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Gu Family Book episodes 19 & 20 {{Dramatic Friday Review}}

Who wants to dive right in to the nitty gritty of the review?  Well alrighty then.

My first comment has to be that Seo Hwa, when facing off against JKW over the pain & suffering he is putting her boy through, needs to get a better poker face.  One minute she looks like she is ready to run & release him & then the next she is claiming she wants nothing to do with a monster & do what you want with him.  Not really believable sweetie.  Just sayin.  JKW's sole purpose for this whole show in front of her is strictly to get her to reveal who she really is but for some unfathomable reason she decides to stick to her, "I don't who this kid is do what you will", persona, but her face gives away all of her angst.  So while she & JKW are facing off, we get the 411 on what the big deal is with the poisonous wine.  Wol Sun, if you remember, used illusion trickery to get KC to go see Cheong Jo, well we find out that she bullied & threatened Gop Dan into tricking KC into going to Cheong Jo.  Then she gave him 5 cups of wine, a wine so poisonous that more than 1 cup is deadly to the average human, but KC as we all know is not fully human.  Head Gisaeng finds an antidote for KC though.  BUT he has to ingest this rock like thing within 24 hours of having drank the poisonous wine, that seriously reminded me of the bezoar given to Ron, in Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince, to counter the love potion he'd accidentally ingested that had been meant for Harry.  

{{BTW I did remember all of this on my own, yes I am that geeky}}

Anyway a plan is hatching, they make food for the prisoner & his adopted dad sneaks it in to him, but his jailers are cruel men who kick it far away from him so he can't reach it w his chains on.  Eventually he manages to grab the bezoar {{That's what it reminded me of & so that is what I am sticking too}} & swallows it, thanks to the big fight between YW & the guards.  Then JKW comes in dragging a very beat up Ma Bong Chul, who serves as distraction for YW to enter.  I really grew to love this thug.  He is a heartwarming & fiercely loyal friend, if you get past his tendency to steal & bully the poor.  I was so happy when KC helped turn him around with his good example.  JKW has him dragged to the center of 100 Year Inn where everyone can watch his abuse.  In fact JKW wants the townspeople to stone him, he is a monster after all.   He's stronger now but he drank a lot of poison & the bezoar hasn't fully healed him yet.  Then JKW makes a dumb move.  His men once again start pouncing on his father, who had the audacity to beg for his son's life, the fool!  KC has already watched his father get dragged away, YW get smacked by & tied up by JKW & now this?  I don't think so.  Just as KC is about to kill JKW, Seo Hwa's men arrive & stop him.  Wearing Joseon clothes & hair style, she demands everyone stop, KC passes out from the poison & pain & finally she admits to being his mother, Seo Hwa, in front of everyone.  And uses her position of power with the Goon Bon Merchants to set KC free. 

Meanwhile the monk has warned Master Dam that Kang Chi is the only who can kill/stop Papa G, who is now a fully transformed 1000 year Demon & happens to be on a killing spree.  SH goes to TS & demands he swear his allegiance to Goon Bon, rather than the Admiral.  Of course this offends him & SH gets angry too.  She swears in return for his allegiance she will end all of this, including JKW & get the 100 Year Inn back for him.  Of course the Goon Bon Merchants need JKW alive, he has the info & power they need.  It'll be years before TS can fulfill JKW's place & they aren't sure they can trust him yet.  After KC wakes up all healthy again he realizes that YW & Bong Chul have been in JKW hands this whole time & he goes & rescues them.  After which he gets a really nice hug from YW, which Bong Chul witnesses & turns away from & then begins to believe KC is gay as he thinks YW is a boy. LOL  I was cracking up at that!

 He also faces his mother & asks her if she really hated him so much.  To which she says nothing.  But Cheong Jo finally shows me she can rock when she wants to. She goes to Little Witch Gisaeng (Wol Sun) claiming she wants to make amends & serves Wol Sun some wine.  But in the end she explains that Wol Sun had better never mess w her, again! Next time she won't give Wol Sun wine, she'll pour the poison right down her throat herself!  Oh & just so you know, you won't get this antidote until tomorrow, you should suffer & fear as much as KC had to.  Boo-yah!  

