Friday, July 5, 2013

Unnie's Wednesday Write Up: {{Fan Girling All Over the Place!}}

I don't have a lot of time AddiKts.  My parents are in town, 4th of July was yesterday, my youngest's 7th birthday is today, & I'm trying to help my teen get packed for 2.5 weeks of sleep away camp in Northern WI, which he leaves for tomorrow morning, at the crack of dawn.  It's been just a tad bit busy in this house this week.  Okay it usually is pretty busy but this week is on steroids!  So Just 2 things of great importance that I am squeeing about & have to freak out & let my fan girl go Krazy for & no other place, I can think of, I can go, & have a little KPop happy dance, is better than this here K everything blog.  ;)

Now unless you were in a cave somewhere, incapacitated by a coma, or off planet, then you know that Junsu's latest single, off his latest album, finally dropped in iTunes around the world.  Along w the most amazing MV!!  If not then let me tell you all about it & listen to me while I go totally fan girl insane!  No really.  Ask my kids.  You guys know I heart The Junsu.  Like seriously, I heart him as one of my favoritest of the favorites!  He has the most divine voice & he is so cute, funny, talented, incredibly sexy.  There is KHJ, Bae Young Joon, Junsu, Kang Ji Hwan & then GD.  My TOP 5 crushes.

So I watched his MV first thing Tuesday morning, still laying in bed dazed & trying to wake up fully while I  watched the MV.  Which of course, since I was still waking up meant that I HAD to watch it only about  5000 times in a row {{& somewhere in there purchase the single off  iTunes}}.  It's still being played repeatedly over my iPod.  Oh Junsu your voice is ah-mazing!  The MV starts off the 1st half in total a Capella.  Just the purity of Junsu's beautiful voice.  Then the piano comes in very softly & at the same time the filters on the MV change very subtly.  It was mesmerizing.  Perfectly suited to the song & the feelings they were going for.  Now Dongsaeng postulated that it would be awesome if the person playing the piano were none other than, JYJ group member Jaejoong, her idol.  I thought that would be perfect too.  So fingers crossed it is JJ.

Now the most amazing part of this video is two fold; one Junsu is singing completely LIVE w just nature sounds in the back ground & two the MV was done in ONE single shot/take.  No fancy editing.  just Junsu. Raw, emotional, moving & brilliantly talented.  I have to admit that lately MOST of the MVs that have been coming out have felt, to me, very cookie cutter, very random & chaotic with too much crap shoved it of everything that is supposed to be cool in an over the board attempt to be cool.  but when you try that hard to be cool well it isn't cool.  So I honestly haven't that big a fan of a lot of the MVs recently.  But this one blew my mind.  It was spectacularly simple.  Brilliantly simple.  I LOVED it.  As for the song itself...I think, again this my opinion, it's the perfect sad, break up , unrequited love song.  Perfect for gloomy days, sad days, days when I need a good cry.  It has an OST feel to it.  I could totally picture this song being used in one of those horribly sad breakup, lost love scenes in a K Drama.

But enough fan girling here is the MV.

Junsu 11 am MV

{{BTW, if you want the translation of the lyrics into English, click on the 'CC' button at the bottom of the MV}}...  Enjoy!

Junsu, even my 14 year old son, who prefers Dub step & Big Bang LOVED the MV, he was blown away.

And this brings me to my 2nd Fan Girl Krazed moment of today.  I got home from shopping with my kids to pick up the last of my teen's needs for camp & helping my 7 year old pick out his birthday present & found that a big announcement came through for my very first crush.


According to Han Cinema he is anyway....  It doesn't say when BUT he IS coming back...provided that KDramaland doesn't disappoint us again.  {{AKA The City Conquest Debacle}}  The title of his next drama, date unknown, is "Generation of Youth".   Shanghai 1930s Film Noir.  I look forward to more details & will give them on the FB page or my Unnie FB/Twitter pages when I know more.

I CANNOT WAIT!!!  Is the understatement of the year!!

I have loved being able to see him every single week on Barefoot Friends.  I thoroughly enjoyed watching him lose his swim trunks this week racing (& losing) against little pro in training divers.  I have no idea what the BFF concept is for the show as it keeps changing its format & concept each week.  But I LOVE the cast, yes especially KHJ, & I believe they are finally getting comfortable with one another & the newbies are getting comfortable with a camera in their faces too.  So if you haven't BFF check it out when you get the chance.  The first few eps are slow & long but it has picked up its pace quite nicely, even though they still haven't figured out the purpose of the show.

And one last KHJ squee worthy video...

Finally he sings/performs Gwiyomi for his fans.  So cute!!!

Okay now I really need to get back to my family.  Have a great week & my parental units leave next Tuesday morning, I will work on getting those GFB reviews out to you as fast as I can starting Tuesday.  Thank you for your patience!


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