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IMY ep 12 {{Dramatic Friday Review}}

Finally!!  The proverbial 'cat' is out of the bag!  She admits it to her mother, who in turn admits it to JW that she is Soo Yeon, albeit mom's way of admitting is to bluntly scream & cry at him, "She hates SY & doesn't want to be her anymore!"  Not exactly good news.  Not that I blame her. SY's life wasn't exactly fairy tales & butterflies, was it?   So last week's episode ended w him grabbing her & holding her & telling her not to look at him since it hurts her to look at him & then ask her if she really wants him to stop looking & waiting?

Eventually, he lets her go BUT first he stops her from looking at him still & tells her to go, without looking at him, just go, since it hurts her so much.  He's doing what she wants.  He is agreeing to let her live her new life without him & in return he will stop looking & waiting for her.  IDK but somehow I don't think this is will work out the way he thinks it will.  I mean let's just talk about the elephant in the room for a minute shall we?  We're halfway through 21 episodes.  If this were the end of the last episode I'd believe him. But I have to scoff that this "letting her go" thing will take place, when there are still 10 more emotionally angst filled episodes to get through.  I know I'm being too picky.  I'll move on.

SY gets back home & finds Harry sick in bed w a fever & cold.  No worries, he tells her the Doctor has already been by w medicine.  He just needs sleep.  She gets up to go & he grabs her & tells her she can't leave him.  He was really scared she wouldn't come back & breaks down holding on to her.  Eventually she has got to be honest with him & tell him that she loves him like a sister, maybe even like a mother but not like a lover.  Even if she has no intention of going to JW, she also has no intention of going to Harry.  You can see it written all over her face as he is holding on to her.  She looks monumentally uncomfortable w him clinging to her.  Maybe she's afraid to cause him more pain but seriously this is causing him worse pain, imho.

Now a tired, worn out JW has to go & interview his favorite cleaning ahjumma regarding her murder of the rapist.  He questions her thoroughly about how she did it, step by step.  And we get to go back to that night that the rapist was killed.  We see her tase him, go in to his apartment, drag him to the bathtub, make rice.... o.O  Make rice?!?!?

{{That part confused the crap out of me.  Who kills someone & makes rice?!?!  **Note to self:  Revenge killing is exhausting & hunger inducing work, bring rice cooker for "pick me up" snack...gotta love those healthy carbs!  They make killing so much less draining!**}}

Anyway, we see her stick a small cube of dry ice in his mouth & then duct tape it closed.  They don't show it but I assume she used that WHOLE Styrofoam container of dry ice.  I mean who needs to special order a whole container if they're just going to use one small cube?!?   Then he asks her why she then covered his mouth & nose w the soaking wet wash cloth & she looks confused & stumped & then we again flashback to that night.  Turns out Cleaning Ahjumma was not the only murderer there that night.  She heard someone walking down the hall in loud click clacking shoes & turn the handle on the door & she hid in the closet, which means she knew nothing about the washcloth on his face.  She assumes it was Lee Soo Yeon & asks him instead of answering if he really likes her that woman?  Because she likes & respects him for waiting & never giving up on SY she covers for SY.

While JW is interviewing Cleaning Ahjumma we see a flash of Harry's computer, "Someone" sends him another IM asking if he is ready to get started & then all hell breaks loose at HTJ's bank.  Crazed screaming customers & news reporters are swarming the place.  And we find out at HTJ's house that Dir Nam went missing & stole a bunch of money, including the 200 million Won that HTJ was supposed to be giving to Harry for his "investment".  Of course we know this was the plan to begin with but HTJ is unaware as yet of Harry's real name etc...  Back story is always important in K Drama.  Needless to say HTJ is going to destroy Dir Nam should he find him.

JW's partner is happy though.  He is so cute when he comes in greeting w Good Mornings to everyone & skipping, his family saw him arresting the bad guy on TV last night on the news & he's a hero.  Until his Superior points out that The Chief of Police is freaking out that the murderer was from the police station!  And that because she was able to get access to JW's computer, so easily, for the murder weapon; he won't be getting a raise or promotion for the next 18 months, as punishment.  Aww watching Joo Jung Myung Hyung's face fall was sad.  Mean old superior, let him have his happy.  It's hard to be the comic relief in such a serious drama!

JW's good mom is still determined he leave & go home though & she is still packing up his stuff.  Eun Joo begs her not to do this.  That he is like a dad to her, he promised he find the culprit behind her father's murder.  Please let him stay!  But she knows that him being there will only hurt & further remind him everyday of SY & that he has to give her up.  That it's selfish of them to keep him & he needs to go.

JW finishes up his interview w Cleaning Ahjumma & expresses his anger for her killing the bad guy.  It means he can't get the final pieces of the puzzle as to who was behind all of this.  He knows there is more but now he won't get it & he was planning on making the bad guys beg for forgiveness & suffer for their crimes but now he can't & that's wrong.  But after he makes a deal with her & tells her it's time for her to let go of Bo Ra & in turn he'll let SY go too. Then he goes out w his partner & for the first time ever he gets past 2 drinks & is still not drunk.  Partner is 3 sheets to the wind but JW looks just fine.  Sad yes, but not necessarily drunk or even really tipsy.  Then he gets a call from Harry asking to meet with him because something in his Aunt's autopsy is weird.  But since Harry is still sick, it means JW has to go to Harry's house.

