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IMY ep 14 {{Dramatic Friday Review}}

Sorry I missed out on this last week guys.  My 2nd born came down w a stomach bug Fri morning & by Fri afternoon so had I & as it was St Patrick's Day Weekend & I come from a large Irish Catholic family, St Pat's is OUR holiday!  Which meant it was feasting & party time.  So I was unable to catch up.  But I am back on the job today.  Bring on the Yoochun!!

So let's get into it shall we?  Episode 13 ended w Sang Chul's body being dumped off the roof of Jaekyung Psychiatric Hospital, where Harry's mom used to reside {{shhhh... it was a big secret}} & where JW & Partner were investigating.  Harry was there too, watching over JW as he chased down a man in black, NOT THE Men in Black, they take care of aliens not revenge, whom we are made to believe tossed the body.  Harry obviously very involved in Sang Chul's death.

Episode 14 picks up w JW & Partner trying to hurry up the investigation because they are about to lose their evidence to the sudden snowfall.  I was planning on a big rant on how they did the snowfall covering evidence & the continuity issues & the lack of detail checking but I decided to let it go.  Suffice it to say that this part irked me somewhat & I was unhappy w the way this part of the filming was done.  Moving on...

So JW is checking out the roof for evidence & clues but snow is covering it all making it sincerely more complicated & difficult to accomplish & Partner is downstairs coordinating w everyone & everything else.  He arrives upstairs as JW finds an old sleeping bag.  It would seem the body was killed elsewhere & stored on the rooftop just waiting for JW to arrive & get his attention.  Which worries Partner who wants JW to be careful on this investigation but JW points out to Partner but I have you.  Then he puts his arm around Partner & calls him "Wife" again & says, "there are no secrets between us, okay?"  To which Partner (or should I call him Wife?  I think I shall.) says, "Of course...there can't be any secrets between us."  So I'm still worried that Wife will turn out to be Harry's spy.

{{Ugh I hate not knowing the good spoilers!  Anybody want to email me privately & answer some spoiler questions for me? LOL}}

Meanwhile the doctor who was tight lipped about Harry's mom's stay there & his involvement w HTJ's evilness calls up HTJ to tell him that Sang Chul's body was thrown from the roof & that he's freaking out since they will now be investigating the hospital & it's occupants that much closer.  HTJ tells him to stop worrying & make sure you erase the records of Harry's mom.  Which of course had not yet been done so it requires some fancy footwork lying from the doc.  Especially since her name is listed to one room but there is no one there.  JW goes into the room & sees the crayon drawing on the wall.

Meanwhile Harry is still more than a little angry w SY.  And she tries to get him to lighten up by offering to cook for him, asking him what she can do to make him happy again?  Kiss me.  That's what he wants.  A kiss.  He wants her to kiss him.  But as she doesn't love him, like that, the idea is not appealing to her.  {{How on earth she thinks she can marry someone she is not in love with or attracted to if she can't even kiss them is beyond me.}}  But eventually he loses his cool with her & grabs her & forces her up against the bookshelves & tries to get a kiss but she turns from him, enabling his rage a little more & his grip becomes painful & he knocks her about some & then throws her to the floor.  Leaving bruises in his wake.  Which then prompts, the once raped SY to stand up to him & tell him never to do that again.  Then she tells him she has to go for a walk & leaves him calling after her.

Bad form Yoo Seung Ho.  You don't try to force a woman to love or like or kiss or anything.
But you're still hot, even if you're super creepy now & being all bad guy.
JW & Wife have left the hospital & as JW's phone alarm turns on playing that one song, he has little flash back memories to the hot hot hot kiss he shared w SY.  And he giggles & smiles to himself so sweetly over it too.

{{Sigh...would I could be the one someone blushes & gets all fluttery about when he remembers a kiss with me.  But alas I am old & have been married for too long for those kinds of NEW/Young romanctical type of feelings.  I think this is where K Dramas hook's been so long since I had that kind of lovey dovey romance.  Growing up & getting old stinks!  Humph! And 4 kids hasn't helped. LOL  But it's all good I kind of love my family enough to make up for it all.}}

Okay back to Mickey...I mean... back to I Miss You.  ^_~  So JW is still being warned by Wife to be careful but JW believes that it's all connected & he just needs to figure out how.  Det Kim's death, whoever ordered false testimony from the Rapist, whoever killed Sang Chul, "...we can finish it in one blow."  Where does he go when he needs comforting & happiness?  To his adopted mom of course.  She may have kicked him out Or maybe in the process of kicking him out of her house, heart & life but he is not going to go down easily!  Oh no, not "Uri Jung Woo", he's too determined & charming to let her get rid of him that easily.  I love that about him.  I love that when she finally sits down & asks about how he is doing, he turns it on her & queries, "What are you, a stalker? Why are you asking around about me?"  With his super innocent face on too.  Stinker!  But he breaks down & tells her that he has a new girlfriend now, SY.  Then he melted my heart when he added she looks like her mother after saying she was frighteningly pretty.  Then he tells her he wants her to be the one to tell SY the truth about her father.  That he wasn't a murderer after all.

