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The Master's Sun ep 14 Review/Recap

I am happy to report I am almost completely better, hoping I didn't just jinx myself, not that I am at all superstitious, she said as she knocked on wood three times & made sure to go around the ladder, rather than under it.  Phew!  That was close.  And how awesome was it to finally see my beloved Master's Sun?!?!  Sigh, happy feels!  Of course, this one also had sad feels too but mostly I was happy. 

When last we left our awesome leading couple, with the fabulous chemistry & awesome acting abilities, Joo Joong Won was paying Tae Gong Sil a visit at her home to find out just who the heck she is or was, to him.  Oh poor Tae Gong Sil, I felt so bad for her this whole episode having to pretend that she was glad to walk away from him.  Especially when he just kept seeking her out & grabbing her wrist & forcing her to face him & then staring deeply into her eyes.....sigh......  

I lost my train of thought.  Darn you Joo Joong Won/So Ji Sub!!

I guess I need to reboot my brain.  I know just the face uh...way to help...

So here's what happened...

He couldn't get past the fact that his life has changed so very much, and what's more, he actually likes the changes, what is up with that?!?!  He can't figure it out, he is desperate to remember what he can't remember, it's seriously nagging him.  Not that I blame him, it would drive me crazy.  He also can't understand why he was so tied up with Tae Gong Sil, who is an average woman, nothing remarkable about her.  How could he make her his "Candy".  And if that was the case shouldn't he be the one to dump her not the other way around? 

Uncle Rocks Socks:
His Uncle, oh how I LOVE his Uncle.  I loved that Uncle goes against Aunt's wishes & starts filling in the blank spots for Joo Joong Won.  My favorite part was his version of how the meeting went between Aunt & Tae Gong Sil, when Joo Joong Won announced his engagement.  In his version Tae Gong Sil was very straightforward & unafraid of Aunt & threatened to break the vase & refused to leave Joo Joong Won alone.  It was so awesome!  It is so obvious that Uncle distrusts Hanna & LOVES Tae Gong Sil, which makes me love him so much more. 

Fulfilling her part of the contract:
But this story did have it's share of darkness added in the mix.  Remember in order to save Joo Joong Won's soul, Tae Gong Sil gave herself completely to Madame Go as a go between for her ghostly matchmaking.  And while Tae Gong Sil may have forgotten that part Madame Go has not & she reminds Tae Gong Sil of this when she comes to collect the promise.  Tae Gong Sil is now her finder of single female ghosts.  First thing Tae Gong Sil needs to do, is give up her dream of finishing school, or of having any kind of normal life now.  I really don't like her but she really has the most awesome facial expressions.  {{She does creepy so well.  I want to meet her IRL to see if she is anything like her character.}}   Night after night Tae Gong Sil goes out to the cemeteries to hunt up single female ghosts for marriage. 

Then the next day is spotted by Tae Yi Ryeong & her manager(?) as they are discussing the US movie that has just been offered to TYR.  She found a female ghost & she is meeting with the family & the ghosts & Madame Go to seal the deal.  Then TYR forgets about TGS & heads over to Kang Candy to tell him, I think to try & impress him, with the news of the US movie.  His response was classic, but I happened to see your movie on TV & you weren't a very good actress.  Poor Yi Ryeong.  I hope he starts liking her back soon.  She tries to get him to be her bodyguard but he, of course is not interested, besides he's already busy protecting TGS.  Before he leaves he tells her to practice her acting more & become an international star.  Eventually she lets him know that TGS is meeting w a wealthy family & w Madame Go.  Which makes him wonder if she is now working for Madame Go? 

That night as he is coming home, he runs into TGS, as she is about to leave for yet another cemetery.  We find out later that he followed her there, in case she needed help but not once did she cry out for his help.  While I thought it was sweet that he wants to protect her & help her, when he said, "Call out my name if you're scared" and is then disappointed that she didn't, I couldn't help but think, she isn't going to call out for you, she thinks you're back at home.  What good would calling for someone that isn't there going to do her?  There's a flaw in your logic honey.  Next time tell her you are there, so she will call out your name, as you so badly want her to. 

