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I Need Romance 3 Episode 3 - Love Is Blind......Also Deaf, Dumb, and Dense

I am so happy that we get so many great scenes between our OTP this episode.  It is extra enjoyable to watch them being so cute since you  know the eventual "I'm Sweet Potato" fallout is going to happen anytime now.  And I am just throwing out a prediction here that it is going to turn our heroine into an even bigger basket case then she is already.  However, after watching this episode I just have one question.  How dense do you have to be to not realize that the guy is Sweet Potato.  Really??? You don't even have any clue whatsoever???  Lets put aside that the guy has a VERY distinctive voice that anyone shy of a deaf person would recognize, but after all the major hints that he gives you you remain clueless?  It is a good thing that he finds her charming (and again proves that love is blind) since he did not pick the smartest apple from the girlfriend tree.

Most of what I wanted to cover about episode 3 involves our OTP (One True Pairing) but before I get to their cute flirting I want to talk about to other small parts of the drama that I found cute.

The first involving one of the Fashion Squad, Lee Min-Jung, who we will nickname anonymous hookup bestie.  It seems that she has no interest in being in a "relationship" and has therefore found herself another hookup buddy off the internet.  They meet at hotels rather then do the whole "dating" thing.  Which would work out fine except a one time encounter has turned into several.  Which again is not a problem unless your "anonymous" sex partner lives next door.  I foresee some funny hijinks surrounding this situation in the future so just wanted to make a note of it now.

My second unrelated OTP thought is about Joo Yeon's ex boyfriend.  We see some of the other side's situation after the cat fight and learn that he and Se-Ryeong are NOT in a relationship and that the ring necklace was indeed a different necklace (oops, talk about awkward).  When Se Ryeong asks about why he broke up with our main girl, he replies that he was testing her out because he was concerned she did not love him enough to fight for him.  What an IDIOT..... Because he was feeling insecure he starts playing games and puts her through all this.
What is sad is that when she finally broke down and was about to admit her real feelings for him, they were interrupted and instead of making up they became even farther apart.  Unfortunately I have a feeling that he is not going to move like planned and will continue to pop up like an annoying penny to cause chaos for our main couple.

