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Good Doctor ep 16: Dramatic Recap-it

Hot Doc is hottest in his surgical scrubs and Shi On when he is sleeping.  Or at least it would seem as all my favorite screen caps of them are usually following this pattern.  I guess it's because when Shi On is laying down he looks most like my Joo Won <3

Dongsaeng's Drama Doctoring of Episode 16

1.  It's Just a Flesh Wound
At the end of episode 15, we are left with a stabbed and bleeding Hot Doc.  I'm sure we all collectively gasped at that moment and wondered what would become of our resident Chief Eye Candy.  Well, fear not fellow AddicKts, for at the beginning of 16 we see that he is indeed okay.  Thankfully the knife missed any organs and before we know it he has returned back to work.  Okay, yeah, so he returns probably a little earlier than he really should have, but return he does and alive he is.  We'll take it!  Thank you drama powers that be for not killing off a hottie.  What would we have done without that smile???  Dreamy!

2.  Ppo Ppo
After stabbing Hot Doc, the bad guy takes off and is stopped by our favorite murse.  He goes all thug on him and is hauled off by the police.  What?  That's stupid.  The guy is a mass stabber.  He earned what he got.  The Charge Nurse lady bails him out and takes him out to eat.  Love is in the air!  Nurse Lady though isn't the only one though sharing the love.  Shi On decides to show his approval of the murse's actions with a little peck on the cheek.  Everyone is standing around, mouths agape at this odd turn of events.  Why does Shi On do it?  Well, because he figures that since the murse gave him a kiss in an earlier episode that that was his preferred method of congratulatory expression.  It was a cute scene, especially then when the Head Nurse Lady starts teasing Murse that his first kiss was from a boy.  Have I ever mentioned how much I enjoy the hospital staff's interactions with each other?  Cuz I do.  You know, in case you were wondering.

3.  Breaking it Down
The hospital staff is trying to figure out exactly what the hospital buy-out and transformation into a for-profit institution will mean.  Basically it could mean good things for them, but bad for those patients who can't afford treatment.  Sounds about right I suppose.  Then there's the Vice President guy.  Here he is trying to take over the hospital and pissing some good people off in those efforts all while his son needs a surgery that the hospital in Boston is refusing to do.  Where do they want him to go to for consultation?  Why one of the very doctors he's been pissing off of course.  Dr Cha has come up with a radical and new solution that just might work, but Boston isn't wiling to take the risk on it.  Now this guy has a dilemma to make.  That dilemma is made harder later when his wife, unbeknownst to him, suddenly shows up with their son at the hospital.  Hmm...this could get interesting I suppose.

4.  A Drama Classic in Reverse
We are all quite familiar with the infamous drama makeover where rich guy takes poor girl to a fancy schmancy store and buys her a present.  Well, this time we get this drama classic in reverse and with a twist.  Grateful to him for helping Hot Doc in his time of need, Chae Kyung has taken him shopping to buy something warm.  They end up getting him a nice handsome sweater, but when Yoon Seo sees him wearing it later, learns who it came from and then sees the price tag, she flips out.  In a "I'm jealous that some other woman that I've seen you spending time with is now buying you an expensive gift" kind of way.  Shi On shouldn't give up hope just yet - things could just turn out in his favor in this arena after all.

5.  An Unexpected Ally
Dr Skeleton Face is asking around about Shi On and learns of his father being in the hospital and a little about his past (and current) treatment of Shi On.  Later on when Dad is being a big old jerk in the halls, Skele steps in to lend Shi On a helping hand and stand up to his nasty trashy dad.  I love it!  His transformation has been totally fun to watch.

6.  Coming Clean
Chae Kyung admits to her stepmother and the director (are they married or what?) her involvement in the loss of the funding for the foundation.  The chairwoman is understandably shocked and upset at Chae Kyung's betrayal, as is the director, but I have to give him props for what he tells her after she's left.  He assures her that when all is said and done, she is still the most important thing to them and that losing the foundation and the hospital would pale in comparison to losing her.  Aww!  What a good guy he is!  I just heart is sweet self.
7.  Doing the Dance
How cute was Shi On doing a goofy dance in the park in order to cheer up Yoon Seo?  Oh!  And the following her oh-so-stealthily before he was caught.  *giggle*  He's freaking adorable!  I just love his guts.  Also "doing the dance" so to say is Hot Doc and Chae Kyung who are finally making up.  Yay!  This makes me happy, mostly because it means Hot Doc will cease his chasing of Yoon Seo, thus freeing up a clearer path for Shi On.  Shi On also continues to show his strength and impressiveness as he becomes more confident in approaching and even caring for his father.  The fear and hatred are melting away as he begins to see his father as a flawed and dying man.  That takes a whole heck of a lot of courage.  So does standing up to the vice president guy and telling him what-for in the case of the hospital buyout and his concern for those without money to buy the care that their children need.  The guy has gumption and courage coming out his sweet wahzoo.  <3

8.  In Hye
After finding out that her sister is the intended donor for her intestinal transplant, In Hye becomes upset.  She would rather die than continue to be a burden to her sister.  At the end of the episode she runs off and is found by Yoon Seo who takes her home.  Now, earlier it had been discussed and suggested that they hold off on the surgery (cutie pie doctor was trying to convince big sis of this because he is worried for her as well seeing as how he has a big ol' mondo crush on her) because it wasn't urgent.  Well, after a little sleepover party (no, I'm not even going to go there about how a patient spending the night at her physicians house would never in a bazillion million years be deemed appropriate in the medical field, but whatever...we'll just go with it) at Yoon Seo's, In Hye awakes the next morning with something very obviously wrong.  She's really out of it and there is blood falling on her feet and coming from her mouth before she collapses.  I'm no doctor or expert here, but I'm going to go out on a limb and say that maybe this surgery is a bit more critical than they assumed.  Ya think?  Personally I was a little upset that they went this direction.  I really like this character a lot and I wasn't thrilled to see her sick.  I shouldn't have been surprised, but I still may have directed an audible "no!  not her!" at the screen.  You know, maybe.  Who really knows?  Not that I would ever admit to such a thing.  No, never.  And that, that is where our cliffhanger leaves us dangling from this week.  Or I guess now last week since the new episode is about to air.  You know what I mean.

All in, I appreciated quite a few moments in this episode, even beyond the ones listed here.  I am curious and excited to see what the final two weeks of this drama brings.  As I'm sure you are as well.  Which reminds me - did you happen to hear how well this one is doing in the ratings back in Korea?  It topped the magical 20% this past week as far as viewership numbers.  That's not bad.  Funny how I suspect it's not playing as well here in the States.  I can't speak for sure since we don't really track the numbers here as accurately, I can only base it on the buzz I'm hearing.  I know many that have dropped it, and those that haven't dropped it still don't rave and gush endlessly as they do when they are watching one they love.  It's been a lukewarm reception from what I've seen among my American peers.  I wonder how it's playing internationally in the rest of the world.  And I wonder why the (assumed and highly unscientific) disparity?  Very interesting.  At least to me.  Am I just being odd?  Maybe.  It means something to me though because as someone who spends many hours every week dedicated to reviewing a drama, I like to know that it at least is one that people care about and are watching.  If the English speaking world isn't digging a drama, then why should I waste my time when it could be served elsewhere (because you totally know that I'm providing an invaluable service to said English speaking world, right?)?  I can't write to the Korean audience that is loving it what with the whole language barrier and all, so it matters to me how popular a drama is amongst those that are potential readers.  So yeah, may not really matter to most why a drama does well back home and not here abroad, but it does just so happen to be a curiosity of mine for obvious and not so obvious reasons. 

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