Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Happy Birthday Unnie!

Guess what???  It's that time again!  Birthday tribute time!  This time it's personal.  That's right... Jess... this birthday tribute is for you!!!

Would it be cheating to just link you to last year's post?  After all, I still feel the same way about my sweet Seoulmate and Seoul/Soul Sister.  Okay, okay.  Sure, I am crazy insanely wrapped up in real life shenanigans and woefully behind in my Nine reviews.  I won't even point out that I've missed 3 of my Monday Morning Therapies (no one said anything about those so I guess they really weren't even missed).  Obviously the love needs to come showering upon my dearest Unnie on this her very special day, so, forgive me for popping in momentarily, hitting the pause button on life, and taking care of some serious business here.  See, you see, she's totally worth it.  This lady is phenomenal, as many of you have come to learn for yourselves.  Seriously, tremendously awesome.  Funny.  Sweet.  Sassy.  Brave.  Loving.  Considerate.  Generous.  Gorgeous.  She is fun and full of life and spending time with her just brings a smile to your face.  She needs to know and hear just how freaking amazing she is!  So there it is.  Jess, you're freaking amazing and I love that you are in my life and that I can claim you as my very bestest friend.  I hope you enjoy your YOU day!  Love you bunches and gobs, guts and all!  

Now, a gift or two for her.

This was the FB birthday tribute done earlier this morning so you may have already seen it....
If you get a moment or two today, join with me in wishing our lovely Unnie the very happiest of birthdays!


  1. Hehehe, did she get enough eye candy for the day? :p
    Saengil chukha hamnida! Unnie!

    1. Is there ever such thing as too much eye candy???

    2. Point taken... Let's test this limit eh? Lol

    3. Rosie my dear dear wonderful friend...I can NEVER get enough eye candy, EVER!!! More Eye Candy!! This Unnie demands MORE!!! bwahahahahaha.... Ahem... kekeke... thank you for the bday wishes sweetie. I appreciate it. I had a lovely birthday, thanks to family, friends, & readers. <3 Saranghae chingudeul.

  2. Dongsaeng, dongsaeng, dongsaeng, what am I to do with you?!?! I still say you are a brat. Sigh. I was doing quite nicely pretending my birthday wasn't upon me. *Screams out loud to the Blogosphere!!* "I DON'T WANT TO GET ANY OLDER!!!! WHY CAN'T I BE IN MY 20's AGAIN?!?!?! I DON'T WANT TO BE AN ACTUAL AHJUMMA!!!!"

    Now the gracious response to this nice post...thank you. It was very sweet to be remembered. Don't let it happen again!! OO


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