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IMY ep 13 {{Dramatic Friday Review}}

First things first!  Here on TCA we always give recognition of the important stuff. dang good kiss!  Like a lip smacking, tummy fluttering, speeding up your heart, making out kiss scene...against a wall no less.  You know & I know this is why we spend hours & hours of our lives glued to the screen.  Praying for moments like these...right?!?!  And it's my FAVORITEST part!!  The Kisses!  Oh I heart good K Drama Kisses!!  Especially when they are in fact good kisses & this is a good kiss.

Congratulations to Uri Mickey & Yoon Eun Hye for receiving the TCA stamp of approval via our Excellent Kiss Award.  {{Psssst this is totally made up, we don't actually give out these kinds of things, although we totally should!!}}  Way to lay one on her Mickey!!  It helps that she was an active participant on behalf of girls world wide who would love to lock lips w/ Our Mickey, thank you Yoon Eun Hye for not wasting this man's talent!  Park Shin Hye sweetie, {{& other timid kisser female leads}} take a lesson from your Eonnie YEH when it comes to kissing.  Round of Applause here!!!  And now my tribute & the post Title Pic.

At the end of episode 12 we found out that Harry's mom is still very much alive.  Insane now from years of being locked up by HTJ but still alive nonetheless. We also saw JW & SY in Evil Mom's store separated by a curtain as Evil Mom herself had just walked in, interrupting the reuniting couple, who are supposed to be staying apart from each other.  Then we get to see Harry, who has left the house & has no idea that SY & JW are together, text SY to tell her he is at her favorite drinking spot, even though he hates Soju, & the outside cart & asks her to join him when she is done working.  Meanwhile SY & JW are playing nicely together.  Zoey had gone to Evil Mom's shop to discuss working together & JW went there to discuss Michelle Jung.  And ended up in the extra room together but Evil Mom interrupts them remember & SY pulled the curtain closed.  So Evil Mom is still completely  unaware that JW is behind the curtain holding his breath & wanting SY so badly he can taste it.  {{This part is my interpretation of course.}}

But then SY very smartly asked for water & Evil Mom who desperately wants Zoey to work with her, happily ran from the room to accommodate her guest.  & that's when SY went behind the curtain & JW grabbed her & hid her when Evil Mom came back into the room.  Thankfully she was called away by a phone call thinking Zoey had left.  

With her pressed against the wall he tells her he wants her to do something with him first.  Then he tells her in a soft whispery voice about their first kiss on the bus & how he thought his heart would burst that night.  And then he tells her not to be shocked because after all it isn't there first time.  

So what happens next?

An exceptionally nice kiss.  Like seriously so nice I want to knock Yoon Eun Hye out & take her spot in this scene.  It's THE scene.  And let me tell you Mickey you Shmexy Man, I give you two enthusiastic thumbs up for that ring dinger of a kiss!  DANG BOY!!  You have talent!  Make a girl all fluttery why don't ya?!?  Hello!?!?  Anybody else need a cold shower after that kiss scene?  I am not kidding, after that scene the rest of the show paled in comparison.  I just wanted to see more kissing.  Hmmm-mmmm good!
So good I had to post it on here twice, only this time without those stinking words getting in our way of the lip action.  


I was talking about something....I can't remember what it was!!  I just keep seeing this in my head...

and yeah this too ....

*Splashes cold water on face*

Brrr....  okay I'm awake again.  Hypnotic Mickey Kissing Powers aside I will go on with my review...but it will not be easy to focus AddiKts.  JJinja!!

So ummm...yeah while our two main leads are working on a little "Catching up" Harry is still sitting there waiting for his girl Zoey to respond or show up.  Imagine his surprise when Evil Mom {{Okay I am tired of typing Evil Mom out so she is henceforth EM}} calls him looking for Zoey.  She was there one minute & gone the next.  She doesn't know that her son & Zoey are upstairs ... ahem ... catching up.  Just then JW & SY walk down the stairs, holding hands & walk out the front door.  EM who had forgotten to hang up the phone & was not so subtle as to not call out Jung Woo & Zoey's names & mention they were together & who now knows his fiance is with his enemy & rival, alone.  But Harry bluffs his way through it the phone call with EM & tells her that they are all 3 friends & they must be on their way to finally meet up with him.  Yeah yeah that's the ticket!  Yeah~~~....  Of course this prompts Harry to call JW's cell & try to get him to come meet & drink.  At this point JW point blank tells Harry, "I Found Soo Yeon."  Harry congratulates him but you can tell he is not happy, bordering on desperate.

JW takes her to their old park & they swing & he tells her how he thought she was beautiful then & is just as beautiful now & then he quotes her last passage of her diary to her & answers her question telling her, "I like you."  And she thanks him through tears but the SY that likes him, is also the SY who WILL be going back to Harry, who cannot leave him alone as he is the only family she has had for the last 14 years & is the same man she will be marrying in the future.  And that is the end of the happy.  They part ways & she goes home only to leave again & leave a frustrated Harry who watched her drive up on his creepy stalker cameras & then freaked out when she left, only to follow her as she drives back to her old neighborhood & sees the "I Miss You" sign on her wall & then overhear Eun Joo talk about her dad's death, which makes her call JW to get the deets on that only, he's sleeping at the station, w a fever it looks like & hasn't got his phone on.  But guess who does?  Yeah Harry is sitting in his car all stalkery watching her dial her phone & holds up his phone praying it's him she is calling but his phone never rings, to his torturous dismay.

