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I Hear Your Voice ep 11: Dramatic Review

Did you all hear the news?  I Hear Your Voice has officially been extended by two episodes.  I have mixed emotions on this.  Of course I'm excited at the prospect of two more episodes of an amazing drama with a cast that I adore.  And so much pretty.  My concern is in what this now means for the storyline.  How are they going to adjust it in order to accommodate the extension?  This is always a huge risk when extensions come in to play.  The writers have an outline of how things are going to go, but then you go adding in a whole extra two hours which is like throwing an entire movie into the mix, and you sometimes get questionable results.  Case in point - King of Dramas.  First one that comes to mind.  Awesome and amazing drama.  The flow was fantastic.  The story was interesting and just right.  Then came the extension with its accompanying story tangents in order to stretch it out.  It wasn't bad per se, but it just didn't fit right.  It was awkward and stood out.  It didn't feel like it belonged.  So yeah, it wasn't awful like some have been, but it wasn't all that great either.  I obviously don't want to see this amazing drama thus marred.  I don't want to look back and say "what an amazing drama - just wish they hadn't gone that particular direction in the story".  You know?  So yeah, nervous yet hopeful that it turns out to be a positive thing.  It means you get one more week of me though.  Bwahahahahaha!  (*psst, don't tell them that I would be here anyway, just talking about a different drama - let's not ruin the moment*)

Now let's switch gears and dive into the a review of this week's delicious offerings, shall we?

Dongsaeng's Drama Dozen Divided by Dul of episode 11

1.  Soo Ha's Trial
Soo Ha's murder trial is long, drawn out and very tense.  Both sides have very valid arguments.  In the end though, after raising the idea that Psycho might not even be dead, Soo Ha eeks out a win by the narrow margin of 5 to 4.  He's free!

And yes, I will say that there was a lot that happened during this trial that really oughta be mentioned - lots of intense and drama-filled emotional moments.  Moments that led to these kinds of scenes...
...but, as stated in a previous post, I don't want to spend a lot of time in the courtroom.  I'll just say that there was a lot of drama and intense, emotional things that happened during the trial, but the net result was that Soo Ha was acquitted and that's the most important thing.

2.  Help and Run

After the trial ends, poor Soo Ha is lost.  He doesn't know where to go.  He doesn't know where home is.  Hye Sung volunteers to bring him home, but when they arrive, he can't remember the code to get in.  They then sit there waiting for the locksmith.  While waiting, Hye Sung falls asleep out there in the hallway.  Soo Ha sits down next to her and gently lowers her head onto his shoulder.  He sees her hand and the notes that she had written on them during the trial and that hadn't fully come off yet.  He tenderly kisses her palm.  And then her hand.  He may not remember her, but he's still crazy about her.  Sooooo romantic I could die!  And the romance doesn't end there.  The next scene we see is her sleeping on his couch with him next to her on the floor.  Okay, so did anyone else at first think that they were both on the couch together?!?  I'll admit that I totally did and shrieked a very excited shriek.  This time it is Hye Sung that wakes and discovers where she is and sees the sleeping Soo Ha.  Ever so gently, she reaches over to him and strokes his hair.  By the time he awakens, however, she is gone, and has left a whole slew of "to do" notes for him.  He smiles until he sees the last note - the note that tells him never to contact her.  Ouch.  Talk about heartbreaking.  Well, it's obvious isn't it?  She totally has feelings for him but is scared and is running away.  Tsk tsk tsk.  Oh Hye Sung, you silly, silly girl.  Just embrace it.  I mean, LOOK AT HIM!!!  Look at how he treats you!  Look at how amazing he is!  Ignore the slight teeny tiny issue of age difference.  You both are mature beyond your years because of what you have experienced in your young lives.  He's not that much younger anyway.  You were both kids when he fell for you.  That's not gross.  It's sweet and innocent and you may as well go for it.

Oh yeah, and p.s. - looks like Soo Ha lost his memory after being hit by a truck.
You know, in case you were curious.  He's getting small flashes of memory back, and that is one of them.  He's running and is struck.  Before or after the scene with Psycho at the dock?  My guess is that it's after.  My guess is that he saw Psycho chop his own hand off (like a Psycho) and tell him of his plan and so he runs away and that's when the accident happens that causes him to lose his memory.  More to come on that front though as the story unfolds.

3.  Attorney Cha - Forgiven, Yes, But....
After the trial ends in their favor, Attorney Cha gives it another shot with Hye Sung.  First, she admits that she no longer blames him for what happened during the murder trial last year.  This is admitted not only to his face, but also to Do Yun.  She starts avoiding him.  She sure is doing a lot of avoiding these days.  Hiding from Soo Ha and Attorney Cha both.

He finally catches her outside of the restrooms as she emerges from her subtle hiding spot (giggle).  He comes right out and asks her if she'll give him another shot and she turns him down.  We don't hear her excuse at the time, but don't worry, we will.  And it will be awe-some!

4.  The Tie In
Remember the former cell mate of Psycho?  The one that Do Yun's dad put in jail and that Attorney Shin defended and visits all the time?  Looks like he has some sort of brain tumor or other and will be dead within a couple of weeks, meaning that the entirety of his life post-what-we-can-only-assume-by-context-false-accusation will have been lost unjustly.  Attorney Shin is visibly upset by this news and I have a sneaky suspicion will want to re-examine the case and circumstances.  I also have a sneaky suspicion that it will somehow tie into Soo Ha's dad's murder and Psycho.  And Do Yun's dad.  And as a result, Do Yun as well who will mostly likely be involved in bringing her father down.  Just a guess, but it's a solid guess based on scientific drama evidence.

5.  Well, Well, Well...There You Be
There is a question with regards to the fruit stand lady who turned Soo Ha in.  First, she lives quite a distance from where Soo Ha was found.  Second, she thought he was a she when Cutie Pie lawyer came to question her.  When Do Yun hears of this, curiosity finally gets the better of her and she herself goes to this lady to ask some questions.  Lo and behold, as luck would have it, who's there watching and obviously intimidating this woman?  Who's sitting there with a fake left hand and an oh-so-clever disguise?  Yes, none other than Psycho himself.  He is definitely alive and is definitely pulling the strings like some demented puppeteer.

Soo Ha is brokenhearted.  He knows that there is something going on between himself and Hye Sung.  He's read it in the journal.  He's felt it in his heart.  When she rejects him and walks off with Attorney Cha at a cafe, he remembers the last time his heart broke for this woman.  She's still spending all of her time trying to convince him that they hated each other and that he has another girl he likes, but he's not buying it.  He's a smart kid.  Well, finally, she gives up the charade.  We then see the reason she had given Attorney Cha for not dating him - she admits out loud to him that she likes Soo Ha.  We then see her approach him as he sits on the street in the rain nursing his broken heart.  And they share a moment that speaks for itself.

Ooooh, you guys!  Things are getting interesting!!!  I am dying to see where all this leads.  Will they, won't they?  What about poor Attorney Cha?  And the other host of characters?  What's going to happen next???

This is what I call Drama Magic.   And I'm loving every minute of it.  Now let's keep the streak going through our extra two episodes just tacked on, yeah?  Fingers crossed!

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  1. I love how this drama has pretty much every single drama trope out there, and yet I still love it!! Also, I'm soo soo glad that the drama's going the way of my precious OTP <3333

    Oh - except that while watching the last 10 minutes of this episode, my mother-in-law walked in, settled herself down, and proceeded to talk through the whole thing. Note to self: moms-in-law just do NOT get the concept of the noona romance... -_-


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