Then he looks up & sees SY standing in the doorway to the restaurant looking at them.  But she gets all flustered & decides to leave.  So what does he do?  He follows her of course.  Watching her walk through a street shopping area & buys what she buys, a scarf & a hot drink.  Then he stands up next to her, which surprises her at first but then he explains he's had a long day & he lost his criminal & she should be comforting him.  {{See? A charming & endearing little stinker.  It totally would have worked on me.}}

Finally he takes her home in a cab after giving her his scarf so she won't be cold.  We can't see her face anymore but she looks so cute all wrapped up in a big red scarf.  I gotta say I love the big winter scarves that they wear in these dramas.  I have looked & looked here & there isn't a single scarf available without that stupid fringe that I hate so much.  So I drool over K Drama scarves.

In the cab on the way back to her & Harry's house, she cries & JW pretends to sleep & not notice it, but he saw the bruises on her arm & hand & he knows what's going on & he tells her when they get to the house, "If he makes you cry... just one more time... I'm not going to wait until you come to me."  Then she goes inside & faces Harry.  And tells him that she wants to be involved in the lives of her mom & JW & she wants to help him solve who killed Det Kim.  At this point Harry laughs at her.  Which quite frankly would have pissed me off to no end.  And she's not exactly thrilled with it either.  But Harry, who if you remember is actually the one responsible for Det Kim's death, askes how is she going to help, 'He's a good detective & even after all these years he hasn't been able to solve it all'.  But she explains that she wants to remember all the memories so she can help.  She knows that Det Kim's last call to JW was to tell him he found her  but she can't remember much more than that because she was in such a state of shock from the rape etc...

At this point JW wants to scare her into not helping...he can't have her mucking up his revenge plans can he now?  He explains that he was on the run from the man who did that to his leg & wants to kill him.  But in the midst of all that terror there was only one person who was interested in him, in Kang Hyung Joon, the terrified orphaned little boy.  It was her & he wants to protect her but the man who was after him is still after him.  He killed Harry's mom & tried to kill him & he is still out there after him & so Harry has to keep his identity a secret because he knows that they, he & his "aunt" took SY, & if they find him they'll find SY & finish that job too.  He doesn't care that she doesn't love him, he just wants to protect her.  Then he tells her, he actually really likes Han Jung Woo. He saved him from the fire when they were younger. And found Harry's mom's necklace. And how he hopes they can all get along as friends.

The next morning Harry comes down stairs to find Sy has made them both a yummy breakfast.  Guess this means that his sob story the night before worked, as he had hoped it would, to subdue her for a little longer. After some teasing & good morning banter she says that she'll try to hard for them to all 3 be friends.  And then informs him that she is going to go & work at Bellos, JW's evil step mom's store.  Hopefully this will guilt the woman to stop trying to sell Zoey's designs without permission plus she is going crazy not working.  Once she gets to the store we get to see her re-organize the place to her specs & tell JW's mom that she really hates being interfered w while she is working.  And then JW calls & she tells him that she is working there too.  I loved his reaction after the phone call.

"I'm worried when she's sounding bright, and I worry when she cries..."

Wife calls JW & tells him the results of the autopsy report on Sang Chul's body.  He was drowned, his lungs were full of water & that the hair on the back of his head had been pulled.  They compare it to the murder of the rapist & notice glaring similarities.  And then realize that the body was thrown off the roof at the right time to get JW's attention but how did they know he was going to be there.  Obviously there is a leak somewhere.  Where did they mention that they would be visiting Jaekyung Hospital?  At Harry's house & then he remembers Harry & him talking about it at his evil step mother's office with her.  Guessing the list of suspects is growing.  But all of this adds up to, in JW's mind, that Cleaning Ahjumma is not the actual killer of the rapist.  But she might know who it is!

So JW goes to Cleaning Ahjumma in jail & tells her his suspicions that there is a murderer & there are multiple murders & he wants her to tell him the truth & everything she knows.  She explains that she thought it was SY that was the actual murderer, because as she hid in the closet, that night listening to the footsteps, the sound she heard was that of a woman's high heels clicking on the floor.  Just like the heels that SY wears & she wanted to protect SY & JW from having to be separated since she knew JW likes SY & that losing her again would hurt him & she loves JW as a son.  She asks him point blank, "If Lee Soo Yeon killed someone... do you think you can lock her away like you did to me?"  His answer was simply, "No.  I'm going to take her and run away." She argues that she doesn't think he, the detective, could do that & he argues back, "Before I'm a detective...I'm a man first."   Well said, "Chunnie".  Sigh.

