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IMY ep 15 {{Dramatic Friday Review}}

At the end of episode 14 Harry had just knocked the cell phone, w his cane no less, that had his mom's picture on it, out of JW's hand so that SY couldn't see the picture.  Knocking both JW & SY to the floor in the process.  Basically he panicked.

As SY gets up, in shock, she realizes that JW's hand has been badly scratched & is bleeding from the strike of the cane. After she rushes off to get the first aid kit JW & Harry face off.  Harry has to try & cover up his real reason for hitting the phone from JW's hand, so he postures that he is sick of JW flirting w Zoey.  She is Harry's after all & demands that JW leaves.  JW counters, explaining to Harry he isn't going anywhere without SY.  He left her once before but he won't be a coward this time.  There is some shirt grabbing & threatening advances on both sides...until Harry realizes SY is coming back & he purposefully drops his cane to the floor, thereby making him appear more vulnerable, as if JW is attacking.  Of course SY falls for it & rushes to break up the brewing fight.  Harry turns to SY & tells her to ask JW to leave their home.  She decides she has had enough being caught between these two men & tells them both she doesn't want to be Lee Soo Yeon OR Zoey anymore & then quickly turns & walks off...Harry w out his cane stumbles after her begging her not to go as he can't go after her.  After she leaves, JW says he's done feeling sorry for Harry after this & he is going to take SY from Harry now.  Then in his sexiest manliest way possible he tells Harry not to bother waiting up for her as he won't be letting her leave him that night.  Rowr!  You tell him Yoochun...uh...I mean...Mickey...Dang it!  I mean Jung Woo!  {{Separate fact from fiction Unnie}}

JW chases down SY going first the outside Soju place she likes so much, she's not there...finally he spots her on the other side of the street just walking, in the freezing cold sans jacket, & rushes to her side trying to put his jacket on her but she refuses to be what they want anymore & pushes him away.  Finally he confronts her & their past by asking if she hasn't forgiven him yet, is that why she won't leave Harry's side.  Because he knows she doesn't actually love Harry & he hates that she is by his side.  Finally she breaks down & hits him a few times & then sobs out that when he wasn't with her she felt dead inside without him.  Eventually he just pulls her in & hugs her close while she sobs some more.  Meanwhile Harry is still sitting on the couch watching the door from the elevator, waiting for SY to come home.  

She doesn't go home but she also doesn't go to her mom's house either.  She ends up going back to the little office at Bellos for the night.  JW tries to wheedle his way inside the same room as her but she isn't falling for it & eventually he gives up & goes downstairs to sleep on the main floor of the store.  Once down there he calls her mom, his "girlfriend", & plays on her sympathies pretending to be cold at the police station, all the while Eun Joo is listening in on their conversation.  After he hangs up with her he heads back upstairs to find SY asleep on the little bed in the back.  He watches her sleep & smooths her bangs on her forehead w a little clip in the shape of a clothes pin, like he did when they were young. Finally he just holds her hand & falls asleep sitting on the floor next to her.  Awwwwwwww... 

The next morning, or sometime in the wee hours of the morning I am guessing, we see SY put a blanket on him & head to the drafting table where she begins working on some fashion design drawings.  Harry btw is STILL sitting there, on the couch in the dark, watching the elevator entrance for SY.  Yeah he's getting ever so much creepier each episode.  The next morning finally dawns completely & JW's little sis arrives at the store & finds her Oppa asleep on the floor & decides to rub his shoulders & cuddle with him, which in his dreams he interprets as SY cuddling up to him, he wakes up but doesn't look & tells her he'll give her to the count of 3.  But then just proclaims "3!" & grabs her & swings her to in front of him pressed against the bed.  This is when he realizes this is not SY!  Um awkward & a little gross...even if she isn't his full sister, 1/2 is still gross enough to me to have me gagging, just a little.  But his expression was cute when he realized he was caught.  Just as he did this, SY happened to walk in & find him & he stammers out... "this this this is my dongsaeng.  My little sister."  But she just stands there silently while his sister jumps up & asks him why he was asleep there to begin with.  He lamely explains it was for work, he fell asleep.

