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The Master's Sun episode 13 Review/Recap

Today's review is brought to you by the makers of Simply Orange, Puff's Plus & Vapo Rub.  Singing "Soft Kitty" to yourself is a completely optional & personal choice.  Yes, I am battling a nasty little head cold & am on Sudafed.  So, if this review makes no sense, you have been warned.  But something has to get this gunk out of my head so I can breath through my nose & hear again. 

Today we are here to answer the questions that have been plaguing us all for 8 days.  EIGHT DAYS!!!  BTW, we here at TCA, hope all of our SK friends, had a lovely Chuseok holiday.  Dongsaeng gave it the old college try at making Songpyeon for her son's Tae Kwon Do Master, he's from South Korea.  It was a lot of work, I'm dying to know how it turned out.  Maybe she'll tell us on Monday or in one of her Good Doctor recaps.  Fingers crossed.  Dongsaeng, Fighting!  I got distracted again didn't I?  Darn Sudafed.  I promise I will try to stay on topic, even though I'd much rather be falling asleep to the sound of my TV, all snuggled up with my pillow, in my big soft squishy bed...sigh that really sounds nice doesn't it?  It honestly took me a minute to remember what I was supposed to be doing just now. Probably not a good sign. 

Okay seriously I am going to focus.  Review.  Ep 13 of The Master's Sun.  Starts now. 

*Cracks neck & fingers & puts writers face on* {{No idea what a writer's face looks like except my regular face but you know, whatever... }}

If you remember at the end of 12 we all gasped & screamed & freaked out & panicked & cried & had hysterics, when Joo Joong Won's ghost appeared & told Tae Gong Sil that he loved her.    Then I reminded us that we still had several eps to go & to not panic quite yet, that this opened the story to several awesome possibilities.  Well I was right, sort of...  I have to admit I was saddened to see the return of one of my least favorite K Drama devices.  Amnesia.  Sigh.  Yes, the Hong sisters took all those endless possibilities & chose amnesia.  Now I have a confession, I had spoiler knowledge prior to watching the episode, from a friend, that they were going to use this device.  She watched the LIVE RECAP via Soompi & I IM'd her & asked for spoilage, just that one tidbit though.  So I kind of went in to this episode both prepared for the amnesia & at the same time with a chip on my shoulder because of the amnesia. 

BUT I am happy to report that while I was very cynical about this overused plot device I am happy to say it actually was used cleverly.  It wasn't your typical Kdrama Amnesia case.  With that said, let's move on.  So I was right about the "out of body" theory I had last week as well, that part made me happy.  Just before surgery began JJW's heart stopped & his soul left his body & saw TGS & he figured he was dead, because she shined so brightly, so he bid her goodbye confessing his love for her.  But in reality the doctors managed to get his heart going again & continued with the surgery. 

Meanwhile in the hallway, the Doctor gave the news he was alive & being operated on & TGS was shocked he didn't die, which she said to herself, out loud, royally pissing off his Aunt in the process, who then smacked TGS for even thinking it & threatened TGS to stay the hell away from her nephew.  Uncle looked perfectly shocked & then appropriately saddened but obeyed his wife, & I was so proud of his reaction.  TGS met up with Kang Candy & she remembered there was one person who could help her.  The creepy matchmaker to the dead lady from episode 5  And she runs off to meet with her.  Creepy matchmaker lady informs her, he probably will not recover, because he saw her, he is under the mistaken belief that he is 100% dead, rather than just having an out of body experience.  But yes she can call his spirit back to his body, but it comes at a price.  First TGS will now work for her, whatever that lady wants TGS will have to help her with it, meaning speak to her dead clients, since that is not her gift. And then 2nd & probably the most painful of all, the process of returning JJW to his body will erase all of his memories since meeting TGS.  All of it & her will be gone from his mind.  So he has amnesia but only because of the power used to save his life...I imagine he'll come around in the next episode or so.

Sure enough when he wakes up, he has no memory of TGS, much to every one's confusion & his Aunt's delight, who then warns everyone not to even mention TGS, even a little bit, in front of JJW.  But the first person he sees when he comes to, is not his Aunt or Uncle or even Secretary Kim.  It's Ha Na's face, evil twin sister to Hee Joo.  Who sat over him, creepily, talking to him about how she's waited 15 years for the statute of limitations to end so he has to wake up.  She really is good at creepy.  Which is so weird because she was so nice as the veterinarian in City Hunter.  Secretary Kim goes to TGS, to tell her JJW has awoken but he has no memory of her, & begs her to go & see him but she informs him that she won't, she also won't be in his life anymore, that it's too dangerous for him.  And it was selfish of her to want to keep him with her all the time.  But even as Joo Joong Won is realizing he can remember nothing of the last couple of months, there is something tickling at the back of his mind.  So the memories are still there, they are suppressed by the spell to bring him back.  I can't wait to see how they undo the amnesia. 

There is no secondary ghost story in this week's lone episode.  Will they go back to that formula? I have no idea.  So I am simply going to boil down the main plot lines from here on out. 

