Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Unnie's WWU: How I'd love to pick a bias' brain!

This morning while checking my email, eating breakfast & perusing my Twitter/FB feeds I came across a friend's share post of a DF post/video of Jun Il Woo being "interviewed".  Okay it wasn't an interview so much as he was answering fans questions.  It was a cute little video with JIW being is his sweet, cute, funny self.  Sigh worthy & everything.  And I adored watching him blush & chuckle...he chuckled cos real men don't giggle.  ;)  You can find the video here.

And while I did, in fact, LOVE the video I had to SMH at the vapid surface questions that were picked.  I don't know if you guys know this... but I ... am old. *hanging my head*  LOL  I am.  I am a fan girl almost in her *gulp* late 30s.   {Oh how painful it was to use the word "Late" shudder}}  I am, by South Korea's standards, an "ahjumma".  *Shudder* I'd much rather be an "agassi" but that's neither here nor there.  I passed that bridge about a million years & 4 kids ago, at least according to my loving eldest son.  Kids are so awesome! {{There is a real need for a sarcasm font here.}}  And with my birthday looming closer, in just a couple more months, I am aging ever closer to the apex of the "hill" & into passing from "almost" my late 30s to actually being "IN" my late 30s.  GASP!!  My point is that I completely understand that probably 99% of the fan girls out there are in their teens & early 20s.  And therefore the questions they ask are going to be of a certain viewpoint.

Namely "How do I get my Oppa to see me & want to date me as much as I want to date him?"  I also realize that probably 99.9999999% of all bias interviews are going to go through intense screening & pre-approved questions from the agencies/managers etc...that run our bias' lives.  And unfortunately the questions they most approve are the questions that don't really let us know just WHO our bias' really are, especially when they aren't being our bias' but just regular guys/girls.  

Personally, I would love to sit down & discuss life & the pursuit of happiness w several different K stars.  Who wouldn't love to pick the brain of a bias?  I would love to get their viewpoints on a lot of different topics other than where they buy their clothes, how they keep their skin so young looking, what their "Ideal" type is, etc...?   Especially since "Ideals" tend to change as you age & mature.  So what WAS his ideal will most likely morph into something very different in a few years.  My CA is a prime example of how he didn't pick his youthful "ideal" type of girl as his mate.  When he was 21, his sister asked him, this was way before I came on scene, what kind of girls he liked & he told her blonde hair & blue eyes.  Ummm...I don't know if you know this...but I'm a brunette, w big brown eyes.  Dark brown.  He also wanted someone around 5'6" & I am just barely 5'2".  Jokes on him....sucker!   What can I say, I'm hypnotic.  {{It's okay you can roll your eyes, I just did ...@.@}} BTW That how do you keep your skin so young looking seems really pointless to me considering that most of our bias' are in fact YOUNG!  Duh they keep it young by being young!  Ask them again when they're my age.

Wouldn't you like to know if your bias read?  What he reads?  What his political viewpoints are?  If he has any political viewpoints?  Not to argue with him but to just know him/her better.  Wouldn't you like to know if he has a close relationship in his family, what inspires him in life?  How he spends his down time?  Does he love video games or movies more?  What his favorite swear word is? Okay that last one I got from James Lipton & the Actor's Studio interviews he does... I love that question!  IDK why? o.O  And it's mate question what his least favorite swear word is?   How he feels about life, religion, equal rights?  I have a million questions.  Alas I think even were I to be given the opportunity, for some weird reason, most of my questions would probably not pass that screening of the agency in charge.  Or maybe just not pass the option to actually post them in my interview.  So sad.

So my question to you guys...what questions would you like to ask your bias or any bias?  Post your questions in the comments section.  I'd love to hear what else we'd really like to know.  Am I alone in wanting a more intimate interview of a bias?  I think the reality shows like "strong Heart" which has since been revamped into the new show "Incarnation" did/does a pretty good job of going more in depth & I appreciate that.  And honestly I don't "hate" the silly questions like what do you do on a date, I just would like something more to go along with them, something that helps to counter balance the shallow w some depth.

As for myself? Unlike the bias' I don't have an agency, nor do I really have a need for one I know. LOL  But even if I did, I am an open book.  I over share most of the time.  Have a question(s) you want to ask me, ask away!  But be prepared for long winded replies.  I tend to talk...a lot!~~ think my posts are long winded, baby you ain't seen nothing!  Ask Dongsaeng, I'm a talker.  That about covers my thoughts for this week.  Anybody have any questions?  As a thank you for sticking it out with me I'd like to leave you some yummy eye candy...

In the form of the YG Family Special (just pt 1)  from Strong Heart over a year ago.  I wanted to be able to share the G Dragon/Daesung Incarnation episode but I haven't been able to find it subbed....yet.  I will keep on the look out & share it at some future date...unless Dongsaeng beats me to it. :)

Strong Heart is probably one of my favorite "reality" K shows, just behind 1N2D.  I like how they get the stars to open up about their lives & you get to see them be & act ridiculous from time to time.  It's fun to watch them "Ham" it up for the camera, basically it has that good balance I was talking about where you get to see the silly & the more in depth.  

I hope the video gives you a few good chuckles & that you have an excellent rest of the week.  Look for my IMY reviews both of them Thursday night.  As this Friday is Good Friday it means my kids' Spring Break begins & I will probably not be doing any reviews next week or a WWU while they are on vacay, it's FAMILY TIME! ^_^   Really hoping the weather here warms up for the holiday.  Come on SPRING!!!


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