Ahem anyway, then there is this cute little moment where he stalks SY at his mom's store.  {{Never in my life did I ever think that I would think stalking a girl is cute!  But when it's Yoochun doing the stalking, it really is so sweet.  Go figure.}}  He pulls up in his car outside & watches her through the window of the store.  smiling & waving & then he texts her & she looks up & he tries to get her to come out & she tells him to go away...all playfully done of course, with bashful smiles & giggles...on both sides.

Later Wife & JW's adoptive sister Eun Joo meet at the station house & both discover that maybe Zoey really is SY.  But Wife asks, "But then why are their fingerprints different?"  He explains when they suspected her of killing the rapist he took her fingerprints & compared them to SY's fingerprints on file & that they weren't a match.  Very puzzling.  Is it just me or did any of  you kind of think that Wife & Eun Joo would be a good match?  I mean unless of course Wife turns out to be Harry's spy or something.  Then never mind.

Meanwhile JW goes to his dad to ask him questions but finds him not in the office.  I liked it when HTJ's assistant tried to stop JW from being there waiting for HTJ & JW flashes his ID as a cop & says then don't think of me here as his son.  I'm a cop.  So I'm here on official business.  HTJ btw is at the hospital picking up Harry's mom.  While JW is waiting for HTJ, Harry arrives, he had an appointment w HTJ but apparently it was forgotten.  The two men leave together since HTJ really isn't coming back to the office right now.  As they are walking through the parking garage JW takes a note of the sound made when Harry walks with his cane.  Sounds very similar to the sound a woman's high heels would make too.  Then there is posturing & manliness from JW when he points out to Harry that he can be scary too when he gets angry & I couldn't help myself I went straight to my sci fi filled childhood & picture JW turning into the Incredible Hulk.  "You wouldn't like me when I'm angry."  Giggles.  They seem to be at an impasse.

Back to HTJ & Harry's mom, where did he take her?  To his house, of course.  Informing his wife that she needs to send all the staff away & take care of the house herself because he doesn't want anyone to know he's got this woman in his grasp.  Needless to say Evil Stepmom is not a happy camper at this news.  But he warns her that he needs the woman close as Kang Hyung Joon has actually had someone killed.  While driving back to Harry's house, JW gets a phone call from his sister.  Telling him his mom's sister, his long lost aunt has arrived at their house.  Telling him that she looks a  lot like he does & she's very pretty.  He's a little puzzled, he didn't know about this aunt.  His sister explains she's a little out of her mind but she looks like JW.  Harry btw is listening to this entire conversation & now knows his mother is actually alive.  Once they get back to his house he runs to his computer & turns on the IM to "Someone", {{I can't wait to find out who "Someone" really is!!}} & tells them to go to his house & find out whether it's his mom or not.

He comes out to find JW playing pool & then they decide to get drunk but in order to get drunk they should eat too.  Then while sitting down to eat & drink he pulls out his cell phone & shows Harry & SY the picture he took of the crayon drawing at the hospital...he thinks it's cute. Even pointing out that the woman in the drawing (the mom) is wearing the exact necklace SY is wearing.  He gets an IM from "Someone" at this point telling him they can't get into the house & asking what do you want me to do if it is your mom?"  But then JW gets another text from his sister.  She's going to send him a picture of his aunt.  And Harry is thinking to himself & we get to hear it courtesy of voice over.  "My mother is in Han Tae Joon's hands, and Han Jung Woo is right in front of me." While waiting for the picture text to arrive JW gives a little back story...

How his mother passed away when he was young, and he doesn't know if there are no pictures of her  because his father remarried or what but he has no pics of his mother & no memory of her either.  He can't remember what she looks like but he heard she's pretty.  Just like his aunt.  The picture arrives & as he starts to show it to SY, Harry panics & using his cane knocks JW & SY & the phone to the floor.

And that is where the episode ends.  Big breath in & out.  It was very good & very cliffhanger-ish.  I just want to go on & watch the last episodes marathon style & see what happens I am in agony but if I do that then I would have to go back through & re-watch before I could review each episode for you guys & there is no way I have the discipline for that. :)  It took me forever to review Love Rain because of that same reason.

So I have to add my pictures & edit & then this review will be live & I can go & watch ep 15.  Look for that review tomorrow.  Have a good night my fellow AddiKts!


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