The next day JW & his partner meet up at the station where partner tells him to turn on his phone.  When he sees she called he's all super cute & nervous & excited.  While his partner teases him, the Superior comes over & tells them to follow up on a bank robbery, which is when Partner & JW inform him that they are delving deeper into the death of Michelle Jung.  Of course Partner over shares some of the deets & JW tells him he should rip his mouth off, so he very sweetly & comically tries to do just that.  JW also tells his Superior about the text message he received from Dir Nam.  And how he was warned if he found SY he would be putting himself in danger.

Harry's mom has been cleaned up so that HTJ 's goons can take a picture of her & place it in the newspaper in the hopes to get her son, Kang Jyung Joon to contact them.  He still wants "The Money" & Hyung Joon (aka Harry) & since getting the figure in the mail he knows that Hyung Joon is still alive.  He tells EM that she & JW's little sis need to be careful because Hyung Joon is alive & coming for them all.  What is Harry up to?  He gets a pop up IM from "Someone" again, this time re: his mom.  But Harry thinks it's an old picture because he still believes his mom is dead.  He wants all the people involved in putting him, Zoey & even JW in the position they are in & then he tells him to "help out JW so that he can capture HTJ".  Which is making me wonder.... does this mean there is a spy on Harry's payroll that works w JW in the police station?  If so who could it be?  It was just an impression or a feeling I got.  You guys have all seen it so you already know. Am I right?  I hope, IF I am right,that it is NOT Partner that turns out to be a double agent, that would seriously break my heart.  I adore Partner!

We still have a long way to go guys.  This ep had a lot of moving forward story line, finally.  So I'm going to try & sum it up a little faster.  And since I watched this last night I may get some of the details out of order a little but you'll have the general idea.

Harry is ticked off at Zoey/SY for falling for JW again.  He can tell she is going to leave.  She wants Harry to understand how she feels so many new details are coming to light she didn't know.  That Harry kept from her, but she doesn't know all that yet.  By now she has found out in a lovely intimate convo w JW that Det Kim died trying to find & save her.  And Partner was so cute listening in on their convo too.  giggle.  Harry on the other hand is really, REALLY not happy.  All their investigating leads them to the name of a psychiatric hospital, Jaekyung Hospital.  Then JW goes back to EM's shop w questions & to show her the IOU on her building to Harry if the 30 million won was not paid back asap.  She of course knows nothing because all of this was orchestrated by Dir Nam, & I think by Harry too.  It's not like his aunt was really his aunt.  I have this feeling she wasn't very nice to the kids growing up & that Harry may have, just may have, had a little something to do with her death, somehow.

Speaking of Harry he arrives at Bellos too.  He assures EM he'll be patient & understanding about the IOU.  He then talks about the hospital in front of her & she clams up.  Not very convincingly lying about her knowledge of the place. After he kicks her, oh so politely, out of her own office, he tells JW, he is still not mad at him & he really does want all 3 of them to be friends.  JW tells him if we're going to be friends you have to support SY & not get mad at her when she hangs out w her "Other" friend.  SY goes to visit Det Kim at the cliff where he died & tries to remember & promises she will do everything she can to un-suppress all those old memories.

As JW & partner drive into the parking lot of Jaekyung Hospital he sees HTJ, his dad driving out.  Now this just got interesting to him.  He isn't aware that his father is paying off the doctor, who helped him out all these years in keeping Harry's mom locked up, to keep his mouth shut.  While they are there & after they get nothing from the doctor a man falls to his death.  Not just any man though, Sang Chul, the rapists big brother.  JW & Partner go off chasing the man on top of the building & declare it a crime scene & try to secure the scene.  Watching from above at a safe distance is Harry.  He speaks out loud to himself but directs his monologue to JW, "Run.  Go...Capture Han Tae Joon because I can't go on these legs."  I still can't tell whether or not Harry's revenge is just for HTJ or for all of the Joon family. I mean obviously he doesn't want Zoey to go to his cousin but at the same time other than her I don't see him hating JW all that much.  I just can't tell.  In Sang Chul's pocket is a picture of HTJ, EM, JW & his sister.  He's standing on top of the roof wondering what the heck is happening & Harry is driving off pleased that everything is going so well, & SY is saying goodbye to Det Kim.

And that was the end guys.  See you next week.  Sorry this came out later than I had planned but this weekend happens to be mine & my real life Oppa's Wedding Anniversary.  So we spent the day out together.  He has to work tonight & we have church tomorrow.  Life, as it is known to do from time to time, got in the way.  Mianhae.  Have a great rest of the weekend.


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