Thursday, January 23, 2014

I Need Romance 3 Episode 4 - Random Thoughts Edition

So the dreaded flu has forced its arrival into our household this week and worst of all my husband is down for the count.  I don't know about all of you, but when my husband is the one sick it takes twice as much effort then if it was the kids.  So because of this dreaded plague you are getting more of a random thoughts post then a tradition blog post for episode 4.  Luckily most of the episode was just friend filler and really they are not my main focus.

A Character I Can Rant About
 Now you might think that the logical choice for my least favorite character is the evil nemesis of the show Se Ryung.  While she can be annoying at times (for example when she is resembling a leach and clinging to our main hottie) she still has her positive moments as well.  No, the character I am referring to is Jung Hee Jae (Yoon Seung Ah - Panda and Hedgehog).  The annoying whiny money obsessed Maknae of the fashion squad.  If I have to hear her whine one more time about her "horrible" boyfriend and how he is not worthy because he does not have enough money I will scream.  Personally I think he can definitely do better.  He is kind, sweet, considerate, actually working (a bit slow but still) towards his goals, and he is completely hot.  If she can ignore all his good qualities because he can not give her a house then she does not deserve him.  I am just throwing out a wild guess into the wind, but I think the writers are planning on hooking her up with the guy from the Fashion Squad.  And since I don't like her at all and he is just a plain vanilla character I don't really care.  At least she wont be foisted on someone I actually like.  And to be fair there is a good chance that it is more the actress herself that i don't like.  I seem to recall that she was also annoying in Panda and Hedgehog.  It is not a good thing that you would rather have the two men be gay and end up together rather then have to date the leading lady.  She might have to be put on my "actresses I hate" list.

 Romantically Conflicted
 What happens when you have totally swept the girl off her feet, but she thinks that you are someone else and does not realize who you are?  Nothing good that's what.  We have not seen the big fallout yet but we see tiny cracks begin when Joo Wan tries to play the game a bit too long. We started episode four on a romantic high, kisses were exchanged (and wow was that some seriously good kissing going on) and all of the tradition Korean dating activities were ticked off the list (bike riding, playing at the beach, eating, etc.)  He even drops her off and acts like a total gentleman...... and then came nothing.  In an effort to get her to call him he remains phone silent and lets her just stew in her thoughts.  Now he might think this is a good idea since he wants her to truly like him for him so he can confess his true identity and stop the lies.  But to her it just seems like he is a player and not really interested.  So when they meet again instead of her being interested, she puts her fake facade back on and turns him down coldly.
Revenge Can Be Funny
She acts all calm and cool when she turns him down, but a few moments later she has a full head of steam going in the carport.  Which means that his beloved car is not going to fare well.   Joo Wan comes down a few moments later (with clingy nemesis stuck upon his arm) only to find both of his side mirrors hanging from their wires.  Hahahaha  I love that she gives as good as she gets.  Makes her not pitiful but empowered.  Not to mention she knew how to hurt him since he really loves that car.
My Favorite Scene
I have this ongoing fantasy that a cleaning fairy will come into my house while I am gone and make it spotless.  I think that is one of my top all time fantasies........sigh.........and it would be even more perfect if the cleaning fairy was a hot Korean guy.  My dream comes true for Joo Seon.  Sneaking into her house while she is out, Joo Wan sees the weekend disaster and gets to work.  HE CLEANS EVERYTHING!!!  Seriously this is almost better then a make out scene (almost but not quite...).   He also goes and buys everything he can think of to make her house more functional and then sneaks out while she is on the phone.  It is funny how long it takes her to realize that he had invaded her space.  And she promptly calls him to rant about his moving his stuff in already.  It is super cute when he tells her that he heard her phone call (she was talking to her friend/boss about their kiss and his not calling) and says she should wear more since it is winter.  He also leaves her a journal he wrote back when he was a little kid that has her softening towards her little Sweet Potato.  
Well that is all for me today.  My husband has woken up cranky and my kids need some dinner.  Cant wait to see what happens on Monday.  I am really happy that she started to have romantic feelings for Joo Wan before he turns into her Sweet Potato. I think it is going to make it a lot harder for her to put him into the little brother slot she has reserved for him.  I also think he is going to have to do some serious groveling/romancing to get back into her good graces since the whole ignoring her added on his real identity is going to make her furious.  I foresee a lot of fun stuff for us in future episodes and hopefully the annoying girl has less scenes.  Be sure to check out my next blog post coming out this weekend.  It has been so hard to pick only a top five since this has been an amazing kdrama filled week.  Have a great day!


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