Joo Joong Won:
Discovers he can read again.  He doesn't know how, but he can.  Every time he sees or runs into TGS he feels drawn to her & he seems utterly confused by her presence.  But, he is also, back to being his old selfish self, the guy he was before TGS entered his life, I loved his reaction when Secretary Kim brought in the flowers from Giant Mall's CEO.  Who is now apparently good friends with JJW, they even played golf last week.  Then he finds out he was going to have a child abuse center built & he was rescuing military personnel, putting his own life on the line to do so & the police want to give him a medal!  He really has no idea what the heck he has been up to!  Which made the appearance of the little boys he bribed with toys if they read the text on TGS's phone super funny.  They arrived at Kingdom to claim the toys he promised them, w his business cards, & he was sure he was being swindled.  But they knew too much & the eldest told him of the "noona" who said he was a "Special Person".  It was her name Tae Gong Sil, it sounded right & then they called her Tae Yang & this gave him the impetus, towards the end of the episode, to satisfy his curiosity by sending himself to the apartment building to seek out TGS. 

Tae Gong Sil:
Spent this episode in pain.  So much sadness, it was a good thing I am sick, it kept me from crying, that fear of making my cold so much worse.  However, it was also painful to watch & yet not be able to ease the pain, I felt rolling off of her, w a good cry.  She quits her job, packs up her stuff, is protected by Kang Candy, gives Cutie McLittlesecurityguy her resume, on the premise he is going to help her apply for a new job, but when he notices that the details of her accident are missing she decides it isn't worth going over it all & takes back her resume.  He's still trying to figure it out.  And yes, I am falling victim to the writer's teasing of this story line I am dying to know what really happened to her.  She unfortunately tips her hat to the evil twin too.  At the coffee shop after taking back her resume, she runs into Ha Na, as she turns to walk away she jumps & blurts out Cha Hee Joo, when she sees Hee Joo's ghost.  This has Ha Na digging into her a little more.  TGS goes to Kang Candy & he explains that they know that Hee Joo was the culprit & that she wasn't working alone.  She informs him she wants to still help solve this case for him, JJW.  But Kang Candy reminds her she can't tell him anything because he has no memory of her or of her ability to see ghosts, so he wouldn't believe her. 

Secretary Kim:
I am relieved to find out that Secretary Kim is not the bad guy.  He had no prior knowledge that Hee Joo was behind the kidnapping.  BUT he did know she had a twin sister.  In fact, the girls are related to him.  I was a little confused because they called him samcheon, which is uncle, but he said later that they were his cousins kids.  I assume this means they just called him Uncle but he was actually their 2nd cousin.  I admit I am still a little confused by his full story, but that's because they are only telling it in little chopped up bits here & there.  It will all be revealed by the end, I hope.  Eventually, he goes to JJW & asks for time off, he has a niece he needs to go in search of & JJW makes him promise that he will come back, because even though he can read on his own now, he still needs Secretary Kim by his side.  Awww.... 

Kang Candy & Tae Yi Ryeong:
Oh these two are just about perfect.  He spends most of the episode as the tortured one sided love of TGS trying to help her & liking her at the same time & she spends the entire episode supremely jealous of TGS & Kang Candy.  Without meaning to, she even gives him the strength to just be there, for TGS.  She shows him how much she will not give up, she will beg, she will 'grow big' & she will impress him to like her too, by gum!  And then he thanks her, tells her she is cool & that he will now use this tactic on TGS.  Totally not what she wanted.  Her reactions to his stubbornness are awesome all on their own.  This, of course, forces her to set up a fake appointment w both JJW & TGS at the same restaurant that he proclaimed his love for her, in the hopes this would jog his memory & they'd be together again & then she could get Kang Candy back.  Even though she really is unhappy that TGS is going to end up with someone as important as JJW, she'll sacrifice. 

They meet in the restaurant:
He walks in looking for Tae Yi Ryeong & sees a woman sitting by herself at a table in front of him, w the exact same books he is reading at his house, the story of the goat & wolf.  TGS puts the book down & looks up to see the ghost waiter staring at her & she jumps, nearly tipping her chair over & in comes JJW FTW!  He places his hand on her shoulder to steady her & swish the ghost waiter disappears.  He's still got it!  He asks her if she felt something go through her very intensely? But she remains silent.  She doesn't turn & look at him, she doesn't utter a syllable.  It was very frustrating to me!  He apologizes & heads up to the room he is supposed to have a private dinner w the other Tae.  And then he sees & watches as TGS, stoically & quietly, hugging her books to herself, walks out of the restaurant below, looking ever so sad. 

Aunt hears the back story to her neighbor Ha Na Brown:
Her father is English & her mother Korean, she was adopted.  Her real parents were killed in an accident & even though she did meet an uncle once there was no family member that could take her in, after her poor artist parents were killed, so she was adopted by a wealthy British family. 

At the End:
This episode went by so quickly, unlike this review, right?  It's okay I know I am wordy when drugged.  But I stayed focused right?  Yay me!  Almost done & then I can go to sleep until my kids get home from school. 

Tae Gong Sil, arrives home after a long day & turns the corner to her apartment & finds Hee Joo's ghost standing there.  We hear Cha Hee Joo's voice but we don't see her lips move as she asks, "You love Joo Joong Won, don't you?  Please lend me your body?"  TGS asks in return, "Can you catch the culprit?" To which Hee Joo nods.  Then just as TGS is trying to decide what to do, Joo Joong Won walks around the corner of the rooftop & spins Tae Gong Sil to face him, dispelling Hee Joo's ghost.  And asks point blank, "Who are you?  Are you Tae Yang?" 

And now we wait another week for 2 more episodes. 

I hope you all have a great weekend & I will see you next week. 


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