When we left off with our OTP they were flirting (well she was flirting and he was going along with it) in a local playground.  (After three years of being a kdrama watcher I still don't understand the Korean's fascination with filming grown couples in playgrounds.  Does the whole country have a teeter-totter fetish?) He tells her that they have to go to a local fancy hotel and she misunderstands him thinking that he is asking her to come sleep with him.  She asks him "what is it that makes me attractive to you?"  He just replies that "you have your charm in your own way" which has her questioning if he likes rough girls?  Or girls that like to hit people?  BWAHAHAHHA.  Rather then set the situation right Joo Wan uses that as an excuse to have some fun with her, letting her blather on and on until he finally lets her know that the hotel is where he is staying and she is his ride.  But if you think that this is going to embarrass our Joo Yeon, then you would be wrong.  She just works out the best way to get past this embarrassment in her head and decides to just play it cool.  She then gives him a lecture on how to properly address women.  He keeps calling her Danshin, which is a term of affection reserved for people who are dating or married couples.  He just smiles at her and leans into her car saying thank you Danshin.  How cool is this guy.  He is smooth like a total player yet his sincerity and love for her shines through in everything he does.
Joo Yeon goes home and decides that she is not in the dating zone (you know since she just broke up with her boyfriend a few days earlier) and it was a good thing Joo Wan did not want to go to the hotel for "that" reason.  And instead of obsessing about him she is going to fill her extra time with work.  Which would have worked out great if her mother had not invaded her home and cleaned out her work room making it ready for Sweet Potato.  Her mother also texts a picture to Joo Wan letting him know the room is ready which is followed seconds later by an irate phone call from Joo Yeon.  I love how he just smiles and says that she is probably ready to scream before he answers the call.  It is also cute how he teases her throughout her ranting.  She asks him "where did you learn to play with your words" to which he replies that "I learned my words from you, I figured out the play part on my own".  He also tells her that living with him would be like living in heaven.  I seriously could listen to them fight banter for the full hour.
So what is the next move for our sexy smooth Joo Wan.  He is going to do what any good love crazed Korean does, he amps up the stalking.  Checking to make sure she is not home, he enters her house (with the code he got from her drunken ravings) and checks out how his soul mate lives.  He just continues to smile and wax poetic about her despite the fact that she is a total slob who lives solely on ginseng medicine packets.  He then calls her (as Sweet Potato) and asks her how to get to the park they used to play at.  She rants and raves that he is in her neighborhood but then turns into super noona by giving him a play by play on how to get to the park (the same park they had been at earlier in the episode).
What Are You Wearing????
I would just like to take a slight pause and discuss this particular outfit that Joo Wan is wearing.  I am totally ok with most clothes that Korean's wear.  And I have become immune to the oddity of seeing a grown man in grandma fabric pants, shiny deep v shirts, or enough jewelry to sink a horse.  But this outfit is just a crime against fashion.  It literally made me wince.  The only saving grace is the cuteness of the scene where he put the hat and scarf on her.  She looked adorable while he looked like a poor pimp who had to find his wardrobe in the discount bins.
Now this is the part where I started questioning Joo Yeon's ability to function as a somewhat smart human being.  Seriously how dense is this girl.  After giving directions to "Sweet Potato" for her neighborhood's park she drives over there to find him and instead finds sexy Joo Wan.  Now a normal person would start seeing some light bulbs going off in their brain.  But not Joo Yeon, she instead asks Joo Wan if he had seen a really ugly looking guy hanging around (hahahaha seriously his expression when he realizes that she still has not connected the dots is so sad).   She then complains under her breath that if he was around he could have at least waited a bit longer in case she showed up.  But she quickly puts Sweet Potato out of her head as she instead is charmed by Joo Wan's thoughtfulness and hottie looks.
I guess that Joo Yeon actually is not the horrible witch that we first saw since the following day we see her calling "sweet potato" and chewing him out for not waiting, and then ask if he would like to have lunch with her.  He declines saying he already has plans after which he promptly calls her on his hotel extension and asks her (as Allen Jue) to meet with him since there is a problem with his car.  When he picks her up she is obviously confused (again nothing gets by this girl.....except anything to do with the men in her life) and says that she does not see anything wrong with the windows she had damaged.  Joo Wan replies that for some reason his car turns off every two hours which leaves her sputtering that that is not her fault.  He just smiles and drives on.  After a while he turns on some music and she comments that she really likes this song and asks what it is called.  He smirks and replies that this is his hit song that reached #9 on the Billboard charts and hadn't she said that she loved this specific song back when she was flirting with him.  HAHA I love how she is always embarrassing herself.  She just winces and changes the subject which makes him laugh.
Joo Wan drives to the beach he had previously gone to in episode 1 (remember, the one that they had gone to together as children) and stops his car.  He turns and says "see it stops every two hours" then hops out.  She stomps out after him complaining the whole time how this was cheesy, stupid, and uncomfortable.  He just leans in and says what she is feeling is her heart fluttering, not discomfort.  He then leans in, grabs her, and lands one heck of a smoldering kiss upon her lips.
I loved how beautiful their first kiss was being shot all in cream tones.  Despite her need to constantly talk and often ruin the moment, it turned out to be extremely romantic and smoldering all at the same time.  And I was very impressed with the whole scene.   I give the show only one more episode before she finds out the truth.  Especially since it looks like our main guy is anxious for her to connect the dots about his identity.  I think he has had his fun but now he wants to take it to a deeper level and he can not do that when he is playing two different guys.  I also am guessing that she is not going to handle the fact that her current crush and the little boy that she raised are the same person very well.  It is one thing being ok with dating a younger man.  It is something completely different when you have actually changed your boyfriends diaper at one time.  I cant wait to see how the writers deal with these issues and also the fact that he is moving in should provide some great comedic moments.  Til tomorrow and episode 4 I hope everyone has a wonderful kdrama filled day.


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