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Heirs ep 15 Fans and Stuff

Episode 15 had us diving for cover as stuff started to really hit the fan and splatter all around.

Word is out that Kim Tan is an illegitimate child.  Corporate shares have been transferred and a war between brothers set in motion.  Kim Tan is being held captive and Eun Sang is in the target sights.  Secretary Yoon was fired and engagements broken.  Overall things just are not looking too fabulous around anyone associated in any way with Jeguk.  Papa Kim is on a warpath and taking no prisoners.  It really is just a big ol' mess.

Let us quickly review so that we can get up to speed for this week's upcoming episodes!

Dongsaeng Splits Heirs

1.  I Have No Feelings for You

After threatening Retchel for trying to blow Eun Sang's secret to the whole school, Young Do admits that Eun Sang has no idea how passionately he cares for her because, as he says, "that would be embarrassing".  Oh my goodness - I just got butterflies writing that a whole week later!  He is just the absolute most perfect Black Knight, isn't he???  *swoon*

Upset and methinks not entirely rational, Retchel goes for another attack.  She pulls the whole "If I can't have you, I will at least take someone else away from you to make you sad" bit.  Huh?  This is lame.  It gets even lamer when she shows her tactic by kissing an unsuspecting Hyo Shin.  Her reasoning?  That by doing so it will somehow make things awkward between Kim Tan and his friend.  This is why I think she may not be operating with a full deck of cards at this moment.   She's so flustered that she's gone wackydoodle.  I wonder if that look of shock on everyone's face has more to do with "why does she think that this will do anything?" than the hoped for "oh my goodness!  the scandal!".  Oh!  But then!  So, after the kiss, Retchel, seemingly a bit full of herself here, explains the reason behind the kiss and assures Hyo Shin that she doesn't have any feelings for him (you know, lest he gets these delusions of grandeur or anything).  By this time, Teacher Hyun Joo, has come in just in time to catch the kiss.  Deciding that two can play at this using one another game, Hyo Shin tells Retchel that he to has no feelings for her and then pulls her in for another snog, all for the benefit of Hyun Joo.  Oooh!  Scandalous and delicious!  Bo Na's reaction was priceless!  She gets all diva-licious throwing a fit that her party has been sullied.  Oh, how I have grown to simply adore her!

P.S. Retchel...looks like your plan to separate these two friends failed.  Wait?  You mean it didn't work?  Shocker.

2.  Speaking of Zany Characters That I Just Adore...

Our Dynamic Duo of Awesome Ahjummas, the mothers of our young lovers Kim Tan and Eun Sang, are up to it again.  This time Tan's mom is trying to break into the safe to see what Daddy Dearest is hiding and she wrangles Eun Sang's mom to be the lookout.  Okay, first off, how hilarious is it to make a mute your lookout?  How is she to warn you of danger?  It's not like she can use some code word.  Already starting off cute and funny, poor Tan's mom is having a rough time cracking the code.  Enter our next giggle moment - Eun Sang's mom using pencil filings to dust the keypad like a pro!  Hahahaha!  This scene just had me in stitches like every other scene with these two women.  So safe is cracked and spy photos found.  Something she sees especially shocks Momma Tan.  I wonder what it could be....  Somehow I think we'll find out in a bit.

3.  I Liked Him A Lot, Now I Like Him Much More

Oh yes, Young Do is getting his very own bullet point.  So many other things to talk about, but how can I not?  After her big scary secret (i.e. she's poor) is revealed to the whole of the student body at Jeguk, the bullying starts up again.  Only this time, our former bully turns Dark Knight and comes to Eun Sang's defense.  It's gotta be kind of nice to have a tough guy like him soft on ya, don't you think?
Can you read his sweatshirt?  It's the (long) name of the drama - "One who wants to wear the crown, bear the crown"

4.  Surprises Around Every Corner

This scene with the guardians turned out better than expected.  After getting in trouble, the Chairwoman/Fake Mommy calls in both Kim Won and Young Do's father.  I think she intentionally was trying to hit below the belt.  Thankfully what starts out tense ends fairly easy.  The boys' grades are brought up - Young Do, #98, just barely edging out #100 Kim Tan, earns him a pat on the back from Dad for at least beating Tan at something for the first time.  Kim Tan is just happy when his brother gets upset because of his grade because it shows that hyung actually does care in some way for him.  Kind of sad that that's what it takes, but well, there you have it.  It's good to at least see Tan smile a bit.

Kim Won has an unexpected run-in with Teacher Hyun Joo in the halls after the conference with the chairwoman.  It's a bit awkward, but she receives welcome news when he informs her that a news article about her rise from orphan ward of Jeguk to Jeguk employee was stopped.  I appreciated the little burst of emotion from the normally cold and stoic Won when he begged her to answer his calls once in awhile.  Seems as if he still does care a great deal for her.  This relationship is important to note because of its obvious similarities between our two leads.  First, the boys are brothers, so their family situation is the same.  Second, the girl is poor and in some way indebted to Jeguk.  It's like looking into a crystal ball to see what would become of Kim Tan and Eun Sang if they continue on the path they are on.  In a nutshell, it doesn't look good for them.  Things must drastically change if there is any way this will work out for our Kim brothers and their lovers.  I see these two and I can't help but think how we're seeing Kim Tan and Eun Sang a few years down the road.

