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Good Doctor ep 15: Dramatic Recap-it

We are rounding the corner towards the finish line and beginning to gear up for the grand finale.  This week's episodes were wrought with drama and feelings and angsty moments.  Those of us so "blessed" probably once again found ourselves tearing up a time or two.  Not that I'm talking about myself here.  No.  I'm just saying it in case you thought you were the only one.  I'm sure that there was probably someone else out there with a similar reaction in the tear ductal region.  I mean, the chances are like totally there, right?  All I'm saying is that if you found yourself in that category, it's okay.  We don't judge here.  There's nothing wrong with having a big heart and deep emotional depths of deepness.  And compassion.  Besides, crying totally makes you look pretty and your oppas want to make you cry.  That's why they make dramas.  When you fail to get emotional during an emotional scene, I think that an oppa somewhere loses his wings or something like that or so I've heard.  Thank you for sacrificing your tears in order to save the oppas of the world.  You do us all a great service.  So, grab a tissue and wear those tear-stained cheeks with pride, AddicKts!
Anywayzzz, uh yeah.  Lots of stuff to talk about.  Stuff, stuff, stuff, and more stuff.  Let's get started then, shall we?

Dongsaeng's Drama Doctoring of episode 15

1.  Friend-zoned but at Least It's Still on the Playing Field

What is this whole deal with this "friend zone" phobia that exists in the world today?  Is the friend-zone really that bad of a place to be?  I mean, seriously here people.  Why do we assume that this is where all relationships go to die?  Being Sibling Zoned?  Now that's wayyy worse.  I'll give you that.  Friend-zoned though?   Come on, that's not so bad, is it?  I know TONS of couples that started out as friends LONG before any lovey dovey entered the equation.  TONS.  Friendship, for that matter, is one of the crucial pieces in a successful relationship in my experience.  Love changes.  The honeymoon phase has to end eventually.  Love looks a whole lot different after that.  Friendship supporting that love relationship goes a long, long way and should never be discounted or ignored as the fabulous foundation that it truly is.  Here we have Yoon Seo practically begging Shi On to go back to the way they had been.  Things have been awkward at best between them since his confession and she misses him.  She wants him back in her life.  And she's elevating him to the friend zone after benching him as a brother figure previously.  This is improvement.  Definite improvement.  Shi On still stands a fighting chance.  All is most certainly not lost.  Sometimes spending a bit of time holding your own in the Friend Zone can unexpectedly and swiftly rocket you to the Love Zone once the other player realizes just how valuable of a teammate you are.  Enough with the loose sports analogy?  Yeah, me too.  My point is, Yoon Seo may have been taken off-guard by Shi On's confession, but she's not ready to write him off yet and so I hope our boy keeps the faith (as I of course know that he will because he's cool like that).
2.  With a Stab Stab Here and a Stab Stab There

Beautiful yet tragic young girl left alone late at night in a park by a loving, doting and equally tragic young widowed mother?  Duh.  Obviously someone's getting stabbed tonight.  A mysterious and dangerous man is walking and seemingly ignoring the warning bell of an approaching bicyclist.  Stab.  The bicyclist is taken out in a random act of violence.  Okay guy, we've all had our moments when we've been annoyed by bicyclists.  Pedestrians don't like them, drivers don't like them.  I get it.  No offense bicyclists.  You're great people, really you are.  A minority of you though sometimes can be a bit obnoxious.  Take for example last summer in San Francisco.  We were walking along a very busy and crowded Golden Gate Bridge, enjoying the sights and wonders around us.  And getting run over by hordes of cyclists not obeying the clearly posted signs.  They were intent on getting across the bridge as fast as possible despite the mass of humanity that was peak tourist season.  Not to mention the insane traffic jams we hit while trying to get around the little hamlet of Sausalito which was also overrun by the most bikes I have ever seen before in one place in my entire life.  They were everywhere.  It was on this day that I realized that bicycles are one thing that pedestrians and motorists have in common as a shared nemesis.  And it goes both ways I'm sure.  I'm sure bicyclists have a whole grump list directed towards pedestrians and motorists themselves.  Really though people, we should all just get along, no matter what our preferred mode of transport is.  Kumbayah.  Anyway, back to my original story before heading back to the actual story.  There we were on the bridge and these die hard cyclists ran over a line of little kids out on a biking field trip.  This happened in a zone that gets extra congested and the cyclists were supposed to be walking their bikes but were not.  These grown men (aka bullies on bikes) ran over these wee itty bitty kids and then yelled at said kids and teachers for being present at that time and in that place.  Not very classy.  As you can probably easily see, it kind of rubbed me the wrong way as I witnessed it all unfold.  So yeah, I can maybe see why this guy was a little annoyed at the constant ringing of the bike's bell (after all, as the cyclist approaching from behind we all know that she was the one supposed to yield, I mean, come on, chill with the bell there lady and just go around), but stabbing her?  That's never a solution.  Let's try using our words.  Our nice words, not our naughty words.  This is a park.  There are children here.  Like that little girl there that just watched you stab the bicyclist.  Yeah her.  Our poor, tragic young witness is the next to fall victim to scary park guy.  Enter the hospital and our lovely staff.

3.  On the Mend

We have a lot of situations and relationships being mended and fixed here in the middle of this episode.  There is an effort put into helping our young stabbing victim deal with the trauma of what has happened.  There's In Hye and her sister's whole mess.  Mom and Shi On.  Dad and Shi On.  Yoon Seo and Shi On.  Shi On and Dr Skeleton Face.  Hot Doc and his fiance.  Hot Doc's fiance and her business-related mess.  In Hye and her young doctor.  So on and so forth.  Things are going okay though.  Everyone is making in roads in their various fixing-it fronts. 

