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Nine: Nine Times Time Travel ep 7 [Dramatic Review]

Wow, so yeah, it's starting to get good now, don't you think?  I mean, it was already good before, but schnikey, they've upped the excitement a bit starting in this episode.  Moments like this I wish I could just marathon it all, but I can't since I'm doing reviews and can't get too far ahead.  I pushed it today watching 7 and 8 before even writing 6.  Thankfully I had done most of the work on 6 already, it just needed finishing touches.  It's just the downside to choosing a good drama for reviews - having to patiently pace myself as the writing part takes more time than the watching part.  Now, the reading part shouldn't take longer though, so I'll get down to business and start chatting about episode 7.

Nine's Nine of Ep 7

1.  Hey, I just met you and this is crazy, but here's the phone now, save your Daddy maybe?
Creepy McCreeper shows up in 20 yr younger self's bedroom late one night and wakes him up.  He let's him know who he is and explains what exactly is about to happen in the next 20 minutes of the kid's life, from a phone call from his friend to the death of his father.  Phone rings right on cue, it's Young Hoon saying that he can't go on their double date the next day because his sister took his money, yadda yadda...kid is freaked out.  Uhm, yeah, you think?  Some random stranger comes in to your room in the middle of the night, tells you that he's future you, and predicts the next 20 minutes of your life from a simple phone call to the death of your father.  He then hands you a phone and tells you to call your dad and get him to come home.  What are you to do?

2.  Stranger Danger
Well, I'll tell you what young Seon Woo does.  He takes the phone, calls dad, starts with the story that mom has fainted as he was instructed to do, then suddenly takes a different approach.  He screams into the phone that it's a lie and that there is a strange man in his room.  There's a struggle between the Seon Woos that ends with the young one hitting his head and passing out.  Well, not exactly how he had intended it to go, but sure that that will accomplish the goal to get Dad home, so Seon Woo is satisfied.

3.  007 009
Once his younger self is safely passed out and his dad is leaving the hospital, Seon Woo goes into spy mode.  He enters his father's office at the hospital and places cameras all around the room in order to see what really happens.  He then sets up a command center in another room and begins to monitor the cameras.

4.  I'll Be Back
While waiting for the suspicious fire to start, Seon Woo gives himself a call.  There's back and forth between them - with the younger version wanting all sorts of answers like where he's going to go to college and whether or not he gets married.  Older Seon Woo won't tell him though, since that would make life boring.  He does however tell him that there are some things that he needs to know and that he'll meet him the next night.  And then he drops the bomb - it's important that you show up or someone else will also die.  Duhn duhn duhn!  I don't know, would that convince you to meet the mysterious stranger who broke into your room and claimed to be future you?

5.  When What to my Wondering Eyes Should Appear...
The time is here.  The clock has run down and it's time for the culprit to enter.  Who will it be?  Obviously we're expecting Dr Evil, right?  But no.  Who should enter the office moments before the fire is supposed to start but Jeong Woo.  Whoa.

6.  Changing the Past...Slightly
Dad (Park Cheon Soo) has left the hospital and gone home to rescue his son from the intruder.  When he gets there though, the intruder is gone.  But he's safe right?  He left the hospital so he's no longer in danger from dying right?  Problem solved.  Or is it?  Back in 2012, a very anxious Young Hoon is monitoring the newspaper article about the 1992 death of Cheon Soo.  Suddenly, the screen wipes clean.  The death date on the urn disappears.  It's looking great!  Until...  silly.  You really think that that was all that it took?  We're only in episode 7 you know.  Nothing can be that simple, now can it?  Sure enough, almost as soon as it is cleared away, the news article comes back, same as before, only a different time and date.  Instead of the night of the 30th, the fire is at 2am on the 31st, so just a few hours later than original.  Sorry to get your hopes up just to then dash them to pieces, but yeah, the past was only slightly altered.  Dad still dies.  Seon Woo has some more work ahead of him.

7.  Hey Brother, Sorry to Bug You, but Did You Kill Our Dad?
After seeing his brother show up on the surveillance cameras, Seon Woo decides to give him a ring and ask where he might have been that night.  Jeong Woo is enjoying a nice dinner out with his wife and friends when he gets the phone call.  You thought talking to yourself was an awkward conversation to have, how about asking your brother if he killed dad?  That's gotta be good for the brotherly relationship.

8.  The Truth Begins to Reveal Itself
So we start to get a picture about what happened that night.  And secrets are starting to be revealed.  It starts with a text from Dr Evil telling Seon Woo that his father was already dead when he showed up that night and that he died not at 2am, but at 12:30.  This prompts Seon Woo to leave his anchor desk mid-way through his final broadcast and go back to 1992.  And the things he finds out are just...whoa.  Long story short - Jeong Woo is upset.  He wants to marry his girl that dad has made him break up with.  In this conversation, Jeong Woo tells Dad that he doesn't want to inherit the hospital from his father.  This enrages Cheon Soo who starts yelling at his eldest son about how the hospital was never going to be his.  Then he kind of hints at the fact that Jeong Woo is not actually his son.  Enter Mom.  Mom and Dad get in a heated argument and Dad says some nasty things.  I don't know about you, but it was about at this point where I started wondering why Seon Woo was trying so hard to save Dad's life because Dad kind of strikes me as a donkey's big behind.  There is some sort of altercation off camera that we don't see, but that results in Dad laying on the ground, blood pooling on the floor, Mom freaking out and Jeong Woo running away.

9.  Blood on His Hands
Dr Evil, who I suppose has a real name and I might have to start using it just in case he's not quite as evil as originally assumed, has just pulled up to the hospital when Jeong Woo comes running out, covered in his father's blood.  Dr Evil goes up to the office and sees his best friend lying there and crazed Mom trying to call 119 in obvious distress, going on and on about how it was an accident, that the "wrong words were said".  This family is messed up.  And I have a feeling it's just going to get more so.  There's something bigger here than a mysterious death.  Seon Woo chases his big brother as he flees the scene, finally catching him, only to suddenly disappear as his incense stick is used up and he returns back to 2012.

So yeah, the drama has picked up a bit, not that I felt it really needed to in the first place as it was clipping along just fine in my book, but now, just wow.  Talk about being on the edge of your seat!  And you think that was something, just wait.  It gets better!

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