Every time Joo Joong Won thinks he's got Tae Gong Sil out of his mind, he gets slapped in the face, metaphorically, with another reminder of her.  Secretary Kim is gone & his Uncle's secretary, who is probably doing double duty, doesn't have the right notes for an important meeting, so he grabs his recorder to see if Secretary Kim had a chance to record the notes before he left.  As he is listening to the recording all of a sudden Secretary Kim's voice is replaced by Tae Gong Sil's, he goes to meet his Aunt for lunch, she just can't stop trying to get him to start dating Hanna, & runs into Tae Gong Sil.  Who happens to be with another of Madame Go's clients.  This time it's a man that is getting married.  His old fiancé passed away & her ghost stays next to him, TGS's job is to try & get her to move on.  The whole situation gets out of hand when a huge misunderstanding occurs.  The man thinks Joo Joong Won, is a former client with the same problem he is having, so he asks JJW how long it took him to get her off of him, to stop sticking to him.  This is all the same terminology that he & TGS have been using to describe their relationship but the man is talking about his dead fiancé.  And when JJW says he almost died, by being stabbed in the back literally w a huge screw driver the guy freaks out. Poor guy, I'd have run too.  Giggle

As JJW's Aunt & Hanna enter the restaurant, Aunt spots TGS & Madame Go, & stops Madame Go as she is leaving.  Aunt now knows the truth about TGS's ability to see ghosts & why she hung around JJW.  So she hires Madame Go's services, which include TGS.  JJW meets up with Aunt & Hanna & in comes Madame Go & TGS.  Aunt wants to know if TGS can really see ghosts & if so can she see one attached to JJW?  She confirms she can & is right now & then calls out Cha Hee Joo & tells her to stop appearing in front of her or else tell who it is that is responsible for her death.  JJW having had enough, wrist grabs her & drags her away.  It is at this point that Madame Go can see why he was so special to TGS.  Well she doesn't actually "SEE" it per se.  Cos she can't see ghosts, but she is psychic, so she must have felt the psychic vibrations change, when he touched her. 

Filling in the blanks:
TGS fills JJW in on her real role at Kingdom, for him.  She wasn't his Candy but his "10 billion won radar" to find ghosts.  And that it's because of her ability, he got hurt & she felt bad, so that's why she quit.  She also tells him, again, she doesn't want to see him anymore.  She must have repeated this phrase a million times this episode but uri Joo Joong Won is stubborn.  Later & in her bedroom, Hanna faces the mirror & seemingly looks at Cha Hee Joo's ghost, smiling she asks, "Are you by my side?  If you're standing next to me, I'll apologize.  Sorry Eonnie."  And then creeptastically smiles a little bigger.  She really is good at bad girl. 

Now it's Kang Candy's job to fill Joo Joong Won in a little more on why Tae Gong Sil was so entwined in his life.  He shows him the pics, tells him about the twin & explains that TGS was trying to help him find the 10 billion won necklace.  Enter the bad guy who stabbed JJW.  Tae Gong Sil's words that the child's ghost was staring at him.  He's come to Kingdom in search of her, heads to her office, has a fight with Kang Candy & is captured & given over to the police, begging to talk to Tae Gong Sil.  But before he goes he reveals to JJW that he never meant to stab him, he was trying to stab the girl but JJW rushed in front of the screw driver & protected TGS with his life.  Which Kang Candy confirms, yes this is how it happened.  He knows she is suffering but he can't remember why it's important to him, that she not suffer, & he can't figure out why he feels so bitter all the time.

And we finally find out a small portion of the accident that Tae Gong Sil was in so many years ago.  She was in the mountains, got lost & wandered, alone, for 10 days.  Once she was found, even though she was okay she slipped into a coma for 3 years.  Then we see a guy come in to the coffee shop, he sits down with 2 cups of coffee.  One for himself & one for the ghost that always likes getting free coffee off of TGS.  There is a very mysterious conversation between the 2.  Obviously this guy sees ghosts too.  Or at least he sees the coffee lover ghost.  Who it seems hasn't been haunting TGS but supposedly been keeping an eye out for her, watching over her.  The living guy wonders if it's time to go & talk with her & if she'll recognize him? Very interesting!  I can't wait to see more! 

