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Good Doctor ep 14: Dramatic Recap-it

I started off strong in the week and then fizzled.  I didn't get to watch this episode until Thursday and then it was songpyeon making time in honor of Chuseok which took a whole lot longer than I had anticipated.  So, you get a Friday review from me after all.  Assuming that all goes well, that is, of course.  You know, my hands and wrists are pretty sore from all that songpyeon dough kneading....  ;)  I kid, I kid.  Well, not technically, they actually do hurt and typing is rather difficult, but I shall press onward, ever onward, and get this sucker written.  It's the blogger's creed.  I tells ya, the postal service has nothing on us.  Unnie was all sick and stuff and she still got something written.  I'm all songpyeon sore and look, here I am, chained to my desk dungeon early on a Friday morning just like a diligent (and highly underpaid - dude, this thing costs me money) and dutiful blogger extraordinaire should be.  No, no, no - I don't need your praise or even your gratitude.  Just knowing that I am reaching out and touching lives and sharing the Joo Won eye candy is all the reward I need.  I know what you're all thinking right now.  You're all saying to yourselves, "Oh Dongsaeng.......  STOP BLABBERING and GET TO THE GOOD STUFF!"
                                        Hey, something else a good blogger is is a good listener.  You want it, you got it!

Dongsaeng's Drama Doctoring of ep 14

1.  I Can Admit When I'm Wrong
In my last review, I hypothesized that Shi On could very well lose his young patient in his first surgery as the lead surgeon.  Okay, so fine, I was wrong, but I'm good with that and not above admitting my error.  It was a good scene and I was so proud of our guy.  He's understandably having a very difficult time at first.  Remember that the trauma of seeing his father and recalling his childhood terror has shut him down emotionally and mentally.  He's lost his special ability to "see" the inner, hidden anatomy of his patient.  He's shaking.  He's fighting his body.  He's in a full blown panic.  And his patient is dying right before his eyes because he can't gather what he needs in order to perform the operation.  Just at that crucial moment though as she's crashing and he's about to pass out and collapse and fall to pieces, the words of encouragement that he had received in the past from Drs Cha and Hot come back to him and give him that boost that he needs to get the job done.  And get the job done he does.  He becomes a rock star, finishes the surgery and saves the patient.  I can only imagine what was going through his mind and heart at that moment that he came out to tell the parents that she was okay.  So yes, I was wrong, and I'm so glad that I was.  I think that they managed to make him go through that growth that he needed to go through without compromising his track record.  I give them the nod.

2.  We'll Just Get this Out of the Way Now
Political Nutshell:  White shirt/Dirty Barista from Coffee Prince/Mysterious Wanna-be Taker Over of Hospital (Chairman Jung - chairman of the bank or whatever that holds the debt or at least a significant enough part of the debt of the hospital) has tried to buy hospital before back when the Chairwoman's husband was the Chairman.  It got ugly, he (the former chairman) got cancer and died.  Now Dirty guy is back to try to buy again.  Chairwoman holds a grudge against him and blames him for the death of her husband I guess because of all the stress related to the last attempted buy-out.  I dunno.  How a business deal can cause cancer is not within my realm of knowledge. oO  But whatever.  It doesn't look good for the Director and Chairwoman's side.  They're in financial crisis and they have a mere 2 months to pay back their debt or the hospital falls into Dirty's hands.  There's an additional catch to the "deal" - Chairwoman has to resign because Dirty has another gal in mind -- that's right, Chae Kyung.  She's got a personal vendetta against the current chairwoman, her stepmother.  That was her catalyst for getting involved in all this mess - to take back the foundation from stepmom.  Chae Kyung is apparently however unaware of her co-conspirator's relationship to the passing of her father.  From cancer.  {slaps the snarky hand}  Okay, that's enough political/business talk for now, right?  Good.  Moving on.

Oh wait, before I do that, I should mention this first because, as we can well assume, it will most likely become a thing later on.  This guy here seems to be on the phone with who I assume is his wife back in the States.  Their son (?) sounds like he's seriously ill and they're having a difficult time treating him.  The wife (?) wants to bring him home to Korea, but this guy is convinced that there's nothing that can be done for him in Korea either.  Anyone else want to venture a guess that at some point Shi On will treat and "fix" whatever ails this child?  And that it will affect the political side of this story?  Just a guess.  I have no idea and I've proven to be fallible before.  Tossing it up against the wall to see if it sticks.

