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IMY ep 16 {{Dramatic Friday Review}}

Note to self:
Never warn Dongsaeng that I am watching the show I am reviewing & that her texts might appear in screenshots. *SMH*  It just encourages her to send me inappropriate text messages in the hopes that they will get caught.  Not that I'd have done any differently, just something to remember in future.  I managed to avoid the worst of her messages, & there were some doozies, but she was successful, so enjoy this week's serious post, w a little Dongsaeng humor thrown in to lighten the mood, AddiKts.

{{Pssst can I just say I love her to bits & pieces?!?!  She is seriously my favorite person on the planet!}}

Now on to serious reviewing...only 2 weeks to go after this week...coming in on the home stretch...going to get good or so I am told.

Last week the show ended w JW arriving just in time to see Harry embrace SY & tell her & manipulatively tell he knew she'd come back to him, just for JW's benefit.  So here is the recap... lots of drama drama drama.  Up to speed now?  *lol*  good.

So Harry & Soo Yeon have both received voice messages, via phone & flash drive, of BIG clues from what happened all those years ago.  Now we know that the clues JW was given came via SY's phone, taken by the real Harry Borrison, who is the spy over HTJ, for Harry Borrison, aka Kang Hyung Joon.  {{NOT confusing at all...sigh}}  But where did that Flash drive come from?  Was it sent to SY from Harry as well?  Or did someone else send that to her?  They weren't very clear on that subject at the end of the last ep.  She goes home & confronts Harry...already knowing he knows who is responsible for his leg, her abduction etc...but he plays dumb.  Probably not his smartest move but whatevs.

Now JW wants SY to come with him, Harry wants her to stay w him.  She looks like a deer caught in the headlights.  Eventually JW decides to stay, since Harry is playing the "I'm hurt, take care of me" card, making SY feel too guilty to leave Harry's side.  Since she can't leave, & he is afraid for her life, knowing her phone was used to place that disturbing phone call to him, he opts, against Harry's wishes, to sleep on the sofa at their house.  Even offering to "piggyback" Harry to his room.  Thankfully, either Harry opted out of that offer or they just didn't show it.  It would be seriously hard for me to take Harry as a serious threat afterwards, had they shown him being piggybacked by JW.   In his room he confronts SY & she in turn confronts him.  He still plays dumb but he does reveal a little bit of his madness to her.  Since she knows, that he knows that it was all HTJ's fault, we can see she is upset by his reveal that if & when he finds out who is responsible he will pay them back for everything.  He will do what has been done to him to the culprit & to the culprit's kids!  This means JW is in danger from Harry.

While SY & Harry are talking JW is taking notes from the recording.  Room 302 seems to be a big deal & he remembers that it was the room at Jaekyung hospital that was empty but had a patient assigned to it & he remembers the doctor there that is apparently in the midst of all this too.  SY leaves Harry's room & pulls out the flash drive again remembering what she heard that HTJ, JW's dad, was responsible for all of it.  Then JW comes over to her & starts whispering to her.  He follows her to get a drink & can see she is upset, so he does that cute thing he does, where he disarms you with his cute charms.  He whispers to her.... "Harry is a jerk...he uses being sick as an excuse to hug you & lean on you right in front of me."     When asked why he is whispering he tells her that she used to be so quiet when they were kids & that is what drew him to her to begin with.  {{Awwww...}}  Then she confronts him about being fired from the Police Station.  He blows it off saying that the chief was being a jerk to him so he told him to shove it...yes I paraphrased.  Then they are all sweet & soft & hand holdy & JW smiles all bashfully & I went all happy feels.  {{Sigh...Yoochun}}

The next morning SY walks into her design office to find a detective from JW's team going through & searching the office for anything out of the ordinary.  JW called his team, they have a plan & part of it involves round the clock watch on SY.  Whether it's JW himself or one of his cop friends.  At HTJ's house JW is about to go undercover by going home to keep an eye on HTJ & try to catch him in the act.  Wife shows up w his Supervisor & they are ready to start the project, arming JW w surveillance equipment & communication devices to keep him in contact while he searches his father's house for evidence.  He also gives them the name from the recording...Kang Hyun Joo, Harry's mom, to research & figure out that piece of the puzzle.

