up I watched Lie To Me.  And while the drama itself was a little boring & predictable it had nothing to do w/ Kang Ji Hwan who showed me that there are some dramas where the "Kiss" can really knock your socks off.  And yeah, ummm... Kang Ji Hwan in a stylish, well fitted suit is to women; what women in lingerie is to men.

Sex in a suit!

His character, Hyun Ki Joon from Lie To Me was smart, cute, sweet, funny, romantic, stylish, sexy, manly & just everything else he needed to be to grab my attention & keep it for 16 episodes.

After Lie To Me I watched both My Girlfriend is an Agent & The Relation of Face, Mind & Love.  Both were excellent!  And so funny!!!  He is so incredibly talented.  I want to see his latest movie, Detective Cha, so very badly but alas out here in the middle of nowhere America they don't show a whole lot of South Korean movies at the theater.  {{Sigh/Cry/Sigh}}   I will just have to wait a little while longer to catch it on the Internet.  Until then, I plan on watching Rough Cut & continuing on with Incarnation of Money to pass the time.

He has amazing comedic timing which is my favorite thing in an actor.  You have no idea how hard it is to have good timing & talent when it comes to comedy.  They say 'drama is easy, comedy is hard' when it comes to acting.  So comedic actors have always been my favorite.  And let me say Kang Ji Hwan has incredible comedic skills but watching him in Incarnation of Money, as he enters the part of the drama where we have had to see sincere angst, heartbreaking drama & emotional turmoil, I am even further impressed by his acting skills.  Amazing, spot on performances from this guy, have lead me to believe he really can do any character he's given.  I appreciate versatility in a leading man.  It's important to be adaptable in life & in acting.  Kang Ji Hwan-ssi, bravo!

So everybody join me in wishing an amazing actor a very Happy Birthday.

강지환 생일 축하합니다!!
Kang Ji Hwan-ssi Saengil Chukahahabnida
Happy Birthday Kang Ji Hwan

As it is already the end of your birthday in South Korea we hope you had an amazing day, filled w love, laughter & appreciation; surrounded by your family, friends & those who truly love you most.  May your 36th year bring much success, joy & good health.


Don't worry I didn't forget our usual pictorial tribute! As if!!!

One of my most favorite (he's actual oppa) Oppas

Kang Ji Hwan in all his incredibly good looking glory!

Yeah the glasses really work on him. 

He proves that he can make jeans look as sexy as suits.

And to show off the abs....remember we're starting that petition for more choco abs all the time, right?!?!

Thank you Kang Ji Hwan for your "body of work". (^_~)

Have a great day AddiKts.


  1. Happy birthday Kang Ji Hwan-ssi!!! I love that you're older than me! We'll just ignore that whole 'married' thing though ;) I kid! I kid! Oh my - I'm going to get in trouble for that one. ^^

  2. So I watched Rough Cut the other night & WOW. All I can say. I will warn you, it is probably the equivalent to a American rated R movie, so if you don't watch R rated movies don't watch this one. If I had known I would not have watched, because I don't watch R rated movies myself, haven't since I started having kids, you know a million years ago. (^_~)

    Violence, sex & profanity. There were 2 sex scenes, nothing was actually seen, so no nudity, just very explicitly implied. But seriously such a good movie. That last fight scene at the end between So Ji Sub & Kang Ji Hwan was incredibly intense & beautiful & raw. I LOVED it. Both men were spectacular, both characters were deep, poignant & complicated. If R ratings don't bother you, I highly recommend this one. Especially for the ending. Just.... Wow O.O


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