3.  Facing the Demon

After some convincing pep talks from Hot Doc and his young patient, Shi On decides that it's time he face his father, the tormentor of his childhood.  Hot Doc has spoken to him of bravery and courage - doing things that you are afraid of and his young patient of the importance of being there for a father who is sick.  So Shi On goes to talk with his father's doctor and finds out just how sick he really is.  There's nothing that can be done for him at this point.  The plan is to just keep him comfortable and let nature take care of the rest.  Should I be so happy that they are giving him a zero percent chance of making it?  Well, I am.  I don't want him saved.  I want Shi On to find the peace that he needs, but then Daddy Dearest needs to take a nice long dirt nap.  Shi On then does the seemingly impossible - he walks into his father's hospital room.  Daddy Dearest is in fine form, screaming and hollerin' and carrying on at the poor nurse stuck giving him a shot.  Shi On has difficulty entering the room, launching into one of his whatcha-call-its, yet he bucks up and does it because he is an incredibly brave man.  Dad instantly grabs him by the collar the second he can reach him and threateningly pulls him in.  He at first demands his doctor son to cure him, to which Shi On replies that he can't, he's not the right kind of doctor.  "Okay, fine then", says Dad, "then pay for me - take care of me like a son should do".  This demand Shi On agrees to.  You can almost hear the cash register "cha ching" sound go off in Dad's head at this.  It settles him down enough to let Shi On go.  Meanwhile, Mom is outside the door crying and listening in to this dirty rat turd that she created this life with treat said life like crap.  I bet she's feeling pretty low right about now.  I can't even imagine.  What a nightmare.
4.  Time to Face One More Truth

Shi On does himself and all of us proud by being brave enough to face his father and to start some sort of reconciliation process there.  So let's toss another bombshell into his fox hole, shall we?  Mom decides that now would be a great time to reveal herself to her son.  His reaction?  Probably not what we had expected maybe.  In the past he's spoken so fondly of how he would love to be reunited with his parents, but now that it's happening, the truth of who his parents are is too much for him to take.  When he sees his mother, the memory of her leaving him, with nothing more than a note, returns to him.  She abandoned him.  Left him with that monster.  Alone.  I'm sure she had a reason and we'll learn it and I'll calm down somewhat, but at this moment I hate her and don't blame him for hating her either.  Which he says he does and takes off, leaving mom there to face her sins once again.  Yeah, she's got a lot of explaining to do.

5.  This Part

I loved this part.  This part made me giggle.  Dr Skeleton Face is at the soda machine and it eats his money.  He's not having a good day.  He's just left his office and overheard some of the moms talking about how long they had to wait to get in to see Hot Doc.  Judging by his reaction, my guess is that these days Skele's appointment book isn't quite so full and he's feeling a little slighted.  So he goes to find comfort in a soft drink, only to have the machine refuse to give up its bounty.  Just at that moment, a sweet little hand tugs at his coat.  He looks down and the most adorable little girl is holding out a soda to him.  Aww!  His cold little heart warms a bit at this - until he realizes that the child just wanted him to open her soda for her.  *giggle*  So precious and cute!  Poor Skele.  I'm glad I don't hate him anymore.  He goes outside after this and actually sits down with Shi On who has just left his father's room and is feeling all contemplative.  Shi On is talking about how he just wishes that his father would be proud of him and that he could be proud of his father.  Skele's a little dumbfounded as to what to say, so he reaches out and pulls out some money and hands it to Shi On.  It is so weird and awkward and I had to laugh.  Silly Skele.  Shi On tries to refuse the money, you know, seeing as how he's a doctor and all grown up and all, but Skele puts up a fuss (I think he's a little embarrassed by his awkward gesture and lack of people skills), so Shi On takes it and toddles off like a good little boy.  So random and awesome. 

6.  Young Korean Harry Potter and the Green Tissue

Shi On has just had Uncle Skele hand him his pocket money when he comes across the little Harry Potter boy.  This young patient has just cleared his final check up with Yoon Seo and is set to take off and go home the very next day.  Everyone is so happy that this day is finally here, especially the patient himself as he is so done with living in the hospital and just wants to go home.  Wants to go home bad enough that it turns out he was lying about how he felt.  He is in a lot of pain.  He's throwing up green bile.  Shi On walks in to the restroom and questions him, but the kid lies and says that he was just coughing.  When Shi On sees the green bile covered tissue in the garbage can though, he begins to get suspicious.  He picks up the tissue and goes to find Dr Cha when he is pulled aside by his mother.  Understandably, in all the shock and feels that follow his mother's revelation as to her identity, the little boy and the green tissue are forgotten.  Later on when it is discovered that the boy is still sick, the mother freaks out on Dr Cha and the hospital for missing it and threatens to take it to the reporters and reveal just how awful these doctors are.  Really?  Really???  Lady, first off, you just showed up after your son has been living in the hospital for who knows how long.  I can understand that you have a store and all, but still, mom to mom here, really?  I just have a hard time believing that she could be okay with not being there this whole entire time and then turn on the doctors like this and start accusing them of neglect.  Especially since it was her kid that was LYING to the doctors.  They are doctors, not mind readers.  He hid the pain during his exams.  It was an unintentional oversight at worst.  Yoon Seo is really thrown by this turn of events and feeling as if she failed as a doctor.  Shi On then remembers the green tissue and takes it upon himself to go apologize to the mother and admit his mistake.  She calms down enough to let them off with a stern warning, but promises to not pursue her retribution any longer.  Shi On's reasoning here?  Besides the fact that really he should have said something and is doing the right thing by coming clean at this point?  He wants to console Yoon Seo who is taking this so hard.  He feels as if he has received so much consolation and now he wants to give back.  Let me just say something here, and maybe I'm totally way off, but this has been on my mind so I just have to put it out there.  Am I wrong here, or does autism usually prevent someone from feeling empathy or sympathy for another person?  I thought that was a big part of it - they are in their own world and can't process the feelings of others very well.  It would seem to me as if Shi On does not have this problem.  He's pretty sensitive to the emotions of the people around him.  I'm really wondering at this whole "autism" thing.  Is that really what he has?  I don't know.  Like I've said before, I am no expert and this is a drama so we have to be willing to suspend some certain ideas in the spirit of playing along.  It just has been nagging at me and making me think too much so I had to mention it briefly.  I'll move on though. 