Best part is when Wife leaves the van to follow JW & tell him he knows his birth secret w a little teasing first of course.   LOL  I LOVE WIFE!  {{And he made me realize that Dongsaeng & I are a lot like Wife & JW, after getting her funny texts while trying to be responsible.  Awwww.... great friendships can never be bought, they just are.}}  Anyway back to the birth secret...  She is not really his aunt!  The way they revealed this info left me a little confused but the bottom line is, that she is supposedly NOT his real aunt, even though he looks like her.  So who is she, they wonder???

At this point it's time for JW to enter the Lion's Den.  JW, Fighting!  He gets past the guards at the gate by reminding him that he is the one who saved them the other day.  Shamefully they let him pass. LOL  Once inside the door the acting begins.  By now HTJ has been informed by the Chief, who is in his pocket, that JW has been dismissed.  This is pointed out to HTJ by JW, btw.  He explains he has nowhere else to go & no job so he is home because he now realizes that it's having a tummy full of warm food that matters most.  He sits down to breakfast & starts eating.  Needless to say Evil Step Mama is not happy that not only does she have to put up w the crazy lady from the hospital but now she has to deal w JW too?!?!  She confronts HTJ who tells her to shut up & get out if she doesn't like it.  {{Such a doting & loving husband}}  He then reminds her that Kang Hyung Joon has already killed, including Dir Nam.

Harry is in his secret lair inside his house w the real Harry.  He tells him he is dismissed but the real Harry points out that Kang Hyung Joon's mom is still alive & inside HTJ's house, which means they can't blame her murder on HTJ as originally planned so what are they going to do?  To which Kang Hyung Joon tells Harry that he is ... "going to do the same thing to Han Tae Joon."  The real Harry promises to get HTJ out of the house so that Harry can get in & see his mom.

At HTJ's house JW is going through exploring every inch looking for clues, evidence anything that will help solve the problem.  Here is the real purpose to the plan.  He's got Wife on an ear piece talking to him as he explores the house.  Almost getting caught in his Evil Step Mom's closet.  Where is Wife?  He is at the hospital searching through all the evidence there & has found a wiretapping device in the phone & he's got the good doctor's hard drive too.  When the doctor demands an explanation Wife smiles sweetly & looks like he's tickled pink to deliver the news that he figures he & the doctor will be seeing a lot of each other from now on.  And then cheekily & happily shows him the Search Warrant.  *giggling at Wife*  Later Wife informs him that JW isn't the only that has been to the hospital asking questions.  He gets the cell phone number of the other man whose been snooping around.  JW is still searching the house, he's made it into his father's study but HTJ refuses to leave the house, so it's makes his search a lot slower.  When his father walks in on him, JW tells him he left his resume on his father's desk.  His father stands there for a minute looking to see if JW touched anything but nothing has been touched & sure enough that resume is right where he said it would be.

Then JW gets to his "aunt's" room.  She's asleep w another one of her tubing sculptures in her hand...just as he reaches for it she wakes up & starts to get upset.  He offers to bring her HTJ when she starts calling for him excitedly.  As if HTJ would protect her.

{Dongsaeng's last text/screenshot}
I am glad she went with shaving her pits, as opposed to braiding them, as she had originally planned.  Whew!  ;)

She calms down & she reaches out to him placing his hand on top of the sculpture & repeating "baby" over & over.  He repeats after her, thoroughly confused.  And then HTJ comes in & tells JW to keep her presence there a secret.  JW mumbles about being treated like a dog by his father but promises to play hard during the day and work hard to protect the house at night.  But his father isn't finished yet humiliating his son.  reminding him that he is sure JW already knows this, since he crawled back to the house after all these years, but the only place JW can do anything for himself is in HTJ's shadow.  {{HTJ just gets on my very last nerve, were I JW, I am not sure I wouldn't have started trying to beat the crap out of that horrible ... insert your own obscenity here}}  Wife arrives at SY's mom's house, she summoned him to come & take some things to JW.  Remember he played on her sympathy the other day, pretending to be sick & cold at the Police Station, when he was really warm & spending the night near SY.  Well she's packed him a heating blanket & some things to help him get better faster, unaware that JW is fine & healthy at his dad's house.  Eun Joo comes out then & asks to speak to Wife alone.  And she reveals that she knows that Zoey is SY, it's here that Wife reveals that JW has gone undercover into his father's house to catch Det Kim's murderer & that she shouldn't be mad at him, which of course mom overhears as well.

