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Unnie's Wednesday Write Up: {{Oppa Eye Candy}} **Updated**


It was pointed out to me in a comment, from an awesome reader, that I made a mistake.  I'm so sorry to the Jang Dong Gun fans, like myself.  He is actually 41 not 42.  I apologize for the mistake.  But between the late LATE hour I was writing & the extreme HAWTNESS I feel quite lucky I was able to type at all.  Seriously looking up the pictures for this post was very disarming.  O.O  <--- Me, but with mouth agape & drooling too.  :)  Thanks for the heads up AddiKt, you rock!

Now for the other update... I realized upon waking up this morning that I forgot a most exceptionally sexy & talented Oppa.  So like #5 had a pair of hotties so does #4.  Now you may ask yourselves why does she make it a countdown of 10 when there are obviously 12?  The answer is my... (self imagined & self diagnosed minor case of)... OCD will only allow the nice rounded number of 10, this is how I cheat the OCD.  ^_^  Look below for the addition to our visual candy fest on Delicious Lane & you're welcome.  Kekeke...have an awesome day AddiKts!



Sigh...I struggled w my post this week AddiKts.  I had a number of different ideas of things I wanted to talk about, some serious others not so much.  Every time I sat down at my computer the last few days I struggled with what I was going to write.  But I guess I will save those more serious posts for later.  Tonight I just want to be light hearted.  When we first started this blog one of my very first posts was all about being "Oppa Krazy".  I used Oppa loosely as most of the guys talked about were actually younger than Dongsaeng & myself.  I realized that I never talk about the Oppas that actually are Oppas to us.  Here & there, once in a while, when I am talking about a drama they are in or when it's their birthday but I have not yet dedicated an entire post specifically to our actual Oppas!  So here it is... I hope you appreciate the Oppa Eye Candy below....

Everybody is always talking about those beautiful young boys that fill our KPop world.  Of course remember I have an age line so I don't go too young, but I too, drool over the idols that are younger than I am...KHJ for example.  But as an older woman I can appreciate the incredibly sexy masculine man that is my age & older just as much as I can the young boy who is still becoming a man.  So below I dedicate this post to all those men that have given me sincere tummy flutters, rapid heart beat, made me sigh through a fantasy or two...million.  Those men that made me think, "DANG! OPPA YOU'RE HAWT!!!"  And thank the Oppa gods themselves for being so very good to me & my imagination.

These aren't really in any particular order except for my TOP 3 but you won't see them till the end...as this post counts down.

Jang Dong Gun age 42 (same age as my CA)

I fell in love with Jang Dong Gun while I was watching & reviewing A Gentleman's Dignity.  He was so smooth & articulate & cool, until Jung Yong Hwa showed up then he was a big idiot, giggle.  I couldn't get enough of him.

#9. Jung Woo Sung age 40
From Padam Padam & Athena: Goddess of War

#8. Lee Jeong Jin age 35
I discovered this hotness watching 9 Ends 2 Outs. 

#7. Nam Goong Min age 35
My first experience with this hottie was when I watched Can You Hear My Heart he was insanely good & gorgeous!  

#6. Oh Ji Ho age 37
Famous for so many different roles in TV & film but I first saw him in clips from Chuno I have got to watch that drama.  

#5. Kim Myung Min age 40
 When I watched King of Dramas I discovered a man's voice can easily become the sexiest thing I've ever heard & for this guy it's true.  He has got the most amazingly sexy voice on the planet.  

#5 Song Seong Heon age 36
Okay he is not my favorite actor out there.  I've seen 2 dramas of his & he did not wow me with his acting abilities but OMO that body!  Seriously one of the most incredibly classically handsome faces coupled with a most wonderlicious body you know he has to go in my top 5.  

(And yes I know I had 2 number 5's but come on, it's a tie between The Voice & the Look for me.)