7.  More Shocking Truths Learned

This time, the one learning a shocking secret is our resident young love counselor girl (In Hye) who discovers that her sister is working as a hostess at a club.  Okay, okay, I know I just got done talking about suspending reality in order to play along with the story, but what kind of hospital lets any patient, let alone a minor child, leave the hospital willy nilly at any time, especially late at night???  Seriously.  They really just let them wander like that?  I've spent a little time in hospitals myself, granted, not as much as this girl has, but still...I couldn't take a dump without them knowing.  There's no way I would have been able to just walk out of there and then return later like it was no big deal.  No one seemed to even notice that she was missing and then when she did return, she was only questioned a little bit.  But I digress.... 

So she finds out how big sis is paying the bills and is a little ticked off both at her sister and at Dr Cutie who knew the truth and didn't say anything.  Uhm, I'm sorry there honey, but you are a child.  Sometimes grown-ups keep secrets from children and you've just shown us one of the reasons why.  Now that you know, you are so upset that you are refusing any more treatment, including the transplant that will save your life.  Maybe this is the reason why they kept it from you, ya think?  To avoid this little diva meltdown?  I understand that you're upset and why, but obviously your sister cares about you as does your doctor (not to mention that he also cares about your sister so of course he's going to follow her wishes and not reveal her private life to you) and so maybe you should just calm down and not be throwing this tantrum.  You want to be mature enough to know things like this, then you must also be mature enough to understand why it was handled the way it was handled and not get so butthurt over it. 

8.  (((Hugs)))

Okay, so we have an upset Yoon Seo on our hands.  She's beating herself up for missing the fact that her patient was still sick.  And that Shi On has taken the blame, at least in part.  She and Shi On meet up outside and talk about the situation.  It ends with him assuring her that he's not doing this because of how he feels about her, but because he has received so much consolation from her that he wants to do what he can now to console her.  And then he pulls her in for a hug.  Now, this can be seen one of two ways.  Where I'm coming from, it's a natural response to hug someone that is having a difficult time as Yoon Seo was having.  The girl really did need it.  And she's been there to do the same for Shi On.  But then we can see it from the K-Drama perspective as well.  Here we have a man who has already confessed to this woman and is now hugging her. We all know that oftentimes a hug in K-Dramas are practically an equivalent to well, other things.  Things between two people who care about each other deeply.  "Human growth and development" as my 12 year old calls it.  So what does this particular hug mean?  Where are we going to go from here?  We'll have to wait until Monday to know that.  From where I'm sitting, like I said, I think it was an appropriate response to the situation and nothing more than one friend consoling another.  Yes, obviously one of those friends has feelings for the other, but I still believe he acted as a friend not as a boy with a crush.  What remains to be seen is how it affects her.  He's starting to act and behave more as an adult.  He's grown by leaps and bounds.  He's working hard to overcome his weaknesses.  Every day he becomes more man and less child.  Will she start to see that? And will she start to see him as more man than child?  Guess we'll just have to wait and see, won't we?

Overall, as difficult as a lot of it was to watch, I'm happy with this episode and the growth that Shi On continues to make.  He's enduring some tough stuff and handling it like a champ.  And I'm happy that Joo Won's gorgeousness is coming out more and more as time goes on as well.  ;)  Hey, it's Joo Won.  It's good to see him act manly instead of grown child-y.  I want to cheer every time he looks like himself.  I definitely appreciate his talent, but I also appreciate his good looks as well, so it's nice to finally be getting moments of that thrown in with all the good acting he does.  Just keeping it real here.  ^_^ 

What did you think?  How are we still feeling on this drama?  I am personally glad that I have kept it up.  I feel bad for those that I know that dropped it many episodes back.  I'll admit, it got a bit iffy there for a while, but at this point in the game I am invested enough to want to know what happens to our hero.  I still don't care about the business side of things or any of those characters, but Shi On?  Definitely.  I want to see how things shape up for him.  Thanks for sticking with me through this drama journey - it's great to have you along for the ride.  See you back here next week as we inch even closer to the finish line.  Three more weeks to go, that's it.  Which means that from here on out things should really heat up and get interesting.  I love this part in any drama - the part where all the buildup starts to pay off.  I for one am excited and looking forward to what is to come!  Have a great weekend everyone and thanks for stopping by!


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