Back at the Academy KC tells Gon he is ready to start serious training to which Gon tells him, "Getting stronger means carrying more responsibilities."  Kang Chi has accepted his fate & knows he is the one who has to kill his father.  So Gon takes him to Master Dam, who hands him a sword & demands that this training be taken seriously.  If Kang Chi can get his control & kill master Dam then he will be ready to kill his father.  This is training to the death.  And Master Dam wants KC to take off his bracelet & face him as a gumiho.  Papa G arrives at the 100 Year Inn he really wants to know who called him.  And eventually aligns w JKW.  And at the end of the day JKW's guards are all dead & a ninja assassin has been sent to kill JKW, at the last minute he is saved. 

In episode 20 we discover JKW's savior is his Henchman, Deputy Seo.  Dang it!  I was really hoping he'd die in the forest from the wounds Papa G gave him.  Things are really heating up now guys.  Action is picking up story line is picking up & it gets really interesting at the end of this episode.  Papa G & JKW meet & JKW tries bribing Papa G to be on his side.  {{And here I am, sitting there watching this like, o.O Really?  You're going to try & bribe a 1000 year Demon, who could eat you in a second without thinking about it?  REALLY?  JKW, you're kind of stupid.}}  YW gets back to the Academy after a sit down w SH, where she asked SH to just be a mom to KC, he's been through so much. And what does she find?  Her dad & boyfriend fighting to the death.  Oh just your average day at the Academy.  Master Dam so far is kicking KC's butt & eventually stabs him in the stomach.  He tells him to do your gumiho voodoo & heal & then be back here at 3pm & we'll keep going.  

*Warning scene w Dimple abs is ahead*  {{Note pics in title pic up there ^ & You're Welcome! (^_-)}}
So KC goes off to heal & YWshows up w a change of shirt.  But hearing him say he is all healed isn't enough, YW practically rips his shirt open to see for herself & DANG DIMPLE NICE SHOULDERS< CHEST & ABS!    Sorry got away from myself there.  Ahem...but he's so cute & embarrassed & asks her to turn around & finally she catches on, giggles & turns.  They both reach back & OMG THEIR HANDS AREA TOUCHING!!!!  Sorry guys I can't seem to help myself!  Ahem... And then he grabs her cute widdle face & HE KISSES HER, fast & sweet.  Awwwwww....dang it my heart melted all over the desk again.  I really do love these 2 as a cute little couple.  Shippers agree with me?

CJ arrives & informs everyone of the breaking news from the 100 Year Inn.  SH was betrayed by her men to JKW.  And is now being forced back to her home.  When does she leave? 3 pm.  YW wants KC to rescue her but he's a little bitter & plans to meet Master Dam instead.  This time, KC manages to control his monster & he wins, without killing Master Dam.  Master Dam concedes because he actually witnessed the moment when KC gained control over the gumiho.  After he wins, KC, Gon & YW rush off to save SH.  Who had originally planned on being rescued by TS & his men at a certain point.  But her men turn on her once again & intercept them on the road with the intent to kill her then & there.  But our fearless heroes arrive & YW shoots an arrow straight & true & kills off the guy about to kill SH.  Gon & YW tell KC to take his mom & get her out of there.  But don't worry they'll be okay because eventually TS & his men arrive on scene & help beat off the bad guys.  Papa G arrives a little later & sees the carnage.  He follows KC & SH off into the mountain & witnesses a touching scene of mother & son reconciliation.  KC looks at his mom & says, "Do you see me?"  He wants her to stop trying to kill JKW & just be his mom.  It was such a sweet moment & I got all teary eyed & then Papa G arrives & he & SH face each other & then Kang Chi steps between the two of them & informs Wol Ryung that he will stop him from killing anymore.  The End.

Whoa seriously intense eh?  I will see you guys tomorrow for the next installment of this, so far, awesome drama!  


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