They leave & head back to HTJ's house, his sister wants him to meet his aunt.  Greeted by HTJ's security they try to prevent him from entering, but he points out he is the son of this house & pushes past them.  Eventually his stepmother walks in w his aunt in hand & yells at him to get out.  Bringing his father out to find out what's going on & then he too yells at JW to get out.  While father & son face off, a scream sounds from the room his aunt & step mother are in & they all go running to find the man in black, including a black face mask, ala City Hunter, as he is ripping the little tubing flower sculpture his aunt was holding out of her hand & trying to escape through the window.  JW of course follows & there is a brief fight & then his sister walks out & the man in black grabs her & holds a gun to her head, he wants that sculpture & to escape & he manages to, thanks to the stupidity of JW's little sister.  Aish stupid girl!  I could have strangled her.  Why do writers & directors have to write women so stupid?  I would know better than to just walk out all sweet & innocent calling, "Oppa, Oppa?" if I had just seen a man in a mask, escape my house, & my brother, a COP, go after him.  I'd have watched from the window or door or waited inside, unless I too, was armed & able to defend myself & be of actual help to my Oppa.  UGH I hate stupid &/ or weak female characters.  Okay rant over.

What is Harry doing?  Oh he's still sitting on the couch watching the elevator entrance.  Truly so creepy!  But someone does come through the doorway.  No really it is "Someone".  The very same "Someone" with which he has been communicating. {{And I would have been on the edge of my seat going crazy not knowing who he was, BUT for the love of a great reader who sent me the spoiler in email, as I asked in my last DFR.  See? One of you loves me. ^_^  Thank you so much A!  I was so relieved to know that "Someone" was not Wife as I had suspected.}}  Someone is actually HTJ's right hand man/secretary/body guard.  WOW!!  When you want someone to spy it's best if you get them right in the thick of the enemy's camp, eh?  He places the flower sculpture on the table by Harry.    And then Harry, in his most creepiest yet, tells his spy that Zoey has left him & that he wants the spy to bring her back.  No matter what.  Even if he has to kill her first.  That if he can't have her no one can.  *shudder*  Yoo Seung Ho {{Baby Oppa}} you are truly getting creeptastic!  I love watching you show your truly insane evil side, you are awesome at evil.  

Back at the store later on, SY gets a visitor.  Eun Joo has arrived to determine for herself if she is really SY & to warn her, as she suspects you can see it, that she really is SY, that if she were SY she would be angrier than if she were dead.  Because her dad died trying to find SY & if she, Eun Joo, were to find out SY was live after all this time & doing well it would well & truly piss her off.  She'd rather SY stay dead & missing than to ever see her again.  Dang, talk about Harsh!  Which makes SY feel extremely bad, because even though she didn't get to spend a lot of time w Eun Joo, you can see she really cared about her "Sister".  And she determines that the only way she can go home after that is IF she helps locate & expose the person behind Det Kim's death all those years ago & make it right for Eun Joo.

JW goes to his father after the man in black escapes & shows him the picture of their family that was found on Sang Chul's body.  He begs his father to come clean & tell him the secrets he's been keeping from JW all these years.  The truth behind his & SY's kidnapping, behind the rapist & his incarceration, behind Sang Chul's death etc...  Of course his father believes he is impenetrable.  He is HTJ!!!  No one would dare!!  But JW keeps on telling his father he is going to find out the truth no matter what.  He will protect his family even if he has to protect them from his stupid, overbearing, cold, heartless father.  {{Okay I added in that last part myself but I think it's what's between the lines imho.}}

Outside HTJ's house JW gets a phone call from Wife.  The body of Dir Nam has washed up & not just anywhere.  Right next to the same bridge/dam that the rapist claimed is where he dumped SY's body 14 years ago.  This cannot possibly be a coincidence!  Not only that but he was drowned before he was placed in the trunk of the car & then it pushed into the river.  Overkill anyone?  Just then JW decides he has to search the body for more clues, as he believes this was done to get his attention, just like Sang Chul's body & if he finds evidence then he knows this is a serial killer at work & that he'll need to rescind Cleaning Ahjumma's confession, as she is obviously not the killer as she says she is.  And sure enough he finds a piece of evidence in the mouth of the Dir Nam.  A USB with a huge & complete list of slush funds & the participants which includes the Chief of Police all under Han Tae Joon's doing.

