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Gu Family Book episodes 21 & 22 {{Dramatic Friday Review}}

*Warning:* These 2 episodes were full of sadness.  They had cute too & even funny but mostly just sadness & some of you if not all know I don't do sad, so there isn't a whole lot of smart aleck like commentary from me this review.  More review than anything commentary like. Sorry if that disappoints.

Kang Chi has just stepped between his parents & is advising his dad that he will not allow him to kill anymore people, that he is going to be the one to stop him.  They start fighting each other & Seo Hwa screams out to Papa G just as he is about to strike Kang Chi, "No!  Wol Ryung!  He's our son!"  This stops Papa G in his tracks he looks back & forth & in the meantime JKW soldiers have arrived & are hiding in the bushes pulling out their arrows to shoot into Papa G's back.  Kang Chi sees this, screams his own NO! And then grabs his father & turns him & takes all 4 arrows in his own back instead.  The soldiers aim again & Papa G sweeps into motion killing all of them, then he disappears into the forest.  YW, Gon & TS arrive & Gon, w YW & TS holding KC still, remove the 4 arrows from KC's back & we watch as the Blue Fairies arrive & heal KC.    They take SH back to the Academy where she sits down & gives out all the names of the Joseon traitors in the government that have been in league w the Goon Bon Merchants.  And then asks the Admiral to grant her one request.  Which we find out later was that he stop KC from interfering when she goes to stop Wol Ryung from his killing spree.  This is the one thing she can do to make it all okay again.

Afterwards Seo Hwa & Kang Chi finally get their mother son bonding time & she tells him how proud she is of him & how grateful she is he got to have a good life.  She then admits she went back for him.  For a solid month she tried to find her way back to the moonlight garden & to find her son but the mountain blocked her & protected itself magically from her re-entry.  That she regretted letting him go almost immediately but it was too late & as penance for her sin of abandoning her baby she never let herself enjoy life, even going so far as not allowing herself to sleep laying down.  Basically she's telling him she loved him so much & still does & always will & how proud she is of the man he has become.  She's telling him goodbye.  Meanwhile Wol Ryung, the demon, is on a major killing spree.  3 whole villages slaughtered & now he's on his way to the 100 Year Inn.  It's at this point that we see the new toy that JKW has received.  A musket.  And he is going to use it to stop Wol Ryung himself.  But Seo Hwa shows up too.  She confronts Wol Ryung, crying & begging him to stop.  He remembers her.  Her face & her name & this gives him pause.  JKW aims & fires the gun & Wol Ryung, like his son & the arrows, screams, "NO!" And then turns Seo Hwa so that he takes the bullet.  Which goes through his torso & slices through edge of her upper shoulder too.  She sobs & grabs his wound & he grabs her & then they disappear, leaving behind a frustrated JKW & a confused group of soldiers.

In the Moonlight Garden she tells Wol Ryung how sorry she is for her fear & her lack of heart & that the only thing she can do now for him is to finish what should have been finished 20 years ago after she betrayed him.  She pulls out the wooden dagger & then stabs herself in the heart.  She dies in his arms as he is transformed back into the good person he once was.  {{So here I admit, as I skimmed through the ep this morning for screenshots I re-watched this scene in it's entirety & cried along with Wol Ryung.  They never had more than a few beautiful moments together, it was so unfair & so I cried for them.}}  On his way to the village to stop his mom from her sacrifice, he runs right into the Admiral, who stops him & tells him his mother's last request that morning.  {{Poor Kang Chi.  He finally gets his mom back & now he loses her.  I cried again.  Seriously this ep was hard to watch for this mommy.}}  At the end of this painful, beautiful episode Kang Chi has figured out Head Gisaeng's challenge as what is His root or "essence", his mother.  He walks back tot he Academy in the rain, where YW has been told now that the gumiho/demon rampage is over & now that Kang Chi has learned control, you have to let him go.  You can't hold on to him if you want him to find the Gu Family Book.  She waits for him in the rain & the episode ends with lots of Kang Chi crying on YW's shoulder & YW crying because {{I think}} of his pain & the fact that she knows she has to let him go soon.