Later Wife calls JW & tells him that the guy who has been checking into the murders as well, is an older man, a former detective himself.  Lt. Choi.  JW remembers that was the name of the grandfather type who ran the pool hall & helped Det Kim just before his death.  On his way to go check him out he stops outside the house & has a little visit w his dad's head secretary & when he claps him on the shoulder Secretary Yoon winces & he gets suspicious...after all the guy did disappear the other day after the man in black attacked the house.  JW misses nothing as Secretary Yoon plays dumb, claiming he strained a muscle during a work out.  After his father comes out & leaves JW immediately places a phone call to his Supervisor to have check out Secretary Yoon.  Good boy JW.  Now that HTJ has finally left the house JW will get an undisturbed chance to search through his office & paperwork.  Which nets him some good clues but he hasn't been able to figure out how to open that fancy black laquerred locked cabinet/safe in the corner, so he takes a pic of it & sends it in message asking if there is way to open it.

He meets up w SY for some good times, cuteness, stolen kisses & hugs & oh yeah let's throw in some lunch while we're at it, including teasing her by quoting how much she liked JW, by what she wrote in her diary about him.  It's during their lunch that he shows her the picture on his phone of his aunt & SY KNOWS that Harry KNOWS & she gets visibly upset when she remembers his promise to carry out his revenge on HTJ & his kids.  He can see she's upset & that she knows something but she isn't talking & when he asks her to go with him to Lt Choi she doesn't feel she can since it was trying to find her that got Det Kim killed so he goes alone.  While they are having lunch secretary Yoon being the good spy he is informs Harry that HTJ has left his house, leaving it open for Harry to visit Hwang Mi Rae (evil step mom) re: doing business with her.  Which is just a ruse to get him in the house & give him a chance to see his mom.  Although I suspect he is also setting her up to screw up her business & help destroy her & HTJ some more.  As he is loaning her more money.  Which she is hesitant about but he assures her is okay as all business operate on borrowed money anyway.

After their meeting he leaves the office & goes in search of his mom.  And when he finds her... well things don't go as planned for him.  His mom, doesn't recognize him, nor does she have any moments of clarity after he tells her who he is & calls her mom.  Instead she panics & freaks out & screams for HTJ.  Which brings SY & Evil Step Mom into the room.  Harry's mom is freaking out, Harry is sobbing & freaking out, SY is trying to cover his ears, completely aware that he is her son & that hearing her scream for HTJ instead of him is killing him emotionally.  Evil Step Mom covers her up & asks them to leave completely unaware of what is going on which seemed weird considering that Harry was sitting there freaking out as much as his mom was, I mean wouldn't that have made you look at him & say, "Um...excuse me I know she's crazy but what's your problem?  Why are YOU freaking out over some strange woman being afraid of you?!?"

While all of that crazy has been going on JW & Lt Choi have reunited & JW discovers that Lt Choi has been searching for all sorts of clues over the years & that he knows about as much as JW & that he has been collecting tons of pieces of evidence, that the actual police discarded or didn't take note of, including a crumpled soda can that had DNA evidence on it.  Yes, the same soda can that was placed under the brake pedal of Det Kim's car.  He even had a DNA analysis run on the saliva in the can, as it was drunk just prior to it's use.  And in that baggy is another smaller evidence baggy.  It contains one small simple item.  A picture of Michelle Kim, the same Michelle Kim who drowned in her swimming pool which kicked off everything.  And then he realizes that this picture is attached to another picture behind it & he peels apart the 2 pictures & he sees a picture of a little boy.  The little boy from his past that he rescued from the fire w SY 14 years ago.  And now as realization dawns he KNOWS who Harry is.

Harry & SY have left HTJ's house by now & Harry freaks out w a terrified SY right next to him.  He pulls off in the middle of the neighborhood crossroad & screams viscerally aloud a few times.  It's time.  SY confronts his knowledge of HTJ & his responsibility for all of this.  He now knows that she knows everything too & just then JW pulls to a screeching stop & opens Harry's door of the car & he too admits that he knows who Harry really is & that is where this episode stops.

Secrets revealed, evil deeds uncovered.  What will happen next????  I can't wait to find out!

Time to pick up a kid form school & start watching ep 17.


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