4.  Maturing and Learning

In addition to all the mending going on, we also have some major growing happening as well.  A lot of focus is put on Shi On and his obvious maturing, both as a doctor and in his personal relationships.  He's handling the rejected from Yoon Seo like a champ.  He's acting more as a doctor and less like a little kid who wants to befriend his young patients when he enforces dietary restrictions on some of the long-term patients.  He talks himself of how he is growing and maturing.  Then there's Hot Doc.  He's also learning a thing or two from Shi On.  He pulls out the cutesy stethoscope that Shi On had given him to use on the stabbing victim who is terrified of the "real" stethoscope.  Even Skele, bless his little tiny but growing heart is softening towards Shi On and growing a conscience.  And Yoon Seo is beginning to see Shi On as a grown man and not as a child.
5.  Protecting Mom

Shi On shows how much he has grown and matured when he steps in and stops his father from hitting his mother.  Booyah!  That was an awesome scene and I was so proud of Shi On!

6.  He's Coming From America

Let's chat about the Vice Chairman/VP whatever he is.  The which-side-is-he-playing guy.  His son is sick and being treated in Boston.  Boston doesn't know what to do to help this kid.  Our hospital is contacted for advice.  Yoon Seo, after pouring a lot of effort into it, comes up with a solution that may just work and presents the option to Boston.  Boston isn't comfortable doing it because of the risks involved, so they have recommended that the patient go to Korea and be treated by Yoon Seo.  Now of course, no one at the hospital realizes who this patient is and that his father is the one trying to help a not-so-good-guy take over the hospital.  I'm sure this will get nice and fun as it progresses.

7.  Hey Jealousy

As eluded to before, things between Shi On and Yoon Seo aren't exactly ice cold.  There's some positive developments going on.  For example, there was the moment on the street corner where he pulls her back to safety and she pauses at the realization as to how close she is to him as he holds her.  And this look that he gives her as she's acting cute.  He's toe-up head-over-heels for her and it's so sweet!  She's not immune to his charms whether she knows it or not.  We can see that as she experiences a wee little bout of good old fashioned jealousy at the sight of him sitting there with Hot Doc's girl.  Oh yeah, this story ain't over yet for these two.  I see lots more coming their way.  Shi On just needs to be patient a little longer and I'm positive his patience will be rewarded. 

8.  Stab Happy Over There, Aren't They?

It's almost like the drama writers all had a super secret meeting earlier on in the year and decided that 2013 was going to be the year of stabbings.  As Unnie pointed out to me after watching this episode, there sure have been a whole lot of stabbings in dramadom as of late.  It's hard to think of a drama that didn't include a stabbing or two or ten.  It makes you wonder what next year will bring.  My vote goes towards resurrecting something unusual because, well, I like unusual.  We could try a rash of mace attacks.  Not the kind you spray, that's boring, but the old medieval kind.  Spiky ball on a chain kind of variety.  I doubt anyone would see that coming.  Nunchucks would be too stereotypical and lame.  Ooh!  How about fighting fan?  Yeah, that's totally a thing!  My kid took a fighting fan class in karate until my husband decided it was too goofy for a boy to learn to fight with a fan.  Men.  I can totally see it now.  Drama after drama of fan attacks.  Hmm...that sounds different than I mean it to sound.  I'm sure they can come up with something and totes make it work.  Heehee...I just said totes.  And I bet it was as annoying as it was intended to be.  I'm so cray cray when I talk like the young people do.  LOL  #lololololololololololololol #yesIsawtheJimmyJustinhashtagbit 

Speaking of stabbing, guess who comes back so completely and totally unexpectedly even though we've seen him lurking around all through the episode and the cop assured everyone that there was no way he'd come back???  Yes indeed, our resident serial stabber, come back to silence the young witness.  Did NOT see that one coming.  >_>  There's a fight, an unconvincing escape scene made by mother and daughter (hey look, I understand the importance of remaining calm in a dangerous situation, but how unbelievable was that mom as she just kind of saunters away and mildly informs everyone that a killer is on the loose?), and a knife comes out.  This time it's Hot Doc who is the unfortunate person on the other end of the blade.  And yes, this is our cliffhanger moment where we are all supposed to be freaked out and worried that Hot Doc dies or something tragic like that, but if you'll remember my "Too Hot to Be Evil" theory, well, the same holds true with death.  In dramas, the hot guys are (almost) never killed off just like they are (almost) never the bad guys we fear they might be.  Yes, there are exceptions to this rule (City Hunter, King 2 Hearts I'm totally side-eyeing you right now you Dirty Rotten No Good Hot Guy Killers)  (**Spoiler Alert**), but generally speaking, it's a given that in a drama the hot guy is a good guy, or at least morphs into one by the end, and stays alive.  That's just been my experience.  If you want to worry and stress over this particular cliffhanger, by all means, be my guest.  That's what it's there for.

I hope that you enjoyed this recap almost as much as you enjoyed this episode.  I apologize up front and want to just let you know that episode 16's recap will be up late.  I didn't get to it in time before this weekend and I'm heading off for a bit of a romantic getaway in celebration of my wedding anniversary that was earlier in the month.  I will be without my desk dungeon and internets and therefore will not be able to fulfill my ahjummaic duties as they are.  For that, I apologize.  What, it's not like they aired these episodes on Monday and Tuesday thus giving me an entire week to work on them or anything.  o.O  I know, I know... big time fail on my part and I beg your forgiveness.  I will return with 16 just as soon as I am able.  Until then, may happy dramas fill your days with angsty goodness and happy feels alike.  May cliffhangers keep your heart pumping and may accidental skinship get it racing.  May amnesia and comas not block your way to love, life and happiness.  This is my wish for you, from one AddicKt to another.  Until we meet again, stay Fantastic Baby.  

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