Just as they are discovering this, who else walks in but the Chief of Police himself.  Who gets more than a little angry by the accusations & demands that the team there hands over all the evidence to a different team, that he has put together.  But as JW has already pointed out to his Supervisor before the Chief arrived he knows this means his father will be likely be arrested but he doesn't care & if it means he needs to remove himself from the case in order for it to be investigated by honest police then so be it.  He mouths off quite a lot to the Chief who in turn loses his temper & fires JW completely.  JW happily hands over his badge, cuffs & gun to the Chief himself so that the case can be handled properly & honestly.  There were judges, politicians & all sorts of other officials, on that list, in his father's pockets.  And he warns the Chief before they are all through he will see the Chief is removed from his position as a crooked guy & all the secrets from the past exposed, including the truth behind SY.  He knows it's all tied together & he'll make sure it happens that everyone & everything is exposed.

Back at Bellos, SY is finished w her stuff for the day, but shows no desires to go back to Harry's, she remembers a package that had been delivered to her earlier that day & decides to open it.  It's another USB.  So she starts to open it & hears a bang downstairs & once down there discovers a mannequin has fallen over.  Not realizing it was a ruse to get her away from the room so that the man in black can take her phone put it on vibrate & stick it someplace where she won't be able to hear it.  Once back in the office she opens the file on the USB.  It contains voice files of Sang Chul begging for his life & claiming his & his brother's innocence in SY's death & disappearance 14 years ago.  He also confesses that his brother was ordered by HTJ to confess to her death & that HTJ, JW's dad is behind all of it.  She is shocked & scared & listens again & again.  Meanwhile at the police station JW, who is packing his stuff gets a phone call from SY's phone but when he answers it all he hears is a voice recording of a little boy asking about the visiting hours &  rm 302 in Jaekyung hospital.  This recording has his father's voice talking to the doctor at the hospital talking about how JW will be coming soon & to keep it all on the DL.  He panics & runs to SY.

SY is having flashbacks as she listens to the voice file on the USB to the day that she made the phone call to JW before they skipped town.  Remembering his aunt taking the phone from her & telling Harry that she called HTJ's son, namely JW, & that they are as good as dead if they don't leave & leave her behind & then Harry begging & pleading his aunt to take her with them.  JW is driving like a bat out of hell trying to simultaneously get to SY at Bellos, as he believes she is in serious danger, & calling her but remember after the man in black called him & let him hear the recording he put the phone vibrate under her pillow so she wouldn't hear it.  She leaves Bellos for Harry, who is talking to his spy who informs Harry that she should be returning to his side soon.  BTW Harry then calls his spy Harry.  He is the real Harry Borrison.  

JW gets to Bellos & finds her gone & then we see her walk into Harry's house & Harry upon seeing her bursts into tears & clings to her legs preventing her from moving or leaving.  She asks him again, you really don't know who did that to your leg?  Obviously he knows, she remembers the aunt/nurse telling him HTJ (JW's father) would be coming to kill them soon, so I'm not sure if she was trying to get him to confess what she already knows or if she's still not sure herself.  But he just keeps insisting he doesn't.  She ends up on the floor, w him holding onto her in an embrace, her facing away from the elevator & him facing the elevator, over her shoulder when all of a sudden JW walks in from the elevator entrance & sees the embrace.  She starts to get up because she realizes JW is there but Harry grabs a hold of her tighter, on purpose & very manipulatively says out loud, "I knew you'd come back to me." All for JW's benefit of course.  Then he smiles smugly over her shoulder, she tries to jerk away but he grabs her tighter & won't let her.  JW looks shocked, she looks shocked, we see the USB in her hand & the flower sculpture on the table next to them both & we see Harry smile evilly.  And that was the end of the episode.  Whew!  I feel like I just ran a marathon addiKts.  Seriously so good!!!

I'm off to a band concert for my eldest monstrosity & finish laundry & spend the evening waiting for Incarnation of Money ep 15 to finish subbing so I can dive into that.  I seriously love that show.  I will see you next week for my WWU.  Have a great rest of the weekend.  Have fun & relax & catch a K drama or 2 or you know a dozen, nothing like a good K drama marathon.  :)  And then come back & tell us all about what you watch. 


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