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Gu Family Book ep 7 & 8 {{Dramatic Friday Review}}

As promised I am back this week.  Again I apologize, but trying to get our schedule to stick to the regular routine has proven quite difficult, when there are a million different 'end of the school year' activities every night.  But you didn't come here to listen to me whine about my blessings. ;)

So um yeah, remember how I said Dimple was hot when he turned into the gumiho?  Yeah I stick by that opinion.  {{he's yummeh}}  So here we go with my opinions on these 2 episodes & once again they are, for the most part, favorable.  Although I did notice, don't hang me, that ep 2 dragged a little in places.  Just a few times that had me saying, "okay guys you can pick up the pace here, just a little please & get to the point."

Gasp!!  How can you say that, these episodes rocked!!  Unnie you have no.... hey where'd she go?!?!    <.<  >.>    Are you hiding behind the couch?!? o.O   ^^ Ummmmm... don't hate me please?  It's just my opinion.

However addiKts I loved Dimple's angst filled performance of the 1/2 human who finds out that he is far more than he ever knew about himself.  And his dissatisfaction with the turn his life has taken.  The bloom comes off the rose in these 2 episodes.  It was interesting to watch & at times heart breaking, poor baby Dimple.  And I was so happy that Suzi's character was all accepting & understanding & not like his mother was when she found out about his dad.  She is, next to Dimple, my favorite, so far, of all the other characters.  I like her happy, upbeat, positive, strong, supportive way.  How awesome was it when she smacked him in the back of the head?!?!  Not once but twice!!  Daebak!!  Thank you Suzi for being awesome!

Watching him struggling & fight the inner monster in the cave alone & how fierce he was, I admit I was a bad girl & thought to myself, "Eh, who needs humanity, it's over rated, give into the hot gumiho inside you Dimple!"  But he got it under control thanks to his magic beaded bracelet.  I wonder how he'll react when he finds out, not only that his mother couldn't accept his dad, because of the monster, but that she was seriously planning on killing him, as soon as he was born, throughout her pregnancy?

Another favorite part for me was, even though it was really sad, when Lady Park told off Jo Kwan Woong, after she was brought as a slave back to her own home.  And how sic was it when she grabbed his sword & rammed it into her own stomach herself & continued to tell him off.  He got seriously rattled.  It was sad, don't get me wrong, but at the same time really powerful & awesome too.  I was impressed with her, which is weird because basically she committed suicide & generally speaking I am against suicide as a rule.  But used here it was almost heroic.  All I could think was, "Yeah, we're the 'weaker' sex!  Whatever!!"


Does anybody get giddy watching Kwan Woong in Lord Park's office, knowing all that silver & everything is hidden behind the wall?!?!  I seriously am like, "Suckah!!!"  GIDDY I TELL YA, GIDDY!!!  I cannot wait to see, do they decide to just wait till they finish off Kwan Woong to get the silver back OR are they going to try & get it out from under his nose.  GIDDY!!!!

But I also loved when Kwan Woong went & got the Admiral, so he could tattle on Kang Chi for breaking into the 100 Year Inn, which really it wasn't breaking when all he did was walk through with purpose, & stab Kwan Woong's table with the end of the broken broom.  {{And how awesome was Yeo Wool's arrow shot to break Gon's arrow aimed at Kang Chi's back?  Watch out Robin Hood here comes Yeo Wool.}}  Sorry I got sidetracked, back on topic of a favorite part.... I really liked the scene when the Admiral demanded he get to  talk to the "Witnesses" who saw Kang Chi break in & all the servants claimed they saw nothing.  I felt bad for the servants who were then ordered to be beaten & starved for 5 days but I was proud of them for doing the right thing.  They had to know there would be repercussions.  I mean the guy killed their master in front of their eyes & framed Kang Chi for it & then sliced up their mistress.  They HAD to know, you know?

However, with the favorite scenes over I was less than thrilled to the see the return of the shame tree tactic used by the Gisaeng Madam.  This time it worked better but come on there has to be another way?  Sigh.  I really didn't care for this plot device at all...but then watching an innocent girl stripped of her clothes & tied to a tree & left there w no food or water for 3 days while townspeople, including men walk past is not exactly my idea of a good story line & the fact that it was another woman who ordered the abuse of her own sex irritates me!  

But I do have to add the actress, Jung Hye Young,  who plays the Gisaeng Madam is so gorgeous!  I thought she was so pretty when I was watching PK but she is even more gorgeous here.  I wish I were as gorgeous as she is!  She is only a couple of years older than I am.   Okay all done fan girling over another favorite actress. 

I also was not happy to see, within the gisaeng house, that the other gisaeng's are so mean. Wol Sun, the pretty gisaeng who lies about teaching the girls to drink alcohol & then has all the other gisaeng's spit in Cheong Jo's bowl & then beat her up...the list goes on; well, I really didn't like her.   She is too much like the evil Kwan Woong.  And how scary was it when he showed up early & had Cheong Jo brought to him?  Omo!!  I nearly had a heart attack, even though I could see it was coming!  Even the madam didn't know about it.  Poor Cheong Jo.  I might have thrown up upon seeing him once the door opened.  Terrifying.  Thankfully madam showed up & saved the day.

There is one story line I am with holding judgment on: Tae Seo's 'hypnotism' by Kwan Woong's right hand man during his beating & interrogation.  He is supposed to all of a sudden hate & want to kill Kang Chi.  Of course, we see at the end of the episode, he carries out his revenge.  Just when we were all thinking this episode will end on a high too.  The Admiral had saved Kang Chi, Kang Chi is going to join the training ranks under Yeo Wool's dad, & maybe learn to control his emotions, so that he can attain inner peace & shed the monster inside he hates so much, but I ought to know better right?

Happy endings in the middle of a still airing drama?  As if!!

Guess I'll have to see how they explain this & save Kang Chi's life because I gotta say I'm a little flummoxed as to how they are going to finish this story line without it looking; trite, ridiculous or lame.

I hope you guys have a great week.  I am not going to guarantee anything for next week, super busy week here in my house & in the states.  Memorial Day on Monday, as a Navy brat I love the holidays where we are privileged to celebrate the men & women (Past & Present) who serve to protect our country!  My kids get out early tomorrow & have Monday off, as does CA.  More field trips, events, things going on next week besides that.  Then the following week is it, end of the year...FINALLY!  Including my eldest graduating from Junior High!  I am so old. *SMH*  I'm the mother of a high school freshman.  WAE!?!?!?!?!

I will try though.  Just not promising.  Have a Happy Memorial Day to all our readers here in the states & to those US readers that live in other countries!  And to all the Men & Women in the military....THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!  Our prayers are with you always.


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