Once again Uncle shows his support for TGS.  During dinner at  JJW's house w Aunt & Hanna, after Aunt sets up Hanna as JJW's date for a big anniversary party for Kingdom, Uncle sneaks over & whispering tells JJW, with backward glances at the women, that Tae Gong Sil came to the hospital every day he was there, that she cried a lot.  And JJW is starting to connect the dots.  He asks Uncle my heart stopped right?  Uncle says, basically you died & then came back to life.  He remembers that TGS can see ghosts & that he died & he starts to figure out she must have seen his ghost.  Then Uncle says, "Of course to live normally well, that woman's (Hanna's) level would be the right choice, but whom you threw your life away for was Tae Gong Sil who lives in the study motel & sees ghosts."  This leads to him pretending to be Secretary Kim & texting TGS that he needs to see her at the office.  She confirms she saw him, but refuses to tell that he told her he loved her just before his ghost disappeared.  She then tells him, he won't get his memory back, it's been sealed.  He finally says I won't look for you & she agrees that she doesn't want to see him, but as she is walking away he whispers, look back at me & I will try one more time to hold on to you.  But she doesn't stop. 

Hanna Brown:
While doing a background check on Hanna Brown, Kang Candy comes across her writing & recognizes it.  He pulls up a picture of his computer of the back of the postcard that has a picture of Cha Hee Joo, a year after her death (her obvious twin) & compares the 2 writing samples.  They are a perfect match but the faces don't match.  This, we know is because Hanna had plastic surgery, or so her friend tells Secretary Kim, who is now back & confirms with Kang Candy that Hanna is the long lost twin of Cha Hee Joo & that both girls are his nieces.  And that is why he stayed so close to JJW all these years. 

I can't handle the feels:
As JJW & Hanna enter the mall for the party, they run into TGS & Madame Go, who have finally convinced the dead fiancé to move on.  There is awkward staring & so many painful feels as eventually TGS turns away & JJW heads up to the party & she turns back to watch him go off with another woman.  Uncle once again is my hero.  At the party, he goes up to JJW & tells him that he heard TGS she has entered into some weird contract w Madame Go for the rest of her life.  So he confronts Madame Go & tries to buy TGS out of the contract & wants to know what it's for etc...  Madame Go says nothing, except that he can get his memories back if he really wants to, he just has to remember what disappeared.  Referring to the necklace that TGS wears around her neck, it holds his memories.  When he gets mad & asks how much is the contract worth Madame Go tells him, Tae Gong Sil gave all of herself. Why don't you calculate how much that would cost, and settle on that." 

Back at the party he gets dizzy & he just can't stop thinking about Tae Gong Sil.  When his Aunt & Hanna come over to see if he is sick, he says he is sick, he didn't realize till now how sick but yes he is sick.  Then he sees the same necklace around Hanna's neck & he remembers being in the spirit world & watching the necklace disappear.  He tells Hanna I keep looking at it because it's just like the other one, but it isn't the genuine one.  Burn!!!  That can be taken in so many ways!  Necklace is not the same, Hanna isn't as good as Tae Gong Sil.  Hanna also wasn't as good as Cha Hee Joo.  Deep stuff that! 

He rushes off to meet with TGS, who is meeting with Cha Hee Joo's ghost begging her to stop coming, that she won't lend her body to her, because she needs to live too & she will forget about him, she is done with all of it, & to prove this she takes off the necklace & is about to throw it & pauses & then finally firming her resolves she reaches back to throw it, for real this time, when JJW intercepts her arm & stops her from throwing it, saying to her, "You can do without your safety shelter?"  That's right!  He has his memories back!  Woot Woot!!!   She lies to him that she felt comfortable without him in her life too but he calls her on it & says, "You can never feel like you can live without me.  Without me, you have to feel like you are dying."

And wow I am an emotional wreck after this episode.  Roller coaster of emotions!!  I told you he'd get his memories back in the next couple of eps & I was right.  It's so satisfying to be right.  :)  I can't wait to see episode 15 tonight.  See you tomorrow guise.


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