In Episode 22...
KC wakes up the next morning to find a sleeping YW next to him, (See pic above).  It was so sweet.  He turns & watches her sleep & asks why she's there & she says he was crying so much last night she couldn't leave him.  He tells her it's morning now & she wakes right up & panicked because sleeping in a man's room that is not your husband is a big no no.  But he calms her down.  I loved how he teased her w his dang it we finally spend the night together but we missed by just sleeping, what a waste huh? {{paraphrased of course}}  Then she asks him to give her 3 Wishes, to help him feel better, but it's really her way to let him go.  His first wish is rice.  He wants her to make him rice.  {{She's a much better soldier than a cook}}  Then Gon knocks on the door to KC's bedroom, that YW shouldn't be in & there is a little panic.  Until they hide her.  When Gon opens the door he sees a still sleeping KC.  That's it.  Until he notices her umbrella in his room.  We all know she's actually hiding under the covers in KC's bed, w KC!  {{Giggle, naughty}}  They think the coast is clear & then Gon opens the door & tries to kill KC, a midst the wrestling & yelling, YW's Teacher walks in & I love the look on her face when she sees Gon on top of a half dressed KC.  So awesome!  It was so good to see the Dimple appear again in KC's cheek.  ^_^

The monk eventually brings Wol Ryung, good Wol Ryung btw, to the Academy.  He tells KC that Seo Hwa is with him & will always be with him from now on.  This is definitely another good bye speech.  He explains that it was his own fear that betrayed him, not SH.  The opposite of trust is not doubt, it's fear.  Don't let your fear control you & don't fear your truth.  He goes back to the Moonlight Garden in the mountain & lays down w SH on the stone.  And the blur fairies & the branches & vines cover & protect them in their eternal slumber.  Beautiful but oh so sad.

Tae Seo meantime has been captured by the Japanese ninjas while spying on JKW & his men.  He's been taken to JKW where he reveals some important info from the good guys.  That the Admiral has the list of all the names in government & he's going to arrest them & question them, which means JKW needs to kill all of them himself before they ruin everything.  And Kang Chi goes tot he Monk to find out what he needs to do find the Gu Family Book.  Which includes all the same rules that were given to Wol Ryung.  This is where he finds out he has to leave YW & everyone behind while he goes on his quest.  He also learns about YW's prophecy & that she may very well die because of their fate of meeting under the peach tree in the moonlight.  As well as informing him that once he has used his gumiho blood to save a person he cannot save that person again.  They are immune to the healing properties & the blue fairies will not save them a second time.

That night JKW arrives at the gisaeng house where the remaining 3 living government officials from the list have met, the Admiral is on his way there now & JKW & his henchman, Deputy Seo kill the men.  When the Admiral arrives JKW looks superior but the Admiral reveals that JKW fell for his Two Tigers Strategy.  That in fact he gave JKW that info so that he would take care of the officials himself.   but the Scoobies have to break in to the 100 year Inn & deliver a message, as they arrive KC gives YW is 2nd wish...for her to stay there & stay safe.  She isn't happy but she agrees, until a ninja shows up & she has no choice.  She goes in to the Inn & in the middle of the heat of battle, and because she isn't supposed to be there, she gets sliced by KC's gumiho claws.  They deliver their message to Kageshima, whom I thought this meant he was on their side, he's not, he just took the message, and they leave.  YW lies to her dad about the wound on her arm, saying it wasn't KC, that he tried to get her stay away but she didn't listen, KC meanwhile is feeling lots of guilt, especially after hearing the prophecy & well... basically he breaks up with her & tells her this is his 3rd wish.

WOW!!  Big breath in guys, only one more review (2 episodes) to go, ya still with me?  Well, it's Friday here & I am off for an evening w my family.  See you tomorrow guys.


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