5.  Momma Tan's Time to Shine

Remember the photos in the safe?  Remember how one in particular caught Kim Tan's mom's attention?  Want to know what it was?  Blackmail material for Retchel's mom of course.  Initially she was going to use it in order to get the engagement back on track, but after Kim Tan had a mini-meltdown over that idea, a little switch went off in her and she changed her tune.  With the help of Tan's heart-to-heart, she realizes that she has had things all wrong up until now.  He's not just merely the 2nd son of Jeguk - he's a boy that just wants to stop living a fake life.  He wants his mom to be his mom, privately and publicly.  He doesn't want to secure his future by duping a bride he doesn't love.  So, once this "aha" moment happens for her, she decides to act for the first time as her son's mother and goes to bat for him as a mom, not a asset-protecting martyr.  She uses the photo of Esther Lee's make-out session with Secretary Yoon in order to coerce a final end to the engagement between their two children.  It works, which is awesome, but of course not perfect, as it only begins our crapfest of stuff hitting the fan.

6.   One Last Adorable Though Before Turning on that Fan

It's final project time at school.  The kids are to do a group report on some classic books.  Somehow, despite initially jumping into a team with best buddy My Chan and new buddy Bo Na, Eun Sang ends up being grouped with both Kim Tan and Young Do.  Not one of them is happy with this arrangement, but Eun Sang, being the tough cookie that she is, bucks up and takes charge.  The love/hate bromance between these two just never gets old, does it?  Seeing them sharing earbuds as they sit there watching the movie for the book (Eun Sang decides to not even bother with hopes of #98 and #100 actually reading the book(s), so she takes that task on herself and simply gives them the movie(s) to watch).  They're more watching her work than the movie though.  I loved the part where Eun Sang has an angry customer and both boys start to get up to come to her defense until she eyes them both and they have no other choice but to slunk back down, tails between their legs.  **side note - I really wish this show spent more time on the funny and less on the angst.  The funny is what really keeps it rolling.

7.  Flip the Switch, Fun's Over Kids

And now for the crapfest of flying stuff.  I don't like the sad bits, so I'm going to just try and sum it all up.  Tan is taken into custody of his father and locked in his room.  He loses his phone.  He can't go to school.  He's in a major time out.  Dad is on the offensive.  Tan is thrown into the fight against his will.  Secretary Yoon is fired for siding with Won, Dad's enemy.  He instead is to resume his post as Tan's tutor and teach him the ways of the business.  The brothers are pitted against each other.  Tan has the same number of shares as his big brother.  The news goes out that there is a battle between brothers for management of the company in order to offset the news of Tan's illegitimacy.  Tan is of course resistant to the idea of fighting his brother.  He wants a brother and has no interest in the business.  Until Kim Won makes a fatal error in demanding that little brother prove himself and his non-interest in the company by going back to America.

This wounds Kim Tan to the core.  Here he is, just wanting a relationship with the brother he loves so desperately but can't earn the trust of no matter what he does, and that same brother is abandoning him once again and discarding him, casting him aside.  Hurt by this, Tan decides to fight back after all.  Stupid Kim Won.  Stupid, stupid, blind Kim Won.  Why can't he see his brother for who he is and stop letting his crap father manipulate these two?  He is so hell bent on maintaining his precarious perch as #1 son of Jeguk, that he can't see what is really going on here.  And now he just turned his brother into the enemy that neither wanted.

So Tan's life has blown up and is in shambles.  He's a prisoner, for no other reason than he dared to be born to a mistress.  Seems to me that this crown is so not worth it.

And now for Eun Sang, caught in the crossfire of course.  It's not as if Daddy Dearest is going to leave her alone, is it?  She is given a choice - leave now and you can go wherever you want or get two final weeks to be with Tan but get sent away to the Chairman's choice after that.  We don't actually see her decision, but we are left to assume what it is when at the end she is permitted to pass the guards at the bottom of the stairs and then appears at Kim Tan's door.

But I'm getting ahead of myself.  We do have one last cool moment to mention amidst all the crap flying around, and I've decided to actually save that for last, even if chronologically it wasn't.  Yes, our cliffhanger is her at Kim Tan's door, but let's have one final entertaining moment to end our time here together today.  Sound good?  Awesome!  Backing it up a bit then....

8.  The Great Escape

During his imprisonment, Young Do shows up to visit Tan under the guise of their final project they are supposed to be working on for their literature class.  Young Do updates Kim Tan on what has been going on in the world that he's been cut off from, namely the news articles about how the brothers are battling over company management rights.  Upset over what his brother must think of him, Tan devises a plan to get out so that he can go talk to Won.  A helmeted young man appears on the stairs.  Assuming it is Kim Tan in disguise, the guards start to chase after this mystery fellow.  Young Do's guards get in on the action, trying to protect their young master.  In all the scuffle, no one notices Kim Tan sneaking away and jumping the fence.  I just love when these two work together instead of against each other.  They are truly an awesome pair.

9.  Okay, Okay, You Talked Me Into It
One more.  I know I said I was done, and I am, with the recapping at least.  But before I go, I have some random screenshots of memorable moments (or hot guys) that I just can't leave out.  I tried to ignore them for time's sake, but if I delete them and they disappear forever, I will be sad.  Thank you for your indulgence.  :)

Now that that's out of my system... onward!  Time's a ticking!  Lots more pretty boys story to see!


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