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I Hear Your Voice ep 6: Dramatic Review

Now that we're off and rolling officially here with this drama, I just want to put something out there and hopefully just say it this one time and quell any quizzical questions or queries (see, told you I like alliteration).  I know that this is a drama about lawyers and that a lot of the show will most likely take place in courtrooms and spend a lot of time with cases and trials and such.  While I don't mind that aspect of the show, I'm not going to bother to delve too deep into each case, unless it pertains to the main storyline.  For example, this episode dealt a lot with the case of the murdering twins.  I'm not really going to be talking about the case or strategies used, even though it was pretty cool how it all went down.  So, yeah.  If you want courtroom drama recapped, this isn't going to be the best fit.  But, if instead you're looking for nummy boys and other interesting story lines relating directly to our main characters and their own lives outside of the courtroom, I'm your gal.

Dongsaeng's Drama Dozen Divided by Dul of ep 6

1. Words that Sting

We haven't really yet talked much about poor Soo Ha's sad childhood after the death of his father.  He was sent to live with an uncle who had three children of his own and looked at young Soo Ha as a burden, even trying to abandon the poor child.  While being decent enough to never verbalize his wishes for the child to disappear, he certainly thought it.  He wanted to take his family and emigrate, but couldn't now that he had Soo Ha added in to the mix.  When Hye Sung "says" that Soo Ha is a chain holding her back, it brings back the painful memory of his uncle thinking the same thing as the police returned him home after his attempts to abandon him at the park/fair/whatever didn't pan out as hoped.  This kid has known nothing but abandonment in his life since losing his beloved father.  Doesn't your heart just weep for him?  Thankfully, he and Hye Sung quickly make peace when she returns to find him and apologizes in her own stubborn way.

2. Crossing Enemy Lines

Hye Sung now knows, thanks to Soo Ha, that both of the twins are guilty and were playing the law and using the lawyers to get away with murder.  She doesn't know what to do though - she has already won against Do Yun who tried to charge both with co-conspiracy.  With Soo Ha's help though (totally cute scene by the way as he's texting Do Yun and Hye Sung tries to get her phone back from him), Hye Sung reaches out to her mortal enemy and they end up working together.

3. Success

Through a bunch of legal manuevering and tactics, Hye Sung and Do Yun are successful in getting both of the twins to confess to plotting the murder together.  Despite her success in making sure justice was meted, Hye Sung isn't exactly popular at the office.  She's supposed to be a defense attorney, but was acting more as a prosecutor, and in fact, worked with the prosecutor.  You just can't win, can you?  Let one or two guilty men walk free or get in trouble at work.  I could never be a lawyer.  Just saying.

4. Oska's Makeover for His Not-a-Date Date

How hot is Attorney Cha after his makeover for his not-a-date movie date with Hye Sung?  She gets him to lose the glasses, fix his hair and dress decent, including dark socks instead of the white sock with dress shoes faux pas of norm.  Obviously, we already knew Oska was hot from his previous dramas, but this is the first time we get to see him shine here and it's great to have him back!  What a doll!

5. Much Ado About Nothing (with Bonus Shower Scene)

Okay, so there's a scuffle between a thief and police in the streets.  Soo Ha just so happens to be there and lends a helping hand.  In the struggle, one of the officers loses his gun and Soo Ha bends to pick it up, before being told by the officer to not.  So, he doesn't.  But later on when the officer can't find his gun, he suspects that maybe Soo Ha took it.  He calls up Hye Sung to ask her about his whereabouts.  She's just about to meet Attorney Cha for their not-a-date date when she gets the phone call and rushes off in a panic to go find Soo Ha.  Obviously she fears the worst.  He did threaten to find and kill Psycho himself when police refused to help.

Hellllooo shower scene!  Soo Ha isn't answering his phone because he's in the shower, not off killing the psychopath.  Any complaints?  I didn't think so.

By the time Hye Sung returns home, he's out of the shower and dressed.  She rushes in and just as she starts to tell him what's going on, the police show up at the door.  She panics and hides him in a room and goes to talk to the officers.  Good news - the gun was found.  It was under the car seat.  Whoopsie.  Does this guy maybe remind you a bit of Barney Fife from the old Andy Griffith show?  And if you ask me who Andy Griffith is, I'm just going to have to go cry in my old person corner.

6.  Will Darker Sides Prevail?

So we know that Psycho has gone to work for Hye Sung's mom, right?  Since he couldn't get to her directly because of her gorgeous young body guard, he went for Momma, because he's slime and a skeeze and we hate him.  Momma just loves him and thinks that he's so good and helpful and wonderful.  She makes him seaweed soup and packages up all kinds of food for him on his birthday.  Is he swayed?  It kind of looks like he could be swayed.  Can the kindness and warmth of a mother figure help cure whatever darkness ails him?

Well, see for yourself.  In the closing scene we see him dumping the food down the toilet.  And Soo Ha, who appeared so sweet and innocent, fingering a knife.  Looks like neither one of these guys is backing down, despite these two women trying to placate them in their own ways.

 That concludes our discussion on episode 6 for now.  Things are getting interesting between our love interests, aren't they?  He loves her, she likes someone else, the someone she likes likes her but sees that he might have competition....  What are you thinking so far?  So far, so good?  Ready to talk about the next episode like I am?  Yeah?  Okay, then I'll sign off for now and return sometime soon with my discussion on episode 7, because there's a lot there to talk about.  Until then, happy drama-ing and thanks for stopping by!

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