Monday, December 2, 2013

Pretty Man Ep 3

Wow, it is amazing the amount of time relatives will eat out of one's drama watching/blogging time.  Don't they understand the importance of keeping a very strict kdrama viewing schedule?  Or else next thing you know you are a combined 20 episodes behind and have to give up sleep for a couple days to catch up.  Since every time I mention anything krelated they give me "the look", you know the one, the

Are you kidding?  You have a schedule?  Do you speak Korean?  Are you a freak or something?  And you blog about it also?  Does anyone other then your mom actual read it? look.

So......................  I have been limited to only one episode a night and no time to think of super witty comparisons for Pretty Man.  So I hope you will still stay with me through these two posts.  I promise that next weeks will be a more normal length since my in laws leave on Tuesday!!!!!!!!!  Not that I am counting the days or anything.  And without further ado lets discuss Episode 3.  I personally really enjoyed the heart and growth that came out of this episode.  It had some great moments mixed all throughout, and surprisingly, some of my favorite scenes were more serious then those I have enjoyed in the past.  I don't know if I really have a specific number so I think I will just start writing and see where it takes me.
The Fashion:

How Awesome is Bo Tong's clothes.  This girl knows how to rock one crazy wardrobe.  On the hangers I would think that these are some of the ugliest, grandma couch/curtain inspired, hobo bag lady outfits I have ever seen.  However she brings such a life and vitality to her character that even her wardrobe becomes beyond adorable and actually stylish.  You know you have achieved a truly great character when her weird look outshines the more fancy/traditional fashionista clothes that we see on the Wicked Witch and Jaek Hee.

The 2nd Lead:

So I was not sure about the 2nd lead male for this drama.  Although I liked him in I do I do (I was actually the opposite of the majority of my kfriends and liked him in that drama better then the female lead) the wavy hair and less masculine personality was not doing it for me in the stills and early trailers.  However I am happy to say that, like everything else in this drama, he really surprised me and is quite likable.  Choi David (Lee Jang Woo I do I do, Smile Dong He) plays a guy who goes through life dancing to his own tune.  As Bo Tong states to Mattai when asked about him " he is the male equivalent to me" which is so so true.  So while he lacks that manly feel that I like, I cant ignore him because he is just so darn cute.

He meets our crazy girl while she is selling her homemade items on the side of the street to earn money for Mattai.  Just so happens that he becomes interested in a hat with hair........ human hair......... sewn into it.  Next thing we know our heroine meets him again and he is actually wearing the hat.  HEHEHEHE  I personally had thought he was just interested because he thought she was cute, but nope, he goes for the over the top style as well.  He is a person who is in charge of finding items for the local home-shopping channel.  Just so happens that Bo Tong decides that TV is the way to get rid of the thousands of socks and the two team up.

One of my favorite scenes with the two is when he brings her home for dinner.  There is this huge house and instead of living in it (It seems that he has filled it full of products for the shopping network) he lives in a tent in the front yard.  There is just something that makes me smile when I watch these two crazy kids interact. And since there is not chance in Hades of them ending up together, I can still appreciate the obvious friendship that they have and not stress.

Our OTP:

Although most of the episode dealt with new relationships being discovered and existing relationships being closed, there still was some time for some cute moments for our OTP (one true pairing for you newbies).  Mattai comes home to a very clean home, albeit an empty one.  Rankled that Bo Tong (just realized this episode that her name means "normal".........  How totally cute and crazy is that) is not answering his phone call he discovers that she made him a meal full of his favorite foods.  He loses his cool man demeanor and gets all goofy and happy over eating.

There is also a really sweet scene where Bo Tong is injured in a fight with some cranky ahjussi's in the shop Mattai had set up to sell the socks.  However being the spitfire she is, she put up a fight insisting that they not touch her oppa's stuff.  But being a girl against a bunch of thugs she is thrown to the curb (literally) along with her socks.  Mattai rushes to her side and instead of berating her (which I was kind of expecting since he is usually pretty selfish) he takes the blame for being to naive and losing her money and then get very worried when he sees that she was hurt.

  And finally the scene where he tells her that he is getting married is both sad and so full of emotion that I got a little choked up.  I love how he did not treat it as something inconsequential and flippant which is what I would have expected from someone truly selfish.  Instead he takes her out to a fancy meal and thanks her for all her help and then tells her that he is getting married in person.  They also have a serious conversation about whether he loves Jaek Hee or not and I like that he does not lie but instead says he might learn to love her.  And she being the awesome wonderful and supportive stalker/friend says that she is happy for him and that all that matters to her is that he is happy. 


She goes home sobbing uncontrollably that Mattai is now off the market.  And the part that I loved the most is that she started going through wedding catalogs trying to decide what he would look the best in for his wedding, all while sobbing.  BWAHAHA  She is so awesome.

 I love how we see these moments of sincerity that break through his pretty shell.  We see signs of someone who is actually very deep and aware of those around him.  He does not treat Bo Tong as just someone to use and discard.  Although I dont think he sees her at all in a romantic light, he still considers her a friend and treats her with respect (or at least as much as he allows himself).  We see this when he shows concern about her well being and no matter how much her weirdness exasperates him he does not get truly mean and cruel to her.  Instead he acts more like an indulgent older brother.  And I love that he payed her back the money she had saved for him.  While it is ok to take money from other women, Bo Tong is obviously put in a different sphere and not just someone to be used like the others.  She brings out the best in him despite himself.

The Breakup:

My other favorite scene of the episode was another serious one.   Which is unusual since I am usually all about the funny.  Jaek Hee (despite predictions that she will lose all her money if she proposes from her super psychic) asks Mattai to marry her.  And Mattai being the gold digger that he is agrees immediately.  However as soon as they are engaged things start going wrong with Jaek Hee's finances and she realizes that although she love Mattai she loves her money more since without it she is nothing.

It is one of those scenes that is difficult to actually do it justice by just writing about it, so if you have not watched the episode (or are not watching the show at all) I suggest you at least go to the end of episode 3 and catch this scene.  The feelings on both sides where so raw and real that I seriously loved every moment even though it was sad and they were breaking up.

So this ends my mini blog post that ended up a little longer then I expected.  But this show is so fun to share that it runs away with me.  I am so excited to go watch Episode 4 now (I have been trying so hard to not watch the next episode before finishing the blog post for the last episode and it has about killed me).
 And best of all is that we are having a hair change!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  If you had told me 3 years ago that I would focus so much of my excitement on a show around the styling of mens hair I would have told you that you were crazy.  But here we are and I have been so giddy seeing the preview with his new shortened hair.  I wonder if we are going to get some kind of new hairstyle every time he has to charm a new women?  That would be awesome in my opinion.  So I will hopefully see you again tomorrow for my review of Episode 4.  So until then have a wonderful evening full of kdramas.



  1. Great description on "the look". I've received it many times myself. Well, not for blogging, but, that's only because I wouldn't be a good blogger. LOL.
    I like how you said that he gave the money back to her because she is someone not to be used like the others. I never thought of it that way when I watched the episode.
    I also love that he is slowly becoming more sincere around her. And I loved the scene where he was concerned because she got hurt. Looking very forward to episode 4 as well! Hope you are able to get back to your regular Kdrama schedule real soon! Fighting! :-)

  2. This show just gets better and better. Great review! I'm glad you've nearly survived the "occupation" going on at your house this week *giggle* Enjoy the rest of your family fun time and then enjoy your drama catch up ^_^

  3. Thanks for the support you two:) Glad you are enjoying the show and that my blog posts are at least entertaining!


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