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Top 5 Kdrama Countdown: The best five moments in kdramaland January Week 3

What a great week to be a kdrama addict, filled with lots of action, sexy hairstyle changes, angst, and underwater kinda kisses we have a little bit of everything in our top five countdown.  For those of you joining us for the first time, this is my blog post where I let you know what my favorite scenes of the week are.  I am one of those people that literally tries to watch everything which luckily provides me with a lot of awesome scenes to choose from.  There is no drama, regardless of genre, that I wont watch so check in and see if this inspires you towards a great drama.  I have also started recapping I Need Romance 3, so be sure to check out my musings on episodes 1 & 2. 

#5 The Prime Minister Goes Clubbing
Our number five spot goes to the drama Prime Minister and I.  In episode ten we see the Prime Minister and Da Jung get into a fight and she storms off running into a dance club.  When he (and his many bodyguards) try to follow, they are turned away at the door for being too old and fuddy duddy for the clubs atmosphere.  So what is a poor uptight politician supposed to do?  Why he goes next door and buys a new outfit for himself and his bodyguards so he can follow his wayward bride.  Not to mention he somehow also gets a sexy makeover for his hair as well (HE LOOKS HAWT!!!!).  Appearing ten years younger in his leather jacket, scarf, and jeans, he arrives just in time to save her AGAIN from some clubbers who don't understand the words "I have a husband" (seriously this girl needs a lot of saving...... thankfully she is a sweet character and it is not as annoying as it would be with a more poorly written heroine).

Prime Minister Dresses for the Club Clip.

#4 A Siblings Arrest
Golden Rainbow is a drama about a man who takes in a ton of orphans............lots of angsty stuff happens and the end result is that the "father" spends most of their growing up years in jail.  Raising his younger siblings alone, Kim Man Won is forced to use his fists to earn money and rises in the ranks to become head boss of a local crime organization.  His younger sister, Baek Won,  goes a different route and becomes a police officer who is determined to prove her fathers innocence.  Being that this is a kdrama, you know that eventually this is going to go bad and in episode 21 we get the plot payoff.  Man Won has decided to turn himself in for his crimes, but just before he is heading to the police station a friend of his is kidnapped and he is forced to go save the day.  Just so happens that his sister is staking out the rival gang that he is beating up and she is forced to arrest him.  The realization of her brother belonging to organized crime sends Baek Won over the edge and we get a great episode full of tears, anger and eventual acceptance.  And it also helps her to let her shields against our hunky hero drop and we get a great kiss scene at the end where she gets "hoovered" (Thanks Jen for the awesome term to describe a Jung Il Woo kiss).
#3 Who's Faster? An Elevator or An Alien
I am enjoying the whole evil dog/human serial killer vs alien dynamic more and more with every episode.  Until now the two men have been just circling each other with no direct confrontation but that all changes in episode 8.  Using his super senses, Do Min Joon hears Lee Jae Kyung (aka Psycho or creepers) singing out Song Yi's name next door.  Thinking she is still MIA Jae Kyung starts to leave but his elevator is stopped by our super sexy in his sweater alien.  Jae Kyung smirks and starts to bait Min Joon about how he can kill him and Song Yi at anytime and how they are alive just because he has not made up his mind yet.  He continues to smirk as his elevator descends.  However his expression changes when he arrives to the Lobby floor only to be confronted by a calm and collected Min Joon.  Min Joon leans in and in a very serious/and slightly scary way tells him that he is impossible to kill so stay away from Song Yi.  I seriously cheered on this scene and was amazed at how much hotter our Alien got when he goes all super protective macho man.  I also really enjoy this match up because unlike in other dramas, both characters are intelligent, tough, and let nothing stop them.  Cant wait to see what happens between these two in the future.
What Goes Up Must Come Down Clip

#4 Our Very Own Korean Fight Club
I will admit that I did not start watching the new drama Inspiring Generation with many expectations.  I have never been a huge Kim Hyun Joong fan.  I liked him all right in Boys Over Flowers but was not impressed with his leading character in Playful Kiss.  He was always (at least as an actor) been so so in my mind.  So when I heard he was going to be the lead in this drama I just put the info on the back burner of my mind.  Even when the drama came out this week I kept putting it off thinking "I will get to it sometime" (probably would still be in that "will watch it someday" stage if I was not keeping up with everything for this blog post).  But am I ever glad to be proven wrong.  This drama.... at least so far..... rocks.  And it has earned my #2 spot on the top five.  Rather then pick one scene I just decided to say every action scene in the first two episodes are worthy of a spot.  This drama brings back the classic kung fu style of fighting that I remember watching in Jackie Chan and Jet Li movies (before they become Americanized).  It is a fast paced, sweaty, and rough type of fighting that you don't see often in kdramas.  Not that I don't enjoy the more rhythmic stylized type of fight scenes that we usually see, but there is something about a good all out dirty brawl that makes me happy.  Now if they can just overcome the so so female leads that are in the drama I just might add this to my "favorite kdrama list".  Crossing my fingers, toes, and wishing on a star that this drama maintains its current feel. 

P.S.  It also does not hurt that Kim Hyun Joong has grown up from the cute flower boy that we knew into one amazingly built hunk of a man.  Even if his acting has not improved I might not be able to notice because I am too busy staring at his chest.  LOL

Fight Scene Ep 1 Clips

#1 Underwater Kiss/CPR............IT STILL COUNTS. 
I have never made a secret that I personally prefer the combination of Ta Hwan and Nyang on the drama Empress Ki.  And yes, I know that she "loooovvves" the annoying king Wang Yoo but that does not make me enjoy the Emperor's scenes with her any less.  In this weeks episode we see Nyang injured and on the run bump into Ta Hwan who helps her to his bath chambers to hide from the bad guys.  Trapped with no where to hide the Emperor quickly strips down and throws Nyang and a bunch of rose peddles into his bath.  When the bad guys enter searching, all they find is a very yummy emperor lounging in his bath (it also lets us all get some major enjoyment in seeing Ji Chang Wook shirtless.  Kudos on the directors for finding a way to make it happen even in a Sageuk).  Unfortunately Nyang is not part fish and starts to pass out because the bad guys are being super slow.  But this gives our hot emperor an excuse to dunk himself under the rose peddles and blow/kiss our heroine.  Is it really romantic?  Nope, but it still makes me super happy to see her with someone other then the neanderthal king they want me to like.

CPR Kiss clip

 And with the most beautifully directed CPR save in the history of kdramas our top five is concluded.  I hope you are enjoying my countdown as much as I am getting to do it.  Have a wonderful week full of kdramas and I will chat with you next Sunday.  If you have any request or questions on any of the dramas I am watching, feel free to comment and I will respond ASAP.

Dramas that I am currently watching:
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A Well Raised Daughter (subs are behind in relation to the filming schedule)
One Warm Word
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King's Daughter Soo Baek Hyang
Empress KI
Lets Eat
Prime Minister and I
My Love From Another Star
Golden Rainbow
Age of Feeling
I Need Romance - Be sure to check out my recaps!
Emergency Couple (Starts Next Week)

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