#4. Cha Seung Won age 43
I first saw this delectable morsel when I watched The Greatest Love.  Now I admit at first, I wasn't his fan...his character just came off so slimey & weasel like at first that I had a hard time rooting for him but by the 3rd or 4th episode I was a huge fan "Dog Crap Jin". kekekeke...  Then I watched, at the request of several fellow AddiKts, one of his older dramas, City Hall & OMO!!!  It was ...  I was...  Yeah. O.O So HAWT!!  That kiss scene in the car & then the bed scene & I was all....homina homina homina homina....  Then I discovered he was a happily married oppa & my heart was crushed...for me.  Happy for him & his wife but aw man!  Oh well, at least I can enjoy the deliciousness that is CSW!  {{{Psst...he ALSO happens to have an incredibly sexy voice that makes my knees weak.}} 

#4. So Ji Sub age 35
Best friend to Song Seung Hun  & ummm...yeah my first, my only, experience, so far, with this amazing man was when I watched Rough Cut a few months ago.  Funny Story.... I don't as a rule watch anything rated more than PG-13.  It's a personal decision I made when I got married & unless an R rated movie comes on regular TV & is edited (love that loophole) then I haven't seen one in 15 years.  I couldn't tell what Rough Cut was rated but I watched it anyway.  I watched it one night while I was waiting for my son to finish Tae Kwon Do, at his Dojaeng.  I just got to the first sex scene w Kang Ji Hwan's character, not realizing what it was rated I wasn't expecting....THAT.  Made worse by the fact that the timing of this explicit scene coordinated with the little bitty kids (ages 5-10) finishing class & exiting, directly behind me, from the matted area where they have class.  OMO!!  I was way less than cool when I realized these little kids were going to be able to see over my shoulder what I was watching, & worse that their parents might see it too & think I was watching REALLY inappropriate stuff, at a place where there are children gathered.  I had my ear buds in so it wasn't like they could hear but still I jumped & hunched over the screen as I tried to get my iPad to close & finally just flipped the whole thing over as it wouldn't stop playing when I wanted it to.   With bright red cheeks, I tried to remain calm & prayed no one had spotted what I was watching.  Yeah not my most graceful or intelligent moment.  

But I am so incredibly excited to watch his performance in his upcoming drama The Master's Sun, which starts next week, & which will be my next drama review here on TCA.   He was amazing in Rough Cut,a phenomenal actor, with phenomenal looks.  Win/win IMHO.  :)

#3. Kang Ji Hwan age 36
The Oppa who stole my heart with his amazing kisses in Lie To Me.  Seriously 3 of the best kisses in KDramas are because of this guy.  He was absolutely spectacular in Incarnation of Money, I just can't get enough of him!  I adore him!  Picking just 2 pictures was torture for me.  

#2 Lee Byung Hun age 43
My first real Oppa crush is this guy.  I fell hard for him too.  He is so talented & so hot it was impossible to not fall hard for him.  When he started dating Lee Min Jung, I was completely torn in 2.  One side of me was so happy that he finally found the love of his life so he wouldn't be alone anymore.  And part of me wanted to scratch her eyes out.  In fact in my personal little group of K friends I refer to her as only, "Whatsherface".  I refuse to say her name and act as petty & ridiculous as I can.  He was supposed to be mine!!  {{Don't tell my husband that though.}}  kekekeke...  Seriously though I wish him every happiness, he deserves it all.

{{{Psst...keep this on the DL, but I went with my husband to see Red 2, the weekend it came out, & it took all my willpower to not scream like a crazy person during his nude scene & I had to use all my effort to not run & jump on the screen to lick him!  Seriously the "Squeeeing in my head was deafening!!}}} 

AND finally ....

#1. Bae Yong Joon age 40
Yes this is my #1 actual Oppa Eye Candy.  Bae Yong Joon is ethereally beautiful.  He's one of the few men that when their hair is long they are even sexier.  No, I'm not a fan of men w long hair but OMO does it work for him!!  He's just perfection.  He can act too.  Seriously, sincerely fiercely act.  I adore him.  He has it all...looks, talents, body, ambition, heart just all of it.  I couldn't figure out what it was about him that made him so incredibly sexy to me & then a friend pointed out...he looks like an older version of Kim Hyun Joong.  And I realized...I have a type. LOL  Ethereally beautifully perfect men.  Not a bad type to have in my opinion.

I hope you enjoyed this trip down Delicious Lane & that your favorite Oppas were included in the list.  If they weren't please, PLEASE, feel free to send me pictures of your favorite Oppa & links to his movies/dramas/music so that I can enjoy the eye candy as well.  

Until then have a wonderful week AddiKts!


PS If you want to see more shots of these guys I have repinned a number of their beautiful pictures on my own Oppa Eye Candy Board on Pinterest.  I may not have loaded the original pictures themselves but I had a lot of fun re-pinning them! :)


  1. JDG is not 42, he's 41...born 7/3/1972. He's my fav...

    1. Thanks for catching my mistake. I apologize! He is quite delish!!! Have an awesome day!!!


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