More uncomfortable moments when he gets there & sees SY.  But he is very calm & cool & walks past her to Harry.  I have to admit the long conversation between Harry & JW is a blur to me.  It was a lot of I still don't hate you but you should have called me not SY. Yeah I know you know & she admitted it but I too knew it was 280 steps from the light to her house.  They never really talk about anything out in the open though so I ignored most of it because it was repetitive.  Sorry it was.

Eventually they end up downstairs, & he asks JW if he is HTJ's son?  Which JW confirms.  Yes he's my dad but no I don't have anything to do with his bank or business.  Nope, no acrimony there.  Harry decides then I guess I can trust you to do the right thing & he shows him a paper.  It's an IOU from his Aunt (Michelle Jung) to Hwang Mi Ran (evil stepmom), from Harry's own account though & then she died before the money was paid back.  The only thing that bothers JW is that if this affects Harry then it affects Zoey.  He doesn't even call her Soo Yeon.  Just as JW leaves Harry's house he gets a text message.  I should say he gets THE text message.  The one Dir Nam was drafting in the last ep before he disappeared w money in hand.  The message tells him, "To just leave in a carefree manner is difficult since I'm concerned about you.  All I did was act like a loyal dog to Han Tae Joon ..."  And as he leaves he calls his partner to tell him they have to re-investigate Michelle Jung's life & death. Then he watches his dad drive past & up to the gate of Harry's house.   All of this Harry sees on his surveillance cameras outside his home.  He watches like a spider from inside as father passes son & then lets HTJ into his web, smiling in satisfaction as he does.  HTJ has come to Harry to ask for an extension on the money he is investing.  Kind of hard to invest something you don't have after all.  Harry says he'll help after all it'll only take HTJ about a week to come up with the money again.  Harry's evil plot is all falling into place.  I'm still not 100% sure what his plan is but I have my own ideas.

Soo Yeon by the way is meeting her mom, planning to return her shoes finally.  She goes to the restaurant & they sit down & talk.  Soo Yeon misses her mom is the gist of the conversation & wants to know if, without telling anyone who she really is, if she can come & see her mom from time to time.  But as much as she misses her daughter, she loves JW more now than SY.  And that her coming & going but not really staying w them would hurt him too much.  Pretty sure it would hurt mom even more.  So she tells her so & then tells her it's better if she just goes on with the life she's been living all this time & forgot about them altogether.

SY's errands for the day are not over.  She stops by JW's evil mom's clothing store.  She still hasn't taken down Zoey's designs.  But evil mom asks for Zoey to be understanding since her husband's henchman has run off w all their money.  Can she please be patient & help a girl out?  At the same time JW has also arrived at Evil Step mom's shop.  He has questions Re: Michelle Jung.  Completely unaware Zoey is there, he is sent to an upper corner room to wait like a good boy.  He wanders around for a few & then he lays down & takes a nap.  Give the guy a break it's been an emotionally & physically exhausting few days.  And that is where Zoey finds him.  She & evil stepmom were going, I assume to be touring that room which is filled w fashion design drawings, material  odds & ends dummies w dresses on them etc...  But at the last second Mama Jung is pulled out by her assistant leaving Zoey in there unaware of JW's presence.

BTW I totally love her boots!!  I want a pair!!  Cute!!~~

When she does find him he is sound asleep & she kneels next to him & spies the button in his hand & talks to him in her head telling him she misses him & then he wakes up & there is another staring contest between them.  Just as he is waking up & ready to talk to her mama Jung returns & Zoey steps back out to her & closes JW behind the curtains cutting him off.

We're heading in on the cliffhanger ending folks.  HTJ has received a parcel in the mail.  When he opens it he finds a little bicycle sculpture made of plastic tubing.  And he immediately recognizes it!  It's exactly like the one Harry's mom threw at him. Then we get a glimpse of Harry standing in front of a glass case organizing a display filled w other little sculpture designs made of plastic tubing.  HTJ has jumped into his car & heads... somewhere.  I have no idea where this place is.  But to enter it he has to unlock a padlock.  And once inside we see Harry's mom is still very much alive & looking ...well... insane for lack of a better word.  But then you spend 14 years all locked up by the man who murdered your husband & is trying to kill your son & see if you don't lose it a little as well.  Then back to Harry, who is looking a little nutty himself.

End of show.

I had a feeling she wasn't dead because well they never actually showed her being killed.  Considering all the other murdering & rapes that have taken place they would not have hesitated to show us that one too.  What's one more after all???

Now I get to go watch more Chunnie.  I gotta tell ya...I've watched a lot of the ever so sexy Chunnie this week.  I marathoned Sungkyunkwan Scandal.  SOOOOOO good.  When it first came out I was still new to K Drama & the Saeguk's made me nervous.  What if I didn't understand them or if they were boring.  But after Arang & Faith I decided I LOVE Saeguk Dramas.  Okay, I like rom/com or action ones.  Again the melos are not my favorite cup of tea.  Whether modern day or Saeguk I have a hard time with them.  I hope I'm not being too much of a bore or a smart alec w my reviews of this show.  I really do like it...and Chunnie especially.  It's just that I can't help but mock it at least a little.  SO.  Much.  DRAMA!  ;)  Just ripe for mockery.

See you next review.  Probably late tonight or tomorrow.  My family will be arriving home en masse soon & I have to take care of them first.


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